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Invisible Serfs Collar II

We will spend our second hour with Ms. Robin Eubanks, the creator of the Invisible Serfs Collar blog. Please investigate… ask questions… and comment… on her writings... at  



The earliest known representation for those words freedom and/or liberty, found inscribed on a Sumerian clay tablet retrieved from an archaeological dig in Iraq


"When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader." 


"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." 

--George Orwell

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

--Arthur Schopenhauer

"To live a life is to interpret reality in such a way as to remain open to all the possibilities for how one’s own life... can be said to be... well-lived. Anything short of this presents an injustice of monumental and tragic proportions - not only for the individual, but for humanity as a whole."

--Lark In Texas

Invisible Serfs Collar

My name is Robin Eubanks and I am an attorney. Not the sort who represents or defends people in a courtroom. I figure things out. Usually about what drives a business or industry, how it makes its money, and what the risks are to its revenue model.

I started off in Big Law doing corporate work and then helped start a legal department for a small healthcare company that grew to be a New York stock-exchange traded company. Healthcare turned into an excellent background for my current work in education as government regulation and special privileges drive the everyday dynamics of what raises money and creates costs. A background in Law is also excellent preparation for determining precisely what the terms commonly used actually mean. Especially in an industry that is consciously using language to hide the actual intended goals. My experience allowed me to recognize that education in the US and globally has been, for decades,  engaged in a massive Newspeak (as in George Orwell’s 1984) campaign that creates a public illusion on what is being promised and what is coming to the schools and classrooms that are this country’s future. I know what the words and terms really mean to an Ed insider and how it differs from the common public perception. I have documented what was really behind the reading wars and math wars. I have pulled together what the real intended Common Core implementation looks like. And it is wildly different from the PR sales job used to gain adoption in most of the states.

For me the English language is both a sword and a shield. I have documented what is really going on, written a book describing how and why education became a weapon, and now we are going to talk about what the real Common Core implementation looks like in various communities in the US in this busy Summer of 2012.

Because this time I have treated the American taxpayer as if each of you were the client and gathered everything we need to know going forward. If you want to think of Common Core through the image of the Titanic hitting that iceberg, this blog’s purpose this summer is to slow us down so we can negotiate the icefield in the daylight with accurate information and make it home safely. I do not want to be left describing why we sunk. If we can avoid the iceberg the book can then get us safely to the kind of schools we really need and the 21st century economy that will allow as many of us as possible to prosper just as far as hard work and imagination will take us. It’s what made America great in the past. Unfettered by government seeking to restrict what any American can know or do, we can prosper again.

Invisible Serfs Collar

The Intentional Insurrection in Texas–Supers Override Governor, Legislature, and Taxpayers

Because the desired social, political, and economic Transformation is always the actual Goal behind all these ed reforms that become notorious, or will when fully implemented, I have joked that the only real question for a Principal, Super, Prof, or Accreditor mandating them is “Are you an Intentional Insurrectionist or an Inadvertent One?” In other words, are you on board with the attempts at a Mental Revolution of the Western Mind to devolve back to the Visual and Emotional and Instinct and away from the Abstract and Reason and Genuine Intellectual Analysis based on Actual Individual Knowledge? And if that seems to be an unduly strong statement, please read some of the earlier posts. Especially why Paul Ehrlich wants Newmindedness and James Burke wants education to reject the Axemaker Mind.

Texas is a fascinating special case because what was going on there became the subject of discussion in the 2000 Presidential Race and a Model for NCLB. And now it is an issue because Texas, one of the largest states and an important driver of textbook content, has very loudly and deliberately rejected participation in either Race to the Top or CCSSI. Wanting to be able to drive its own ed policy and its own content. Last month I explained that both President Obama and Ed Week were using the term “common core” to describe not the CCSSI content standards but the “Standards of Teaching and Learning.” Texans need to read that description because the school and classroom practices and activities I am seeing at Annual Meetings and professional development sessions and conferences around preparing for the new STAAR assessment and the new Readiness Standards look just like what I would see in any state with a Learner-Centered Classroom, not a Content/Instruction Centered One.

Texas is thus proof you can get to what I call the Transformational Outcomes Based Education Stage without the political establishment at the State level ever Knowing what has happened. Part of the ease of deception is the Orwellian use of Language and Unappreciated Definitions in Ed World, notably Rigorous when STAAR was adopted. The fact that the Legislature was now gearing a measuring assessment to John Dewey’s Indeterminate Situation where students react from emotion because there is no fixed solution and the problem-solving is not linear or based on the resolution of taught material was apparently left out of those presentations in Austin. I wonder if the presenters were some of the same people involved with pushing Saul Alinsky’s community organizing in the Austin schools or now adopting SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) for Austin preschoolers and elementary school students as part of a national program as we described in the last post? Be very careful who you get advice from in this area.

That’s always good advice but especially so in Texas where as the title says, we have Intentional Insurrectionists determined to implement Equity Education and Education (in their determination) fit for a democracy (little d just like Dewey) in the 21st Century. The May 2008 document “Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas” was based on meetings that started back in September 2006. Before I get into the specifics of those radical intentions of listed Supers (who actually regard themselves as acting as Modern Day Founding Fathers rejecting the Articles of Confederation as insufficient for their intentions), how many Texans know that Texas went to Outcomes-Based Education back in 1984? That would make Texas an early adopter.

According to a 2001 Dana Center report Texas deliberately jettisoned what it called the “deficit model” of knowledge transmission that was impacted by where students lived and who their parents were to measuring what all students are able to do. And using something termed Proactive Redundancy–multiple ways to achieve specific learning goals. My purpose is not to give a history of Texas education. It is to point out that the Achievement for All Students Transformation in Texas was done at the cost of changing the rules and the purpose of K-12 education. And constantly changing the measurements of what was going on in the classroom to obscure the effects of ever decreasing knowledge that is the inevitable and sought result of the OBE focus.

The newest so-called test, the STAAR assessment, is based on Norman Webb’s Depth of Knowledge (DOK) Chart that is also used in Florida. It is what the Critical Thinking push is actually all about there as well. No I am not going to state the obvious connection. You can in your own mind but leave me out of it. Too many well-connected people involved who seem to genuinely believe they are doing Good Things in Education. But the facts are what they are and Webb’s DOK is expressly based on Ralph Tyler’s Objectives work and Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy (Mastery Learning, OBE’s previous name) work. Sometimes the true connections exceed anything a writer of fiction would ever come up with.

So Level 4, Extended Thinking in the DOK, gets met if the student if the student does not know anything but is engaged in a nonroutine investigation with multiple solutions that the student examines and then processes the possibilities over an extended period of time. Dewey loved his Indeterminate Situation Theory because he believed the resulting emotion of frustration would be a great motivator in students to reject the world as it currently exists. Linear, factual, traditional solutions apparently are insufficient motivators to be a Social Change Agent. Instead, the Indeterminate Situation was thought to motivate Transformative Social and Political Change.

In the 21st century then we can anticipate lots of Critical Thinking around Sustainability Modelling and overpopulation. The actual facts and temps be damned. After all factual knowledge is only Level 1 on the DOK and thus totally unsatisfactory. I guess all that Systems Computer Modelling around the discredited 1976 Club of Rome report Limits to Growth also qualifies now in Texas as Level 4 Thinking in the classroom. Systems Thinking also fits with the language of that Super Insurrectionist Vision. Someone had clearly read their Bela Banathy and Peter Senge.

By the way, since Outcomes and Objectives became notorious terms in the past as synonyms for the whole behavioral and affective orientation (values, attitudes, beliefs, and feelings) of these student goals and performance is the term the CCSSI assessments are using, I see the creative minds in Texas have come up with another euphemism–Expectations. Student Expectations. What the student can do with the Content listed. Which reminded me quite frankly of a CCSSI document I had seen less than 2 weeks ago. Put out to make sure that supers and principals and teachers in the CCSSI adopting states were not teaching the content and emphasizing knowledge as the point of CCSSI. That the point of content learning is the worthy task performances and problem solving activities and projects that students engage in. The authors Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins want to make sure everyone understands that that the Common Core rejects this previous “content” coverage mentality.

Now I got someone very angry at me recently when I called CCSSI a Bait and Switch since no aspect of the real implementation does anything but dispute the fact that it is about national criteria of content knowledge applicable from state to state. But then I have analyzed all the relevant documents too carefully to have any room left for wishful thinking. I think what is happening in Texas reenforces the point I have made earlier that this really is about using the schools to mount a stealth political coup. The way Banathy described his purposes for the Learner Centered Classroom is consistent with how the Best Practices book describes the purposes for Standards for Teaching and Learning and what the Hewlett Foundation describes as the purpose for Deep Learning (which is deemed to align with CCSSI). They are all also consistent with that Texas Super 2008 Visioning document that will have to wait until the next post for its own description.

Recognizing the points being made in the descriptions of Texas Student Expectations for STAAR and the Readiness Standards now in effect and the troublesome implications of official references to P-16, I decided to see if McTighe and Wiggins and their Understanding by Design had any role in Texas transitioning to STAAR. Oh. My. Goodness. They are every where there in the last year. So whatever the intentions of Texans and their politicians, what is coming to your schools and classrooms reflects what the rest of the country is being forced into under the CCSSI mantle.

Isn’t that interesting? You would think the actual impetus really was national and international.

Invisible Serfs Collar

Who Granted Permission to Spearhead Societal Evolution to a Global Cooperative Consciousness?

Invisible Serfs Collar

Instilling Desired Feelings and Political Values via SEL in Children–Taps for the Republic?

Ron Avery’s Sue IT

“Property tax” is an oxymoron for the definition of property is that the owner need not pay any money to possess it or occupy it or ask permission of any concerning what they can do with or on their property. Therefore, if you own property you pay no tax to any nor ask anyone what you may do on it. “Property tax” is rent charged by the state against the tenant. America was built upon the idea that all property consisting of life, liberty and possessions belongs to the citizen not the state, its subdivisions or a federation of states. People owning property create the state to protect their property. There can be no lawful tax on life, liberty or property. Property tax is a "statist" idea that is not lawful in America.

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Ron Avery

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A Rally Protesting Unlawful Funding of State Public Education in Texas on Monday 10/22/12


  1. The 44 year unlawful use of local State School District imposed ad valorem property taxes to fund State Public Education in the State of Texas forbidden under Article 8 Section 1-e of the Texas Constitution.
  2. The Closure of the Texas Judicial System to Citizens (violating Art. 1 Sec. 13) in order to block a lawful constitutional solution to the present unlawful, unequal, inefficient means of funding public school in Texas.
  3. The repetitious, ludicrous, and contradictory Texas Supreme Court Opinions over a 35 year span resulting in unachievable mandates i.e., give all students an equal education with unequal funding.
  4. The Rally Details which can also be found at then click on Details of Rally on the Right Hand Menu.

Strike the Root

Freedom School

Individualism Promoted Here


Free World Order

Freedom Advocates / Michael Shaw

Exposing Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development

STAAR: State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness

Beginning in spring 2012, the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR™) will replace the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). The STAAR program at grades 3–8 will assess the same subjects and grades that are currently assessed on TAKS. At high school, however, grade-specific assessments will be replaced with 12 end-of-course (EOC) assessments: Algebra I, geometry, Algebra II, biology, chemistry, physics, English I, English II, English III, world geography, world history, and U.S. history.

The resources on this website provide information and sample test questions to familiarize Texas educators and the public with the design and format of the STAAR assessments. The information is intended to help educators understand how the new STAAR program measures the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) curriculum standards. These resources are intended to support, not narrow or replace, the teaching of the TEKS curriculum.

Common Core

Changing Minds, One at a Time

Fanatic For Jesus

Food Justice: The Global Hegelian Dialectic

How Patriotic is the Patriot Act?: Freedom Versus Security in the Age of Terrorism

By Amitai Etzioni


Security First: For a Muscular, Moral Foreign Policy

By Amitai Etzioni


Books by Amitai Etzioni

Amitai Etzioni


The ABCs of Communitarianism

A devil's dictionary

By Fareed Zakaria

July 26, 1996

Sometime over the last two years, someone somewhere must have decreed that the intellectual buzzword of the '90s was to be "communitarianism." Only five years ago, communitarianism was an obscure school of philosophy discussed in faculty seminars; today, its ideas are splashed across People magazine and on network TV. "Community" and "civil society," the two mantras of the movement, are part of everyday political discourse.

ABCD Institute

John L. McKnight

The Guardian

Mitt Romney's Mormonism has no community at its heart

As the first Mormon with a shot at the White House, Romney's individualist message is a travesty of his forebears' ideals

By Michael Steinberg

The Mormon presidential candidate's social vision is a far cry from the communitarian ethos of early Mormonism. Mitt Romney's campaign has been all about individualism – a Randian dream of unregulated markets and untrammelled self-interest. The theme of the Republican convention was a rebuff to President Obama's perfectly sensible comment that individual success always depends on common services and social foundations. "We built it," the sign over the podium read – and by "we" the Republicans meant "each one of us, all by himself".

Romney's message would not have resonated with his Mormon forebears. I live in Rochester, New York, only a few miles from the birthplace of Mormonism – the Hill Cumorah, where in 1827 Joseph Smith is said to have been given the golden tablets of the Book of Mormon, the sacred grove where he had a vision of God the father and of Jesus, and the house where he lived at the time.

{Read more at the above link…}

Activist Post

The A. I. Thought Police

By Julie Beal

Westphalian sovereignty

{Many trace the conception of the modern nation-state to the Peace of Westphalia in 1648. ~Lark}

The Westphalian Post

Iran – The Libertarians’ Isolationist Case

Adask’s Law

Adjournment Sine Die

For the past 15 years or so, I’ve been aware of an argument within the “patriot” community that runs something like this:

Seven southern States of America walked out of the Second Session of the Thirty-sixth Congress on March 27, A.D. 1861.  In so doing, the Constitutional due process quorum necessary for Congress to vote was lost and Congress was adjourned sine die, or “without day.” To some, this meant that there was no lawful quorum to set a specific day and time to reconvene.

Some people argue that once Congress adjourned “sine die” in A.D. 1861, it permanently ceased to exist and could never again be lawfully reconvened. Therefore, they argue that any alleged “Congress” since A.D. 1861 is illusory and fraudulent and any laws passed since A.D. 1861 are unconstitutional, null and void.
I don’t believe that “sine die” argument has much weight.  Why?

Ron Nehring reviews "2016 Obama's America"


Dreams from My Real Father: A Story of Reds and Deception

 By Joel Gilbert


A Singular Woman: The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mother

By Janny Scott


John Friend’s Blog

US Presidential Candidate: Israel Did 911 and Control US Politics

"... in my opinion it [9/11] was a Mossad-orchestrated event, with considerable inside help, and this is a betrayal of the American people, it's treasonous..."

--Merlin Miller


Comment from Mouser…

I have been thinking about what is presently going on and the following is my take.

I believe the conquering of lands is taking place by paper. Those seeking to control the world have lent the separate countries 'money' at interest in order to put each country into unrepayable debt. All legalised by laws in each country. Gradually the debts will be called in by the lender and the governments of each country will have no legal choice but to 'sell' the land of the country to those who own the paper debt slips. All legal in each country. Once those conquering the world by paper have acquired all the land in each country they can declare that land off-limits to the former citizens. Agenda 21 comes directly to mind.

In the final result a handful of individual families will own all of the land on earth and all other people will be landless serfs, easily enslaved to work for food and shelter to the world owners.

Paper money and gold have no real value, but land that provides everything needed to live is infinitely valuable. Own the land and the people are automatically under your full control.


Blacklisted News

17 Numbers That Prove That The Redistribution Of Wealth Has Greatly Accelerated Under Obama

 By Michael Snyder for Blacklisted News

What is the number one job of the U.S. government?  Well, at this point the federal government in spending more time and money on redistributing wealth than it is on anything else.  In fiscal year 2012, 62 percent of the federal budget will be spent on entitlements.  How much farther do we have to go until everyone finally admits that we have become a socialist nation?  Our government has become the largest engine of wealth redistribution in the history of the world, and the redistribution of wealth has greatly accelerated during the presidency of Barack Obama.  Yes, wealth redistribution as a share of the economy also grew under George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, but Barack Obama has taken things to an entirely new level.  Back when Ronald Reagan took office, less than 30 percent of all Americans lived in a home where at least one person was receiving government benefits.  Today, an all-time record 49 percent of all Americans live in a home where at least one person receives government benefits.  Of course we always want to help the poor, the needy and those that cannot help themselves, but things in this country have gotten way out of balance.  And most Americans agree with me - according to a new Rasmussen survey, 64 percent of all Americans believe that too many Americans are dependent on government assistance.  We have become a nation that expects the government to take care of us from the cradle to the grave, and all of this government dependence is causing our debt to spiral completely and totally out of control.

Yes, without a doubt we will always need a safety net.  Nobody wants to see any American go without food or sleep under a bridge.

But we simply cannot afford to have more than 100 million Americans relying on that safety net.  It was never designed to accommodate so many people and the entire system is going to fail if we continue with this foolishness.

Sadly, a large percentage of the American people have become trained to vote for the politician that will promise them the most goodies.  Government benefits have become a way to "buy votes", and it is deeply corrupting our system.

In such an environment it probably should not be a surprise that we elected a president that has publicly declared that "I actually believe in redistribution."

A growing percentage of the American people are actually convinced that the job of the federal government is to act as some sort of cosmic Robin Hood.  They are convinced that the federal government should take money away from the rich and give it to them.

But what kind of a society will we have if we continue down this road?  Will we have a society where the "dependent class" is always clamoring for more and where the "working class" has no ambition to work hard and make money because the government is just going to come along and take most of it away?
Socialism does not work.  But that is where the United States (along with most of the rest of the world) is headed.

The following are 17 numbers that prove that the redistribution of wealth has greatly accelerated since Barack Obama has been president....

#1 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, an all-time record 49 percent of all Americans live in a home where at least one person receives financial assistance from the federal government.  Back in 1983, that number was less than 30 percent.

#2 Right now, more than 100 million Americans are enrolled in at least one welfare program run by the federal government.  And that does not even count Social Security or Medicare.  Overall, there are almost 80 different "means-tested welfare programs" that the federal government is currently running.

#3 The number of Americans enrolled in the food stamp program has grown from about 17 million in 2000 to 31.9 million when Barack Obama took office to 46.6 million today.

#4 The number of Americans receiving Social Security disability payments has risen by more than a million since Obama has been in office.

#5 The growth of government dependence is far outpacing job growth in the United States even though we are supposed to be in an "economic recovery".  Between the beginning of April and the end of June, the U.S. economy added only 200,000 new jobs, but 246,000 more Americans were added to the Social Security disability program and 265,000 more Americans were added to the food stamp rolls.
#6 Back in August 1967, there were approximately 65 workers for each American that was collecting Social Security disability payments.  Today, there are only 16.2 workers for each American that is collecting Social Security disability payments.
#7 Federal housing assistance outlays increased by a whopping 42 percent between 2006 and 2010.
#8 Back in 1990, the federal government accounted for just 32 percent of all health care spending in the United States.  This year, it is being projected that the federal government will account for more than 50 percent of all health care spending for the first time ever.

#9 The number of Americans on Medicaid grew from 34 million in 2000 to 54 million in 2011.
#10 Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid.  Today, approximately one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid.

#11 It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.
#12 Medicare is also growing by leaps and bounds.  As I wrote about the other day, if current policies continue it is being projected that the number of Americans on Medicare will grow from 50.7 million in 2012 to 73.2 million in 2025.

#13 Thanks to our foolish politicians (including Obama), Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars over the next 75 years.  That comes to approximately $328,404 for each and every household in the United States.

#14 Real median household income has decreased by more than 4000 dollars since Barack Obama entered the White House.

#15 As I have written about previously, the number of Americans living below the poverty line has risen by 6 million since Barack Obama became president.

#16 Overall, the amount of money that the federal government gives directly to the American people has risen by 32 percent since Barack Obama first took office.

#17 When you account for all government transfer payments and all forms of government employment, more than half of all Americans are now at least partially financially dependent on the government.

The other day, the mainstream media went crazy over the "scandal" that Mitt Romney said the following at a fundraiser....
There are 47 percent who will vote for the President, no matter what. All right, there are 47 percent who are with him, who are dependent on the government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.... Forty-seven percent of Americans pay no income tax. So our message of low taxes doesn't connect. And so my job is not to worry about those people — I'll never convince them that they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives.
The mainstream media howled in outrage about this, but to a certain extent Romney was right.

Of course the Republicans should have never nominated Romney, and Romney is running one of the most inept campaigns in the history of American politics, but Romney actually hit on some truth in that quote.

You can debate about what the exact number is, but the reality is that a growing number of Americans are satisfied with being dependent on the government and believe that the government should have a responsibility to take care of them.

Not that it is wrong to help the poor.  Of course not.  There are many people out there that honestly cannot take care of themselves, and almost everyone needs a helping hand at some point in their lives.
But there is a balance, and as a nation we have gotten way, way out of balance.

Of course it certainly doesn't help that most of the burden for paying for all of this welfare always seems to end up falling on the middle class.

The wealthy have become absolute masters at avoiding taxes.  For example, Mitt Romney paid an effective tax rate of only 14.1 percent for the 2011 tax year.

If I could pay an effective tax rate of only 14.1 percent to the federal government I would be screaming for joy.  So would most middle class Americans.  Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to hire expensive tax attorneys who know how to exploit the thousands upon thousands of loopholes in the tax code.
Our tax code is a complete and total abomination and should be immediately abolished.  Unfortunately, neither political party is suggesting that we do that.  In fact, both political parties seem to really like things just the way that they are.

So the middle class will continue to get the short end of the stick and our national debt will continue to explode.

You see, the reality is that socialism is really, really expensive.  In fact, the U.S. national debt has increased by 51 percent since Barack Obama took office.

Since Obama was inaugurated, the U.S. national debt has grown by more than it did from the time that George Washington became president to the beginning of Bill Clinton's second term as president.

That is no small feat.

The federal government continues to throw money around as if there is no tomorrow, but the truth is that tomorrow always comes and our children and our grandchildren are going to be less than thrilled that we expect them to pay the 16 trillion dollar debt that we have foolishly run up.

But the mainstream media says that everything is just fine.  They are constantly praising Barack Obama, and top financial journalists such as Paul Krugman of the New York Times are proclaiming that the answer to our problems is to borrow and spend trillions more.

Thankfully, an increasing number of Americans are waking up to this nonsense.

According to a new Gallup survey, an all-time record high 60 percent of all Americans have little or no trust in the mainstream media.

I think that is a good sign.

Israel Lobbyist suggests False Flag attack to start war with Iran

Fanatic For Jesus

Patrick Clawson and His View on Iran

Patrick Clawson of the influential neo-conservative think tank Washington Institute for Near East Studies, openly suggests that the U.S. should provoke Iran into taking the first shot.

Clawson is an economist who has worked with the right-wing Foreign Policy Research Institute, has taught at the Roman Catholic Seton Hall University, and served for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. This statement about Iran was given sometime in 2012.
We have met the enemy... and he is us. Is this proof enough?

Pro-Israeli Lobbyist on How to Start a War with Iran

Tragedy of US police training by Israeli companies

What had once been police is how a “hodge-podge” thousands of agencies, each one falling like dominoes, unable to resist offers of advanced military weapons, offers of “informal discretionary funding” (bribes) and quickly degenerating into an army of occupation."
--Gordon Duff

Either we talk about little else or this seems to happen a lot.
 In almost every case, the officers responsible for these killings are trained in the Israeli martial art of Krav Fit, contracts pushed by the Department of Homeland Security.

    Israeli groups train in crowd control, use of military weapons and armored vehicles against America’s “Occupy dissidents,” the poor, the homeless, mental patients and veterans, so far.

When the amount of ammunition is counted up and the military firepower estimated, the list may well expand to “anyone not willing to submit to live as human slaves.”

Killings always covered up

The death toll is never counted but is currently in the hundreds, perhaps thousands. Police are never properly investigated, never called to account, just as with the IDF team that ended their standoff with 22-year-old American waif, Rachel Corrie, who was crushed TWICE by a “free” Caterpillar bulldozer, a gift from the American people, donated to be used to crush the homes of Palestinians.

In this incident, Corrie was protecting 6 small children. An Israeli court found the only way Corrie could be dealt with, by an entire platoon of IDF Commandos, was to drive over her with a bulldozer. This was considered a legal use of force against an American citizen.

And Israel wonders why tens of millions of Americans suspect them for plotting 9/11?

The Daily Sheeple

UN Small Arms Treaty Passes While Media Sleeps

Freedom Outpost
September 20th, 2012

By Tim Brown

The United Nations Small Arms Treaty passed in its second session. The Media was silent over its passage.

Channeling Reality

Digital Fascism of the Dons of Davos

By Vicky Davis

9 March 2009

When the history is written, Americans will replace the Polish as the butt of all jokes. There was a coup d'etat in America without a shot being fired. The world's only superpower is being brought to its knees by computer nerds. A PC and a fiber optic cable is mightier than the biggest bomber or most powerful nuke.

America - the American people - the mighty American middle class is being destroyed and our very own representatives in government are helping the traitors do it - because it's being done in the name of "it's just business".

Come on America, couldn't we have done better than this? There have been some great tyrants in history - just their names make you shudder: Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini. And who do we produce? Bill, The Weenie. But Bill, The Weenie should make you shudder because he and his Expert Techno-Thugs and are waging an intellectual war - Info War... and we are losing because most people kowtow to "experts" regardless of how ridiculous they are.

C-Span Video
National Security in the 21st Century

Georgetown University

September 19, 2012

Former national security advisers talked about their roles in advising the president and U.S. national security strategies in a changing global security environment. Among the topics they addressed were continued violence and government protests across the Middle East and North Africa, anti-American sentiment by various groups in the region, as well as U.S. policy toward China and a strategic shift in policy toward the Asia Pacific region. They responded to questions from the audience.


The Technocracy Takeover

The Technological Society

By Jacques Ellul


Money Laundering A Hypothetical Guide

Part 1: The Basics

How We Became Prisoners of the New World Order & How We Reverse It

Gray State – Official Concept Trailer

National Security Study Memorandum 200

National Security Study Memorandum 200: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S. Security and Overseas Interests (NSSM200) was completed on December 10, 1974 by the United States National Security Council under the direction of Henry Kissinger.

It was adopted as official U.S. policy by President Gerald Ford in November 1975. It was originally classified, but was later declassified and obtained by researchers in the early 1990s.

The basic thesis of the memorandum was that population growth in the least developed countries (LDCs) is a concern to U.S. national security, because it would tend to risk civil unrest and political instability in countries that had a high potential for economic development. The policy gives "paramount importance" to population control measures and the promotion of contraception among 13 populous countries, to control rapid population growth which the US deems inimical to the socio-political and economic growth of these countries and to the national interests of the United States, since the "U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad", and these countries can produce destabilizing opposition forces against the United States. It recommends the US leadership to "influence national leaders" and that "improved world-wide support for population-related efforts should be sought through increased emphasis on mass media and other population education and motivation programs by the U.N., USIA, and USAID."
Thirteen countries are named in the report as particularly problematic with respect to U.S. security interests: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Nigeria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil. These countries are projected to create 47 percent of all world population growth.
The report advocates the promotion of education and contraception and other population control measures. It also raises the question of whether the U.S. should consider preferential allocation of surplus food supplies to states that are deemed constructive in use of population control measures.

Some of the key insights of report are controversial:

    "The U.S. economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries [see National Commission on Materials Policy, Towards a National Materials Policy: Basic Data and Issues, April 1972]. That fact gives the U.S. enhanced interest in the political, economic, and social stability of the supplying countries. Wherever a lessening of population pressures through reduced birth rates can increase the prospects for such stability, population policy becomes relevant to resource supplies and to the economic interests of the United States. . . . The location of known reserves of higher grade ores of most minerals favors increasing dependence of all industrialized regions on imports from less developed countries. The real problems of mineral supplies lie, not in basic physical sufficiency, but in the politico-economic issues of access, terms for exploration and exploitation, and division of the benefits among producers, consumers, and host country governments" [Chapter III-Minerals and Fuel].

    "Whether through government action, labor conflicts, sabotage, or civil disturbance, the smooth flow of needed materials will be jeopardized. Although population pressure is obviously not the only factor involved, these types of frustrations are much less likely under conditions of slow or zero population growth" [Chapter III-Minerals and Fuel].

    "Populations with a high proportion of growth. The young people, who are in much higher proportions in many LDCs, are likely to be more volatile, unstable, prone to extremes, alienation and violence than an older population. These young people can more readily be persuaded to attack the legal institutions of the government or real property of the ‘establishment,' ‘imperialists,' multinational corporations, or other-often foreign-influences blamed for their troubles" [Chapter V, "Implications of Population Pressures for National Security].

    "We must take care that our activities should not give the appearance to the LDCs of an industrialized country policy directed against the LDCs. Caution must be taken that in any approaches in this field we support in the LDCs are ones we can support within this country. "Third World" leaders should be in the forefront and obtain the credit for successful programs. In this context it is important to demonstrate to LDC leaders that such family planning programs have worked and can work within a reasonable period of time." [Chapter I, World Demographic Trends]

The report advises, "In these sensitive relations, however, it is important in style as well as substance to avoid the appearance of coercion."


How the Destruction of Political Will Doomed a U.S. Population Policy

By Stephen D. Mumford



Saint-Simon and the Utopian Socialists



Why Hiroshima Was Bombed

The 'Utopians' Duped a Nation

By William Jones

Racing for the Bomb: General Leslie Groves, The Indispensable Man, by Robert Norris. South Royalton, Vermont: Steerforth Press, 2002, 700 pages, hardback, $40.00.

The Decision to Use the Atomic Bomb, by Gar Alperovitz. New York: Alfred Knopf Books, 1995, 847 pages, paperback, $17.00.

"The United States decision to drop the atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved over one million American lives which would have been sacrificed by an invasion of Japan."

How often has this claim been restated whenever that horrendous event is mentioned on TV or in newspapers. And yet, it remains to this day a total fiction. Not only the figure of "one million"—which was gratuituously added in the cover story published later to enhance the much lower figures actually predicted by the War Department had the United States been forced to invade Japan—but even the lower, more accurate estimates, represented a complete fallacy. There would have been no casualties in a land invasion of Japan because there would not have been any land invasion of Japan. By mid-May 1945 it was clear to all who wished to see: Japan was on the brink of surrendering.

It is the merit of Gar Alperovitz's work that he documented the facts available as of 1995 by using the then-latest declassified records from the war period. The real purpose of the atomic bomb was not to win the war, but rather to shape the contours of the post-war world. Alperowitz had an entire team working the files on this subject, with excellent results. The "team" aspect of the work leads, however, to a good deal of repetition. The recent biography by Robert Norris of one of the key players in that policy decision, Gen. Leslie Groves, helps to fill out the picture of the real scope and purposes of the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japanese cities.

The Open Conspiracy of H.G. Wells

In order to understand the real significance of the atom bomb decision, we must, however, go a bit beyond the confines of these two particular works—back to 1928, to the publication of a little-noticed manuscript by science-fiction writer H.G. Wells, entitled The Open Conspiracy. In that work, Wells called for the establishment of a "world government" which would supersede the nation-state as the primary form of human social and political existence. Reading Wells today, one gets the eerie feeling of a weird fascist experiment, wrapped in pseudo-scientific rhetoric, in which Big Brother controls one's every move. This "Utopian" scheme, as Wells himself dubbed it, probably had little hope of success, except under conditions of raw terror, where a frightened population might come to feel that only in the womb of such a "world government" would there be any security.

With the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, such a condition, it was felt by Wells' devotees, had been brought about. Shortly after the dropping of the bomb in 1945, Lord Bertrand Russell, a compatriot of Wells in the "world commonwealth" project, wrote a short essay entitled "The Bomb and Civilisation." In this work Russell wrote: "The prospect for the human race is sombre beyond all precedent.... Either war or civilization must end, and if it is to be war that ends, there must be an international authority with the sole power to make the new bombs. All supplies of uranium must be placed under the control of the international authority, which shall have the right to safeguard the ore by armed forces. As soon as such an authority has been created, all existing atomic bombs, and all plants for their manufacture, must be handed over. And of course the international authority must have sufficient armed forces to protect whatever has been handed over to it. If this system were once established, the international authority would be irresistible, and wars would cease. At worst, there might be occasional brief revolts that would be easily quelled.

{Read more at the above link…}


The Northern Command

Crossing the Rubicon

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 17, 2002

The proposal for the probably unlawful, U.S. Army Northern Command ("USNORTHCOM"), when taken in its current strategic-policy-setting, is clearly a proposal to "cross the Rubicon," a preparation to create a Caesarian military dictatorship over both the North American continent and the Caribbean, in imitation of the 49 B.C. action of Julius Caesar's setting off that civil war among Roman military forces which led to 31 B.C. establishment of the Empire of Augustus Caesar. In today's world, it is a preparation for the Pentagon to cross the Potomac one morning, to place the U.S. Attorney-General and his minions in power, reducing the President himself to a ceremonial, or even lesser figure in the configuration.

1. The Roman Precedent

There is no stretching of the comparison in this choice of an historic parallel for the currently pending adoption of USNORTHCOM, Following the 212 B.C. murder of Archimedes, during the Roman conquest of the most powerful obstacle to them, in what is today's southern Italy, the Roman legions conducted a rampage of military conquests and continually aggravated looting throughout the Mediterranean littoral.

During this period, through, and beyond the period of the attempted social reforms by the Gracchi, Italy underwent an accelerating change in its social character, paralleling the recent thirty-five-odd years transformation of the U.S., from its 1861-1965 character as a producers' society, to its post-1965 shift into becoming an increasingly parasitical and decadent consumer society. Typical of the decadence of the Roman social order since the beginning of the Second Punic War, was the consolidation of the power of an emergent, new ruling class, one based on the combination of wealth and power acquired through looting abroad and the spread of slavery. Italy shifted into becoming a parasites' economy, subsisting by looting conquered peoples, and maintaining political support for the Roman regime at home through instruments of moral, political, and economic decadence akin to the mass-media-entertainment culture of the U.S. today. The attempted reforms by the Gracchi, were the last significant effort to reverse the tide of decadence.

The defeat of the Gracchi, through assassinations conducted by the so-called democratic party representing the Roman predator class, unleashed a succession of civil wars within the Roman military class. Cicero's leadership against the Cataline conspiracy was the last significant effort to halt that process. Julius Caesar's rise to power through the toppling of Cicero, unleashed the process leading, through a constant state of civil warfare among Rome's military commanders, into Octavian's seizure of power as Augustus Caesar. Amid this process, Julius Caesar's crossing of the Rubicon had broken the barrier which had shielded the city of Rome itself from the direct, full force of Nazi-SS-style military dictatorship.

The U.S. posse comitatus doctrine of law may be properly viewed as the U.S. government's recognition of the danger of allowing the circumstances under which corrupt elements of the Federal government might act to established a military dictatorship in the U.S.A. To breach that posse comitatus rule, under the circumstances of presently rampant, rising, crisis-stricken decadence in the U.S., is, in effect, to "cross the Rubicon."

Look at those present circumstances against an important lesson from the past.

2. The Utopian Degeneracy of America

    1. Under the radiating influence of H.G. Wells (The Open Conspiracy) and Wells' pact with Bertrand Russell, the idea of setting up a parody Roman-imperial style world government grew. From Wells' first published proposal, in 1913, for the development and use of nuclear weapons to terrify nations into abandoning national sovereignty in favor of world government, and the subsequent notion of using air power, as in Wells' fictional Things to Come, to deliver such weapons, a massive corruption spread among the English-speaking military and others. The dropping of two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in 1945, gave impetus to the policy of "preventive nuclear war" (using air power) as set forth in Russell's September 1946 theses published in his lackey Leo Szilard's The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Around this idea, there grew up the phenomenon which President Dwight Eisenhower came to describe as a utopian "military-industrial complex." What Eisenhower referenced thus, is a complex of foundations, universities, military circles, and corporate oligopolies of military-industrial concentration, around Russell's 1938-founded Unification of the Sciences project.

    Around these utopian conceptions, and figures such as John J. McCloy, Leo Szilard, and Harvard's "Old Fagin," Professor William Yandell Elliott, and the pack of "Artful Dodgers" typified by Zbigniew Brzezinski, Samuel P. Huntington, and Henry A. Kissinger, the rising tide of utopians projected a new style in military forces, and in warfare, modelled upon the twin precedents of the Roman imperial legions and the Nazi international Waffen-SS. Thus, we have seen protracted warfare, like that of decadent ancient Rome in post-MacArthur Korea and in post-Eisenhower, and post-Kennedy Indo-China. Post-Eisenhower détente, as associated with McCloy, Kissinger, et al., typifies the institutionalization of a permanent state of warfare akin to practice under the Roman imperial legions.

    Following the globally turbulent, 1961-1964, initial phase of post-Eisenhower unleashing of the utopian policy, the recent thirty-eight years have been dominated by an intentional transformation of the U.S. and its allied partners from the successful, 1945-1965 interval of post-war economic reconstruction as a producer society, into the increasing, 1966-2002 decadence of a presently doomed form of consumer society.
    Just as the increasing decadence of the Roman citizen, under the rule of the new wealthy class, made possible the citizen's corrupted submission to the conditions following the Second Punic War, so the irrationality of a so-called "post-industrial," consumer society, has introduced the same descent into ever-deeper decadence which has afflicted the populations of Europe, the Americas, and Japan, most notably, over the course of the 1966-2002 interval.

    A qualitative up-shift in the implementation of this post-1965 pattern of decadence, was unleashed during the interval of the 1989-1991 collapse of the Soviet system. The English-speaking utopian leadership took that change as the occasion for lurching toward the foreseeable establishment of an English-speaking, global parody of a Roman Empire, a process called "globalization" in a post-nation-state world. In mimickry of ancient imperial Rome, these utopians intend to use a new type of professional military force, modelled in fact upon the Nazi international Waffen-SS, as an instrument of perpetual warfare deployed, under the cover of utopian modes of air-power, on a global scale.

3. 'Eripme' Is Empire Written Backwards

It is typical of today's Wall Street and Federal Reserve System, that they forecast backwards. The glory of U.S. power toward which they yearn, is the glory we enjoyed in the past, during and immediately following World War II. In their dreams, they look backwards, and call it the future. These are the augurs of the "No Future" society, are viewing the prospect before their backward eyes from their perch at the brink of doom. The economic system on which they perch is doomed.

That is not to suggest that the nation, or civilization generally is necessarily doomed. It is the utopians' monetary-financial system which is doomed. Under new leadership, comparable, more or less, to what President Franklin Roosevelt symbolizes, the economy and the nations could recover, through a process of reconstruction, to prosperity and safety. The utopians' system could not survive. The danger is, that they might have sufficient power to take rest of the world down with them. The USNORTHCOM proposal expresses the intention to bring about, in fact, exactly such doom for this nation ad much of the rest of the world, if not all, besides.

Today's utopian "Miniver Cheevy's" have arrived on the stage of current history, much, much too late.
CPS Parent Matt Farmer Puts Penny Pritzker on…

Jonathan Turley

Chicago Teachers Take a Stand Against Mayor Rahm Emanuel and His Contract Demands

Jonathan Turley

Pastors Take on the IRS

By Lawrence Rafferty, Guest Blogger

Obamacare Summed Up in One Sentence

The Secret of Oz

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/24/2012

·         You are capable of critical thinking.

·         You distrust mainstream media.

·         You like nature.

·         You think it’s a good idea to spend the Friday after Thanksgiving with your family rather than camping outside Best Buy to get a cheap plasma television made in China.

·         You think it’s a little strange that WTC building 7 came down at free fall speed on 9/11 yet it was never hit by a plane.

·         You think that drones in America might not be for Al Qaeda.

·         You would like to be able to get on a plane without having to engage in a mandatory radiation bath and digital strip search.

·         You have read a book in the past year.

·         You think you have the right to protest.

·         You think the War on Terror is a scam.

·         You think the War on Drugs is a scam.

·         You think the anger directed at America from the Middle East could possibly be related to our foreign policy rather than hating how amazingly free we are.
·         You think the Republicans and Democrats are exactly the same on the important issues affecting our country.

·         You think believing in The Constitution does not constitute a terrorist act.

·         You have heard of the Bill of Rights and can even name what some of them are.

·         You question whether the government loves you.

·         You think the right to bear arms is not for hunting, rather so citizens can fight back should the government become a bunch of tyrannical thugs.

·         You don’t own a television, and if you do, all you watch is RT, especially the Keiser Report and Capital Account.

·         You don’t think the NDAA is the name of Kesha’s latest single.

·         You think rich, powerful and connected people should be subject to the rule of law and go to jail if they commit crimes. Even if they are bankers and work at JP Morgan or Goldman Sachs.

·         You think corporations aren’t people.

·         You think Warren Buffet is a phony and a crony capitalist.

·         You don’t care that Warren Buffet likes cherry coke, hamburgers and ice cream.  He’s still a bad guy

·         You know that gold was made illegal by FDR in 1933 and confiscated from the American people.  You know that gold bullion remained illegal for Americans to own until 1975.

·         You think politicians that push for war should be sent to fight on the front lines.  If they are unable, their children should go.

·         You want your food to be labeled GMO so that you can make your own decisions on what you are consuming.

·         You grow your own food.

·         You buy raw milk.

·         You think food and energy should be included in inflation calculations.

·         You are aware that the Department of Homeland Security has purchased 1.2 billion rounds of ammo in the past year.

·         You question whether said ammo purchases are in anticipation of a Normandy beach style landing by Al Qaeda.

·         You think allowing a small group of unelected people (The Federal Reserve) to print unlimited amounts of money and distribute it as they please might not be a good idea.

If you answered yes to more than five of the 32 questions above, you might be a conspiracy theorist.

You also may be on the government’s terror watch list.

Be very alarmed and report it to the authorities immediately should you discover your neighbors engaged in such uncivilized thought.