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May It Be So
Security First: For a Muscular, Moral Foreign Policy
By Amitai Etzioni

Book Description
Publication Date: July 5, 2007
“Rarely have more profound changes in American foreign policy been called for than today,” begins Amitai Etzioni in the preface to this book. Yet Etzioni’s concern is not to lay blame for past mistakes but to address the future: What can now be done to improve U.S. relations with the rest of the world?
What should American policies be toward recently liberated countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, or rogue states like North Korea and Iran? When should the United States undertake humanitarian intervention abroad? What must be done to protect America from nuclear terrorism? The author asserts that providing basic security must be the first priority in all foreign policy considerations, even ahead of efforts to democratize. He sets out essential guidelines for a foreign policy that makes sense in the real world, builds on moral principles, and creates the possibility of establishing positive relationships with Muslim nations and all others.
Etzioni has considered the issues deeply and for many years. His conclusions fall into no neat categories—neither “liberal” nor “conservative”—for he is guided not by ideology but by empirical evidence and moral deliberation. His proposal rings with the sound of reason, and this important book belongs on the reading list of every concerned leader, policy maker, and voter in America.
About the Author
Amitai Etzioni is a Professor of International Relations at the George Washington University. Among his books are From Empire to Community, Political Unification Revisited, Winning Without War, and The Common Good. He served as a Senior Aid to the White House and as President of the American Sociological Association. He taught at Columbia, Harvard, and Berkeley. He was listed as one of the top 100 American intellectuals in Richard Posner’s book Public Intellectuals.
Sleight-Of-Hand Of War And Invasion
By George Paxinos
Every good stage-magician performing tricks of manual dexterity or “sleight-of-hand”, can make his act seem even more mysterious by also misdirecting the attention of his spectators at the critical moment when his trick goes through.
A boxer feints with one hand and wallops with the other, successful military men use deception and misdirection to fool the enemy that their forces are stronger, weaker, poorer-equipped or better-equipped or even somewhere else altogether than where they are really deployed, as the case might call for, catching the enemy off-guard and winning a strategic or tactical advantage over them. 
Sometimes the best place to hide something is out in the open where everyone can see it -- and then misdirecting attention from it using more-discussable and spectacular, controversial events -- and saying those who see it are mentally ill.
Take the case of Chemtrails -- those much-disputed contrails in the sky that don't dissipate again like water-vapour from engine exhausts normally does after a few seconds have elapsed, but spread-out and collect water-vapour around them and become a white-out all across our skies almost every day now :
All we really know about them, is that one of their components, the element Aluminum, is ultimately deadly to almost all life on Earth.
That means, it kills you.
It also kills your wife, your kids, your parents, your family and friends.
It also kills your pets.
It will also kill all other animal and plant life on Earth. All life on earth as we know it, will die.
We die, our loved ones die, our pets die, our livestock dies, our edible plants and all other plant-life dies, all life in the seas dies, ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT, DIES.
Right now, there are companies developing genetically-modified Aluminum-resistant strains of plants. FOR WHOSE BENEFIT ARE THEY DOING THIS?
The many wars are a distraction. Sleight-of-hand. It is happening now. TO YOU.
See how you can hide an alien invasion right out in the open?

Christianity Around the World in Under Assault, but Not from Muslims
By Wayne Madsen
May 3, 2012
Wayne Madsen – Strategic Culture Foundation April 30, 2012
The neo-conservative cabal entwined in Western governments and media is fond of stating that «Judeo-Christianity,» itself a loaded term, is under assault from «Islamo-fascists» around the world. The record, however, is clear.
From Moscow to Cairo and Damascus to east Jerusalem, Christianity is under assault, not from main stream Islam but from a nexus of Jewish and «Christian» Zionists allied with the disruptive forces of non-governmental organizations financed by global troublemaker George Soros, alias Gyorgy Schwartz.
In Moscow, a feminist rock band called «Pussy Riot» has used trademark Soros disruption tactics against the Russian Orthodox Church. Prior to the recent Russian presidential election, Pussy Rioters staged a sacrilegious, intolerant, and insensitive «concert» during worship services at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. After they were imprisoned for hooliganism, the Pussy Riot punkers instantly received support from all the usual suspects that kow-tow to the anti-Gentile line of the Zionists and their deep-pocketed Soros allies: The Washington Post, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Bloomberg News, and Forbes magazine.
Recently, tens of thousands of Orthodox believers took part in a vigil outside Christ the Savior in support of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, who, himself came under fire from the propagandists of the West and global Zionism for wearing an expensive wristwatch, a gift from his parishioners.
Almost half of the Russian public surveyed in a poll conducted by the Levada Center agreed that the Pussy Rioters deserve a two- to seven-year sentence for their antics. However, the Soros and neo-conservative/neo-liberal NGOs and media outlets have demanded the immediate release of the politically-active trollops.
Last year, a group of women protesters from Ukraine, who call themselves FEMEN and are linked to Soros disruption operations, staged a topless protest inside the Vatican. Although the Catholic Church, as an institution, has much to answer for, the disrespect shown by the action to devout Catholics is in keeping with Soros’s and his supporters’ disrespect for the Christian faith.
Attacks on Christianity are also the norm in illegally Israeli-occupied east Jerusalem and the West Bank. Attempts by some Western media to report on Israel’s gulags in the occupied territories comes at a tremendous price, something that was witnessed by the veteran White House correspondent for Hearst Newspapers, Helen Thomas, after she criticized Israel’s occupation of Palestine to an undercover rabbi who «ambushed» her with a hidden camera on the grounds of the White House. Thomas was pilloried and fired by Hearst after the Zionist/neo-conservative cabal ganged up on the 91-year old Thomas. 
In a recent CBS “60 Minutes” piece on Israel’s repression of Arab Christians, Israeli ambassador to the United States Michael Oren told one whopper of a lie but received a free pass on it from the generally Israel-subservient media. Oren, in his answer to a question posed by veteran CBS newsman Bob Simon about Oren having attempted to “spike” a report on the plight of Christians in occupied Israeli territory by interceding with CBS 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager before the segment aired, replied, “There is always a first time.”
Oren knows full-well that it was not the first time that Israel’s international network of hasbara propagandists and Zionist sayanim well-entrenched in media outlets has attempted to kill a story unfavorable to Israel. Oren, alias Michael Bornstein, gave up his American citizenship when he agreed to become Binyamin Netanyahu’s ambassador in Washington. Oren, a life-long Zionist, laughably claims he emigrated to Israel from his native West Orange, New Jersey to escape what he described as “anti-Semitism” rampant among the town’s largely Catholic residents. Oren is a veteran of the Israel Defense Force and served in Lebanon during that nation’s bloody civil war, a war in which Israel took the side of a right-wing Christian President.
In the 60 Minutes piece, the Christians of the Holy Land were referred to as the “invisible people,” with many trying to flee the onslaught of steady and growing Jewish encroachment on traditionally Arab and Christian lands. The broadcast featured a Palestinian Christian family completely surrounded on all four sides by Israel’s separation wall on the West Bank.
Oren and his fellow Jewish Zionists, aided and abetted by so-called “Christian Zionists” like John Hagee and members of groups like Christians United for Israel, which are financed by Israeli interests, do not want Americans to see Christians being treated as second-class citizens in an apartheid state. Former President Jimmy Carter knows the hard way what happens when someone dares speak the truth about Israel’s racist policies, which affect Palestinian Christians and Muslims, alike.
True to form, the anti-Gentile Oren called the 60 Minutes report “outrageous” and “incomprehensible.” Simon said, “I never gotten a reaction before from a story that hasn’t been broadcast yet.”
After the suspicious activities of Israeli “art students” and others suspicious Israelis linked to Israeli intelligence prior to the 9/11 attacks were reported by Fox News, the Associated Press, and others, Israel’s public relations shill in Washington, Mark Regev, dismissed the stories as an “urban myth.” Regev is now the public relations spokesman for Netanyahu’s government. Fox pulled down its four-part series from its website amid a flurry of Israeli and domestic U.S. Jewish criticism. A veteran AP reporter recounted the threatening phone calls his editor received from a Boston-based Israeli-funded media “watch dog” group, CAMERA or the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America.
Israel supporters also rallied against CBS, claiming that Christians in Israel are the only Christian community in the Middle East protected from “Islamist terrorists.” That must come as news to Maronites and other Christians in Syria and Copts in Egypt who have been beset by Wahhabist Salafist terrorists supported by Israel’s Lobby in North America and Europe. It is well-known that Syria’s Christians have been protected by Bashar al Assad’s government while Syrian Islamist rebels have received support from Israel and their neo-conservative supporters abroad who nest in such outfits as the American Enterprise Institute and the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC. Attacks on Copts in Egypt, including the bombing of a church in Alexandria, have been determined by Egyptian authorities to have been signature Israeli-style “false flag” attempts to garner support for Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak during his final days in power. The Egyptian Bar Association said Israel was behind the 2011 New Year’s bombing of Saints Church in Alexandria that killed 22 parishioners who were celebrating midnight mass. The world media dutifully reported the attack as the work of Islamist terrorists.
A document prepared by an inter-faith group of Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox called Kairos Palestine and issued in 2009, calls Israel’s occupation of the West Bank and east Jerusalem “clear apartheid,” echoing President Carter’s similar charge. Oren and his Zionist colleagues merely dismissed the document and its authors – patriarchs, archbishops, and bishops of the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Armenian Orthodox, Coptic, Syrian Orthodox, Maronite, Ethiopian, Greek Catholic, Syrian Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, and Syrian Catholic churches – as being the work of “anti-Semites.”
Similarly, anti-Gentile invectives have been hurled by Israeli Jewish leaders and Jewish leaders abroad at Christian church leaders who back the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) program against Israel for its draconian apartheid policies in the Occupied Territories. Particular anti-Gentile abuse has been heaped on leaders of the Church of England; the Church of Scotland; five large American denominations – the Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterian, Lutheran, and United Church of Christ; the National Council of Churches of Australia; the Quakers; the Lutheran Church of Sweden; the United Reformed Church of England, Scotland, and Wales; the Protestant Church of the Netherlands; the Church of Norway; the South African Council of Churches; the British Methodist Church; the United Church of Canada; and the World Council of Churches. Personal insults from the hasbara propaganda machine have been thrown at retired South African Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu; retired Swedish Lutheran Archbishop K. G. Hammar; Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams; and President Carter, a Baptist. Some 140 leading Jewish Israelis have also endorsed the BDS policies of the Christian churches, which puts a significant dent in the argument that the movement has «anti-Semitic» intentions.
And to further inflame inter-religious tensions around the world, the Israeli Mossad’s fingerprints can be seen on false flag violence that seeks to inflame Buddhist-Muslim tensions in Thailand and Myanmar; Muslim-Christian tensions in Indonesia, Turkey, the Philippines, Sudan, and Nigeria; Sunni-Shi’a tensions in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria; and Hindu-Muslim tensions in India.
This past Good Friday, as with all Good Fridays since the papacy of Pope John Paul II, saw Franciscan brothers the world over collect donations in Catholic churches around the world for the Holy Land’s besieged Christians and their churches. It was not the actions of Muslims that prompted the appeal for help but the actions of the Jewish state of Israel. That fact was made very clear in the international appeal of the Franciscan order, named for St. Francis of Assisi, who was a sole voice of reason during the infamous Crusades and who earned the respect of the Muslim leader Saladin and his nephew, the Sultan of Egypt Malek al Kamil.
The world is ready for religious leaders to emulate the peace-making of St. Francis, Saladin, and Sultan Malek and not the extremism of Zionists, Christian Zionists, and the catalysts for violence and intolerance endemic in the Soros movement and its agents provocateurs.

Courtesy Peter Myers
Heads Up
A Weekly View from the Foothills of Appalachia

July 23, 2000 #191

By: Doug Fiedor
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How attractive would it be, personally, if you never had to pay State taxes again? Yeah, no State income tax, no State sales tax, no more fees for licenses and permits . . . all that stuff. That would probably boost the economy of your state considerably, wouldn't it?
Oh . . . let's throw in university costs, too. The accounting expert tells us that there would be plenty of money available to pay for the kids to go to university.
We couldn't pull this off in the largest states or the ones that allow all those illegal aliens to squat, of course. But, those of us living out here in fly-over country would have a very sweet deal if we had a central government that cared at all about the average American people.
Remember, back in 1978, when Jimmy Carter almost won the Nobel Peace Prize (Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, got it instead) for making Egypt and Israel stop fighting? Well, no one exactly "won" a Peace Prize. It was actually purchased with our tax money. That is, Carter paid Egypt and Israel to stop fighting. They did. And a Nobel was awarded.
The bill to the American taxpayers is now approaching one-hundred billion dollars and we're still paying. Sure, that's not much in the scheme of things -- it only equates to a little less than a thousand bucks per American taxpayer.
So, OK, what did you get for your thousand bucks? That's the point, you know -- a return on investment.
Maybe this could be better put another way: If we took that one-hundred billion bucks and invested it very safely, the interest alone would be enough to cover the annual budgets of four small or two or three medium sized states . . . perpetually. And, incidentally, pay all the university costs for residents, too.
But, alas, we gave the money away. That's what Democrats do: They give our money away.
Now, fast forward from Carter to Clinton. Different players, same game. And, times have changed, so now they are talking about some significant bucks. The numbers floated last week vary from $50-billion to $200- billion, and that's just for starters.
To be sure, we've got the money. They'll just borrow it from the Social Security fund, as the Democrats have been doing for three decades to balance the budget. The one true reason there is no money in the Social Security fund is that Democrats pilfered it to give away. They needed it to buy votes so they could stay in power.
Anyway, the question is not where the money is coming from. Better questions are: Do we really want to do that? What's in it for us? Is it more important to us to make people over there even more comfortable, or shall we be more concerned with lowering our own taxes and securing the future of our children?
The media knows of these considerations but does not dare ask the questions. They can't. You see, Israel receives about a four-billion dollars -- nearly a thousand bucks per Israeli resident -- allowance (and other considerations worth nearly that much) from us every year and uses at least one-hundred-million bucks of that annually to lobby Congress and interfere in our elections. That buys a lot of media adds. So, those working on Capitol Hill and in the national media have to be rather careful what they say.
The Israeli lobby is the largest lobby in Washington and provides quite a lot of jobs in that town.
And, yeah, your tax dollars fund that, too. We do not know, yet, who will get paid how much from this round of talks. But, we can be sure the bill will be measured in tens of billions of American dollars. And, we can also be sure that the American people will be stuck paying that bill.
So, about your taxes. . . . .


Back in 1959, there was a meeting hall on our university campus that was free to be used by any group wishing to schedule itself at least two weeks in advance. And, at least three evenings a week, there seemed to be either a far right or a far left group holding an open meeting there.
Probably in interest of full disclosure, I should also mention that we were students back then. Broke students. And they always had free sodas, sandwiches and cookies at the meetings. Therefore, a number of us attended a lot of free meetings so as to chow down on the free food.
One big laugh those of us from the Polish/Russian/ Slovak community had amongst ourselves was that a few people there who looked like students were actually FBI agents. We knew why they were there and they understood why we were there.
It's hard to tell which of these political groups took themselves most seriously. But, my friends had the most fun discussing the issues of the day with the socialists (real communists were not allowed in those days). It seemed, to us, anyway, that we had to jerk them around quite a bit before they caught on we were playing with them. But, to their credit, they never kicked us out.
By the middle 1960s, these socialists got their stuff together and I again ran into a few of them pretending to be hippies. Actually, they were instigating hippies into action. It showed, too, because hippy lore themes like "down with the establishment" were first used by those very same socialists a decade earlier.
Thirty years later, the socialists had improved their propaganda techniques significantly. They also have branched out enough to include inciting Blacks, Hispanics, feminists, unions, the handicapped, and environmental groups.
That, in itself, would be very interesting at first glance because the core of the socialist party is made up primarily of a group of rather wealthy and healthy White guys. It would be interesting, that is, if one did not know what these people are up to. In simple terms, they are inciting all of the above mentioned groups, not because they want these groups as members (they do not), but because they want these groups to cause mass disruption. Their goal is to defame our Constitutional way of government.
Now we see that the socialists even infiltrated the government worker's unions. While researching material for a Republican candidate for Congress, I notice that the Detroit chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) held a major weekend meeting on June 24 and 25 at the downtown American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) hall. I always said that most Council 25 AFSCME people act like a bunch of socialists. But, for some reason, the fact that they actually hold Socialist Party meetings at that union hall surprised even me. 
But, that's not all. A look around the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) commissions web page verifies they are well entrenched in many sectors of American life. In fact, much of the liberalism that sounds like socialism is, in fact, instigated by the DSA.
They state publicly that: "Our effort is to contribute to building a grassroots, democratic left organization, united around anti-corporate, egalitarian, social justice politics. We seek to unite trade unionists, feminists, people of color, gays and lesbians, and other radicals around a common agenda. We believe that only a multi-racial organization, and only multi-racial coalitions can create a new, progressive majority in our nation."
However, if one digs into their training material just a little, it is soon found that such (above) liberal rhetoric is little more than the propaganda used to attract the uninformed (and, to them, throwaway) masses. It is a ploy, a method of getting the uninformed masses to disrupt the establishment. For instance, from 1991:

"[T]he composition of our membership and methods of political work are already oriented toward building an organization of the educated middle class, and not a mass organization. If, by the year 2000, we recruit every leftist teacher, bureaucrat, lawyer, organizer and otherwise college-educated person we will do a lot more for socialism than if we spend the decade trying to recruit rank-and-filers and the poor. Ironically, only by accepting that we are not a potential mass organization, but rather a vanguard of intelligentsia aspiring to help lead mass organizations, can we democratically relate to actual mass organizations. Just because we have unique strengths to offer the process of social change doesn't necessitate a top-down or "Fabian" approach to social change. We might think of this as a democratic re-appropriation of Leninism."
That is exactly what we have seen. They have caused great changes throughout our American life these past years. And, unless we are ready to do a major housecleaning very, very soon, they will have won. 
Note: This is the last of three articles written a couple years ago on socialism and Congress. It is republished here again because it fits in with information we should all consider before we vote in November.
Links have been updated.
As most Heads Up readers know, we believe in calling things what they are, in plain English, and in such a way that there is no doubt in what we mean. So we haven't been using words like duplicitous, deceitful and devious when describing the Democrats in Congress. Instead, when they act like socialists (as do some Republicans), socialists is what we call them.
There is a very good reason for this socialist tag, too. We are far from being alone in this assessment. Specifically, we find the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) in total agreement.
First, though, a little information on the DSA. Here's a few excerpts taken directly from the DSA web page:
"The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) is the largest socialist organization in the United States, and the principal U.S. affiliate of the Socialist International. DSA's members are building progressive movements for social change while establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics.
"At the root of our socialism is a profound commitment to democracy, as means and end. We are activists committed not only to extending political democracy but to demanding democratic empowerment in the economy, in gender relations, and in culture. Democracy is not simply one of our political values but our means of restructuring society. Our vision is of a society in which people have a real voice in the choices and relationships that affect the entirety of our lives. We call this vision democratic socialism -- a vision of a more free, democratic and humane society." . . .
"We are socialists because we share a vision of a humane international social order based both on democratic planning and market mechanisms to achieve equitable distribution of resources, meaningful work, a healthy environment, sustainable growth, gender and racial equality, and non-oppressive relationships." . . .
"To advance the cause of socialism, DSA has established the Center for Democratic Values. The Center for Democratic Values is a network of intellectuals committed to bringing progressive ideas on society, the economy, and government into mainstream discussions. CDV produces letters to the editor, op-eds, pamphlets, and books."
So there you have it. Social-democrats "building progressive movements for social change" by "establishing an openly socialist presence in American communities and politics," and through supporting "democratic planning and market mechanisms to achieve equitable distribution of resources."
How does this fit in with Congress and the Democratic Party? Easy. The only outwardly avowed socialist in Congress is Representative Bernard Sanders of Vermont. However, Sanders is also the chairman of a Congressional group calling itself the Progressive Caucus. The Progressive Caucus, incidentally, aligns itself with the Democratic Socialists of America, and the DSA aligns itself with the Progressive Caucus. Interestingly enough, the Congressional membership list can be found at: (or enter from the DSA home page and follow the links), or go to:
Meanwhile, back to the DSA web page:
"The Progressive Caucus of the US House of Representatives is made up of 58 members of the House. The Caucus works to advance economic and social justice through sponsoring legislation that reflects its purpose. The Caucus also works with a coalition of organizations, called the Progressive Challenge (, to bring new life to the progressive voice in US politics."
In truth, there are well over 100 Democrats in the House (and a few Republicans who act like it) who subscribe to all of these socialist world economy and world government programs -- those programs designed to allow the chosen elite complete control over the peasant- citizens.
What we see today as corruption in government was brought about simply because these people, as a group, feel that any means to their end is acceptable. This includes, of course, taking campaign funds from foreign Communists as well as passing some very obnoxious people-control laws. 
These groups (and Members of Congress) are, in turn, politically aligned with Socialists International (, which is based in London:
"The Socialist International is the worldwide organization of socialist, social democratic and labour parties. It is the oldest and largest international political association in the world, currently comprising more than 120 parties and organizations from all continents.
"The Socialist International, whose origins go back to 1864, has existed in its present form since 1951 when it was re-established at the Frankfurt congress.
"The International provides its members with a forum for political action, policy discussion, dialogue and exchange. Its statements and decisions advise member organizations and the international community of consensus views within the global family of socialist, social democratic and labour parties and organizations."
Most of these groups may be publicly quiet, but they are very, very active in the political background. And -- check out the web pages -- generally, they all support exactly the same agenda. That socialist agenda, by the way, has made up the bulk of the Democratic Party's official platform for nearly two decades.
Last but not least: For more information, on just how neatly the socialist's activities blend in with the U.S. Democratic Party (and the AFL-CIO), be sure to check the Social Democrats, USA web page. That is also very enlightening. Find their web page at:
[The leadership organization of these socialist groups is, of course, Socialist International. Readers interested in where the United Nations gets so many of its wacky socialist/communist ideas might want to check out the Socialist International web page at: <>. Because, there is a plan afoot coming down from those with a far higher pay grade than anyone at the UN.]
We Constitutionalists would do well to copy some of their organizational framework.
Folks are complaining that government took God out of public life, but they fear trying to do anything about it. Much of our common language is now censored and it probably will not be long before calling someone a derogatory name will be a federal felony. Now, instead of yelling at someone or punching them in the nose to let off steam, the overly distraught shoot. Today, instead of teaching kids patriotism and American history in school, parents stand by and allow their kids to be taught feel good antics and the joys of foreign cultures by socialist leaning public school teachers. American patriotism is somehow painted in a bad light.
Many Americans rant and rave about these and other changes. But, they fear taking action. Instead, they go to the polls and vote for the very people responsible for instituting these changes: The socialist Democrats.
Certainly, there are also a number of Republicans in government who are just barely on the good side of being pure socialists, and we will start weeding them out shortly. Right now, let's just talk about those Members of Congress who actually attend socialist meetings.
Because, over the past two years, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and its arm, the Congressional Progressive Caucus, have begun to brag outwardly that they all have the same goals. What the DSA admits, but the Progressive Caucus has not outwardly disclosed yet, is that the socialist goal includes the downfall of our Constitutional form of government. Which means, there are Members of Congress whose goal is the downfall of our way of government. 
With the help of House Minority leader Dick Gephardt, Progressive Caucus socialists pepper all major House committees and many of them are up for major committee chairmanships if the Democrats take over the House.
For instance, picture that idiot from Detroit, John Conyers, as chairman of the Judiciary Committee or Henry Waxman (D-CA) as chairman of the Committee on Government reform. Anyone watching the hearings these past few years knows both of them are useless.
Progressive Caucus socialist Charlie Rangel (D-NY) would get the chairmanship of the powerful Ways and Means Committee and Maxine Waters (D-CA) would chair the subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy. What new fiscal hell would they initiate?
Barney Frank (D-Mass), whose friend and roommate ran a homosexual outcall prostitution service out of Frank's home, would chair the Housing and Community Opportunity subcommittee. But wait! Major Owens -- famous for his many one hour diatribes about how so many thousands of slaves were tossed overboard when the slave ships were bringing them here that the sharks still today follow the ships' path looking for more -- would chair the Workforce Protection subcommittee.
Or, picture Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) as chair of the International Operations and Human Rights subcommittee and Jerry Nadler chairing the Commercial Law subcommittee. Talk about confusion!
The fact is, there are 58 members of the Progressive Caucus in the House. That is, there are 57 Democratic-socialists and one independent-socialist in the House who outwardly align themselves with the domestic arm of the Socialist International. And, those are just the ones who go to meetings.
Out of all names mentioned above, probably Barney Frank is the only one who sometimes acts like he knows what he is doing. Ask any of the others a pertinent question about a piece of legislation -- even when they say they sponsored it -- and all one is apt to get is a blank stare followed by a bunch of babble. 
So . . . now, who is going to pull which lever at the poll next November?

The New Republic
Obama’s Choice: “All Together Now” Populism

Editors’ note: No Democratic president has won in recent decades on a platform of economic populism. But with the rhetoric of the 99 percent still in the air, and a proposal for a ‘Fair Share Tax’ at the center of his current platform, it seems President Obama might be attempting to do just that. We’ve asked a number of TNR writers to discuss whether it makes sense for Obama to run as a populist. Can a Democrat win on a populist message? Should Obama try? Click here to read the collected contributions.
Let me confess that I've long found the term “populism” in connection with Barack Obama rather strained and unsatisfying. Yes, Obama has, at various points in the past few years, spoken out strongly against the ills of entrenched moneyed interests. But he is also a man who, we now know, spent his formative years waxing philosophical about Pound and Yeats to equally literate girlfriends in New York City. This is a man more comfortable with a fountain pen than a pitchfork. His best moments on the stump, it always seemed to me, were those when he appealed to his audience's intelligence rather than its base instincts—say, when he explained to them in 2008 why Hillary Clinton and John  McCain's call for a gas-tax moratorium was a cheap gimmick. Meanwhile, the fact is that the circumstances of the present political moment make it all but impossible for a Democrat not to be cast in a “populist” position—the party finds itself up against an opposition that, thanks to Justice Kennedy et al, is being backed by bottomless-pocketed plutocrats to an extent that we haven't witnessed in the modern political era. Not to mention that Obama's opponent is Willard Mitt Romney, a man so one-percentish that even plutocrat-approved primary opponents like Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich couldn't resist getting all populist against him.
But I've nonetheless found TNR's week-long symposium on the question of whether Obama should strike a populist tone to be quite useful. And one can't help but wonder whether Obama himself, or at least some of his minions in Chicago, have been reading along, because Obama's campaign kickoff speeches in Ohio and Virginia Saturday seemed awfully in line with what the symposium's authors have, for the most part, been urging on him—a “populism” that is upbeat and aspirational rather than caustic, that harkens more to the Progressives than the Bryan-style Populists, that ties fairness to growth and opportunity, that warns against excessive inequality without dwelling on it. To this, Obama has added an element that is rooted in his political identity since arriving on the national stage eight years ago—a strongly communitarian note that carries echoes of the “common national purpose” message of Bobby Kennedy's that Ed Kilgore recommended to Obama. All in all, the message Obama unveiled Saturday comes off as less “us versus them” than “all together now.” It is less populist, really, than it is social democratic, in the post-war European sense of the term as defined and celebrated by Tony Judt. (Don't expect Chicago to pick up on this distinction—it is probably no more eager to see its candidate branded as a happy social democrat than as an angry populist.) This message hardly comes out of the blue—it builds on the forceful speeches Obama gave in Kansas last fall and more recently at the Associated Press editors' convention. But those speeches had a harder edge, over which Obama has now wrapped the positive sheen that a successful campaign requires. 
I'll quote from Obama's Ohio speech at some length to show what I'm getting at, and to give readers a sense of what we'll apparently be hearing from the candidate for the months ahead. First came Obama's “how we got here” explanation—a carry-over from his 2008 diagnosis of how things had gotten out of whack in the country:
    We came together because we believe that in America, your success shouldn’t be determined by the circumstances of your birth. If you’re willing to work hard, you should be able to find a good job. If you’re willing to meet your responsibilities, you should be able to own a home, maybe start a business, give your children the chance to do even better—no matter who you are, or where you come from, or what you look like, or what your last name is.
    We believe the free market is one of the greatest forces for progress in human history; that businesses are the engine of growth; that risk-takers and innovators should be rewarded. But we also believe that at its best, the free market has never been a license to take whatever you want, however you can get it; that alongside our entrepreneurial spirit and our rugged individualism, America only prospers when we meet our obligations to one another and to future generations. 
Occidental Observer
Review of Thomas Martin’s “The Victory of Humanism”

By Kevin McDonald

The Victory of Humanism: The Psychology of Humanist Art, Modernism, and “Race”
Thomas Martin
Palm Coast, FL: Backintyme, 2011; 177 pages

There can be little doubt that in historical perspective; perhaps the most important upheaval in Western culture has been the decline of aristocratic culture. This is apparent, for example, in two recent books that have influenced my thinking, Ricardo Duchesne’s The Uniqueness of Western Civilization and Andrew Fraser’s The WASP Question (my review will appear in the first issue (June) of Radix, a new magazine edited by Alex Kurtagic and Richard Spencer). For Duchesne, aristocratic individualism is the key to understanding the uniqueness and creativity of the West. Fraser laments the decline of Indo-European aristocratic culture, beginning with the Puritan revolution of the 17th century and carried to its logical conclusion in America with the defeat of the South in the Civil War.
Thomas Martin’s The Victory of Humanism focuses on the decline of aristocratic culture in Western art. Following the “perfection of antiquity,” the breakthrough occurred in the Renaissance with the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael, and Michelangelo.
A critical observation by Vasari is that those artists achieved perfection by only portraying the beautiful. They did this by using the most beautiful examples of the human body or nature. In this way, they achieved the idealization or perfection of both body and nature.  In fact, Vasari goes so far as to say that Michelangelo was so wedded to the idea of perfection that he had a policy of never doing a portrait of a living person. This would have been descending away from the ideal in the “mind of God” or the human mind, and losing himself in the particular of the empirical.
Martin correctly points out that this sense of ideal human form is an innate part of human psychology. Evolutionary psychologists have shown that the faces that humans find attractive are generalized. That is, faces that are produced by averaging dozens of real photos are judged attractive. Martin expands on this by suggesting that “there is a certain nobility in the generalized face, which helps create the sense that it is ideal. Seeing the face that is in the mind takes the viewer above or out of this world and into the mind, the most powerful and noble part of our bodies.”
Martin then describes the decline of the ideal and the rise of egalitarianism, particularity, and vulgarity in art. This did not happen all at once. In the 17th and 18th centuries, artists “took a dim view of raw nature”; Frederick Art, a historian, notes that “in the age of the Baroque, they evidently wanted to smooth and regulate all nature and make, as it were, domestic pets of the rivers and mountains.” Not until the end of the 19th century did the crudeness of nature become an artistic ideal. Martin notes that “Nature per se was viewed as vulgar and disgusting, while refined culture was viewed as beautiful and a relief from vulgar, oppressive and confining nature.”

The culture of the anti-ideal: Lucien Freud's "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping"
Whereas nature was seen as confining and oppressive, in the long run “high art formalism” came to be seen as oppressive. Aesthetics was “displaced to oppose the confining upper class during the French Revolution”; already in the 19th century, “artists were beginning to find beauty and greatness themselves to be confining, and sought escape into the chaos and irregularities of nature and personal experience. This defines relativism, particularism and the decline of standards.”
Ultimately, this trend derives from egalitarian political philosophies emphasizing the natural rights of the individual and hostile to traditional social hierarchies that, as both Duchesne and Fraser note, are Indo-European in origin. Classical Western culture emphasized reason controlling emotion and political dominance by a natural aristocracy. “The ideal of modernism was that instead of reason and the upper class controlling the appetites and the lower class, respectively, the reverse should be the case.” As exemplifying this trend toward egalitarianism, Martin quotes an article by eugenicist John Glad who found that most people disagreed the idea that people with high intelligence should have more children.
These trends might be termed “egalitarian individualism,” as opposed to the aristocratic individualism described by Duchesne (see above) that has been so central to classical Western art. For Martin, modernism fundamentally reflects aspirations for “a deified and unlimited individualism.” This can be seen in everything from political thinking to advertising campaigns that appeal to people’s uniqueness and individuality—the “culture of narcissism” and the glorification of individual suffering at the hand of an oppressive social order. More and more art was designed to appeal to low and vulgar tastes, the aristocracy seen as corrupt and morally debased. “Over the last two centuries, evil was displaced from the body, from sexuality, and from the lower class, to the upper class, their art and proper morals or etiquette.” This was then extended to the bourgeois upper classes, as in the film Titanic. Whereas “classicists emphasize limits on behavior and intelligence, and the need for social control on native inclinations to evil, hostility or crime, “modernists” experience limits as claustrophobic imposition from the group. So they rebel against anything limiting, such as conceptions of class, sex, ‘race’, and native intelligence.” [Note that the word 'race' is in quotation marks, as it is in the subtitle. This suggests that Martin does not believe in the reality of race, but Martin informs me that it was because of the publisher's insistence.]
Although ‘race’ appears in quotation marks, Martin notes at African-Americans and the non-West have benefited greatly from the general trends of modernism. Blacks now sit in judgment of White culture and are routinely deified in the media—literally, as with all those films where Morgan Freeman is portrayed as America’s “spiritual presence-in-chief)  ”Modernists today become worthy when they hate their own civilization, or feel unworthy in the face of non-Westerners. To consider oneself unworthy is a sure sign of social virtue today.” 
As with Andrew Fraser in The WASP Question, Martin yearns for the classical world of hierarchy and the primacy of reason “able to suppress the worst of human nature.” He realizes that this world cannot be revived, but nevertheless hopes that we could “somehow return to rejecting our animal aspect.” 
There is a lot to like about this book. Martin moves adeptly (but at times incongruously) between a wide range of genres, from high art and opera plots, to Hollywood films and television. The general thrust of the book certainly fits with the decline of aristocratic culture that is so central to the modern age. On the negative side, there is no mention of ethnic competition over the construction of culture, as emphasized in discussions of Jewish influence on this site (e.g., Edmund Connelly, Lasha Darkmoon and Michael Colhaze). My view is that we must understand both the ethnic roots of the egalitarian trends of Western culture stemming ultimately from evolution as northern hunter-gatherers, but also realize that the rise of Jews as a hostile elite has been an important aspect of the debasement of Western culture in the direction of vulgarity and hedonic individualism since at least the beginning of the 20th century. Certainly, several of the movements discussed by Martin (the 1960s counter-cultural revolution, the rise of Blacks to the status of moral paragons, and the ideology of multiculturalism and hostility toward the people and culture of the West) cannot be understood without a consideration of Jewish influence.
Martin is correct that we can’t go back to earlier Western social forms which were based on a hereditary aristocracy that achieved their position as a result of the military accomplishments of ancestors. I do think, however, that  in the early 20th century the West was headed in the direction of developing a natural aristocracy based on intelligence, moral probity, and the possibility of upward and downward social mobility.  This was the heyday of eugenics as a belief system common among Western elites, both liberals and conservatives. An important component of this worldview included an understanding of the genetic basis of intelligence and behavior (see, e.g., Lothrop Stoddard’s Revolt of the Underman, republished by Alex Kurtagic’s Wermod & Wermod).
This world was shattered; ultimately it was a victim of the outcome of World War II, even though eugenics was not expunged from polite society until the 1960s as a result of an energetic campaign by Holocaust-haunted intellectuals bent on striking a blow against their ethnic competitors. If that vision of society had prevailed, and, correlatively,  if the West had rejected the model of multiculturalism fueled by massive non-White immigration promoted by Jewish intellectual and political activism, it is quite reasonable to suppose that it would have had a very large and positive influence on the world of art.
Bracing for Demographic Winter:
The "Overpopulation Crisis"
By James Corbett

Thomas Malthus
A new round of calls for punishing austerity and depopulation strategies have sprung up in the wake of a Royal Society report ringing the alarm on the so-called overpopulation crisis. The report, entitled "People and the Planet" was published on April 26th and followed up by a flurry of articles by the usual suspects dutifully parroting the society's dire warnings about the future of humanity in a crowding world. Paul Ehrlich was even trotted out to chastise the Society for not going far enough in their report, instead intimating that 5 billion people would have to disappear from the face of the earth for the population to be at a "sustainable" level.        
The irony is that this is the same Paul Ehrlich who was crying wolf about the "Population Bomb" 45 years ago and was proven wrong on almost every prediction he made at the time. In 1968 Ehrlich predicted that "hundreds of millions of people (including Americans) are going to starve to death" in the 1970s, but he was wrong. In 1969 he predicted that "smog disasters" were going be killing 200,000 people per year in cities like New York and L.A. by the mid-70s, but he was wrong. Also in 1969 he actually claimed he "would take even money that England will not exist in the year 2000." Last we checked, England is still here. In 1975 he envisioned that "food riots" in America in the 1980s would lead to the dissolution of Congress, another prediction that failed to come to pass. The next year he argued that "Before 1985, mankind will enter a genuine age of scarcity . . . in which the accessible supplies of many key minerals will be facing depletion." Wrong again.
By 1980, economist Julian Simon had grown weary of listening to the doom and gloom of those who, like Ehrlich, continued to predict one disaster scenario after another in the name of this supposed overpopulation crisis. He offered a wager to anyone who was willing to take him up on it that the price of any given raw material would be lower on any given future date than it was at the time. Paul Ehrlich took him up on the wager, and the two drafted a futures contract obligating Ehrlich to buy $1000 worth of copper, chrome, nickel, tin, and tungsten from Simon in 1990 at 1980 prices. By the time the contract matured, the prices had fallen and Ehrlich was forced to cut Simon a check for $576.07. Simon offered a further $20,000 wager with the added incentive that Ehrlich could pick whatever resources and whatever time frame he wished, but Ehrlich had learned the valuable lesson not to put his money where his mouth was.       
Despite a career of failed arguments and predictions that never came true, Ehrlich won a MacArthur Foundation genius grant and is still treated as a venerated, knowledgeable figure on the subject of population. The problem, of course, is that adherents of his particular brand of doomsaying are inclined to believe these predictions of doom because it affirms their Malthusian worldview. Thomas Malthus was an employee of the British East India Company who hit upon the idea that food production increases arithmetically while population increases exponentially. Thus, argued Malthus in his infamous 1798 "Essay on the Principle of Population," it was a mathematical certainty that the world was on a crash course for demographic disaster. The problem for Malthus and his acolytes, however, is that they have in each and every generation failed to understand that the question of population and resources is not a zero-sum game. In each and every generation since Malthus first wrote his treatise, human ingenuity has developed technologies and techniques that have helped to expand the arable land for farming and agriculture and increased the number of crops that can be grown in each acre, even as the number of people required to work that land has fallen. Every generation a new crop of Malthusians emerge to argue that this time the expansion of the food supply will fail and the world will be plunged into chaos, and in each and every generation the predicted apocalypse has failed to arrive. Worse yet for those who argue so strenuously for the Here we are over 200 years later and the Malthusians of our own time continue to argue that the same disaster that has failed to arrive for two centuries is now just around the corner.       
Unfortunately we don't have to dig very deep to see the dark side of this Malthusian bent.  In 1969, Ehrlich stated that if voluntary birth control methods did not curb population growth fast enough for his liking, governments might have to consider "the addition of a temporary sterilant to staple food or to the water supply." In 1972 UN climate guru Maurice Strong argued that governments should license couples to have children. In 1977, Obama "science czar" John Holdren co-authored with Ehrlich a tome called "Ecoscience" that mused once again about the possibility of forced abortions and sterilants in the water supply as a way of curbing population growth. In 2002, the editor of the Earth Island Institute's online magazine lamented the introduction of electricity to Africa. The Malthusian philosophy is the perfect false front for an ideology that bemoans economic development and technological progress.
Interestingly, even the UN's own population and fertility estimates show that overpopulation is not the real problem. The UN is projecting a world population of 9 billion by 2050 and a leveling off after that point. The global fertility rate (children per couple) was 4.95 in 1950-1955. It was 2.79 in 2000-2005. It is expected to be 1.63 in 2095-2100. To put that in perspective, the replacement fertility rate that would be required to maintain the population at current levels is projected to be 2.1 in developed countries and as high as 3.4 in developing countries due to higher child mortality rates. With a global fertility rate of 1.63 by the end of the century, the human race will be essentially breeding itself out of existence.   
Quite contrary to the projections of the Malthusians, the very real danger to the economy and the species itself is the very real demographic shift that happens in a shrinking population. This phenomenon is referred to as demographic winter and has been understood by demographers for decades. Population is still growing because of high fertility rates in previous generations and longer life spans, but declining fertility rates will turn into population decline in a number of nations within the century should these trends hold. The countries of the developed world, with their fertility rates already in decline, will be the first to experience the effects of this transition. Countries like Greece, Russia, Taiwan, Lithuania, South Korea and others that already have a fertility rate below 1.5 and little influx of immigrants are either already declining in population or are expected to within a decade.  
Japan is one of the countries on the forefront of this decline. Having some of the longest-lived people on the planet and ranking 202 out of 220 countries and regions for fertility rates, Japan is already starting to cope with the effects of a rapidly aging population. The Japanese government is increasingly turning to politically painful measures just to try to keep the country's massive social security program going. Accounting for 29 percent of its $1.12 trillion dollar 2012 budget, the cost of taking care of Japan's pensioners is only going to increase as more and more of the post-war boomer generation begin to come up for retirement. The workers per retiree ratio is falling across the majority of the globe, with Japan falling from 9.1 workers per retiree in 1965 to a projected worker/retiree parity in 2050. In effect, by the middle of the century each Japanese worker will be asked to pay for the retirement of one of their elders. This is of course completely untenable, but the political will to make changes to the system is utterly lacking, especially since the majority of the population is retired or retiring in the near future and is unlikely to vote themselves out of an entitlement system they have spent their life paying into. Instead, the Japanese Prime Minister du jour, Yoshihiko Noda, is trying to rally the country around tax hikes that are explicitly aimed at making up social security shortfalls.
The situation, while perhaps more acute in Japan, is common to countries across the developed world, including the United States. No one entering the work force today expects there to be a social security system of the kind that exists today by the time they reach retirement, but there is no way to put the brakes on a system of unfunded liabilities that today's retirees spent their life "paying into." Reforming the system seems a politically quixotic quest, and is the ultimate Catch-22 inherent in the program itself since the moment of its inception under FDR in the 1930s. A population suffering from the effects of the Great Depression was promised a program that would take care of them in old age. Now during our current ongoing depression, what little social security payouts that the boomers have inherited after a lifetime of paying in is being inflated away into nothing by Helicopter Ben and the quantitative easing crew. Europe is even worse, with retirees and pensioners committing public suicide in places like Greece rather than subject themselves to a life of picking through garbage in the wake of Eurocrat-dictated austerity measures.  
Other economic effects of the greying population will begin to make themselves felt in the coming years, as well. Real estate and stock market declines are inevitable in a society with an increasing number of aging retirees cinching up the purse strings and fewer young couples buying houses or investing in the markets.  Declines in saving rates, outputs per capita and living standards are all likewise projected as inevitable in a world of shrinking population. Given the immensity of the problems generated by this demographic transition, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Malthusians have placed the problem of the "population bomb" on its head: the real "Population Bomb" of the 21st century is not the problem of too many people, but too few. 
The Malthusians tend to argue that their end goal is that imagined state of "sustainability" by which the economy of the future will not be predicated on growth, but instead will be a static system that will maintain itself via renewability. Whatever one thinks of the viability or desirability of such a system, the stark fact is that such a system is impossible in the paradigm of declining fertility rates. In fact, in order to achieve sustainability, the human race would have to find a way to reverse the fertility decline. It's an irony that aging doomsayers like Ehrlich and Holdren may not live long enough to behold come to fruition in their lifetime, but to achieve the very goals they claim to be aiming toward, there may be only one hope for the human species: Bring on the babies.    

Communitarians – Saving the Local Farms
What seems like a grassroots movement is actually being engineered. The local food movement is the biggest modern retail food trend to occur for decades, and it is being brought to us on purpose.
We are being told that the "locavore" movement grew out of consumer concerns about how and where food is produced, following episodes of contamination in spinach, meat and other foods. People committed to purchase locally produced foods to support farmers, because the food is fresher and to reduce the environmental effect of trucking it across country - not to mention the GMO factor. But what folks don't realize is that it is all part of an elaborate communitarian plan to help create a collective mindset, interdependence, and new way of life. The elite planners have had this under their hats for a while.

Does this mean that locally grown foods are a bad thing? Not at all! What I am saying is that this is only the beginning of the elitists twisted plan. By the year 2020, 20% of our foods will be locally grown, then 50% by the year 2050. But what about those areas that don't have farms? Rural areas will be converted to farm lands to serve the cities.
Have you noticed the bad rap the Monsanto Corporation has gotten for trying to poison the population with GMOs, and for killing the bees with pesticides? It may explain why there have been U.S. Government positions on the Board of Directors at Monsanto Corporation, how Monsanto's Michael Taylor has gotten to be Food Czar, and why all warnings have been ignored to eliminate GMOs. This has all been well publicized because they wanted this huge locally grown movement to occur. It is the communitarians’ method of creating food justice.

So if anyone says that local farming is more about creating an anonymous oasis in the context of a globalized food system - they are joshing you. Futurists have had it in mind all along.

Fanatic for
ICLEI & Their Local Government Political Agenda
    "Sustainable development links everyone in the world to new concerns about the future of the earth’s natural environment. It provides the purpose for expanding communitarian land use law to govern all human actions, ambitions, and needs. Every federal agency in the United States of America has embraced the principles for sustainable development." Niki Raapana and Nordica Friedrich, 2020: Our Common Destiny

Global community developers are partnering with towns and cities to help them build a future in the face of challenges such as: peak oil, climate change and the economic crisis. Using a slick marketing scheme and scientific deceit, participating communities are led to believe that their membership is protecting their future, but they are actually giving over controls of their communities. Since our present communities don't have the answer to cope with this perfect storm, Communitarians are charged with protecting the environment, thus protecting our global future. Although this sounds honorable, the U.N. is rolling in the mother of all Trojan Horses, and reining in global governance.

As we have seen with Transition Towns and the Transition US Movement, they convince trusting locals with Transition USA's well-funded and well-promoted "grassroots" outer image. However, Transition Towns are insidious, and local governments don't realize that they are transitioning into an Agenda 21 Sustainable Development community. This means congested living, contrived shortages, surveillance, loss of freedom of speech, and a collectivist society.
While Transition Initiatives work to prepare local communities to conform to "Energy Descent Action Plans," they also work to conform policies in line with world governance principles, including the abolition of private property. The Earth Charter Initiative Mission Statement from the United Nations encourages cities to "transition."

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
One can substitute the name Transition for Local Agenda 21 or ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, because they are all essentially the same. Their anti-liberty/pro-communitarian policies are based upon the same patterns, values, and public/private collaboration.
ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability is an association of over 1220 local government members and partners who are committed to sustainable development.  Members come from 70 different countries and represent more than 569,885,000 people. It is an international association of local governments, as well as national and regional local government organizations who have made a commitment to sustainable development.
The association was established when more than 200 local governments from 43 countries convened at its inaugural conference, the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future, at the United Nations in New York in September 1990. The headquarters is in Bonn, Germany, and the President of ICLEI is David Cadman.
In the following short video, David Cadman encourages city leaders to become a member of ICLEA. 

Mr. Cadman was at the 2009 World Congress. The 2012 ICLEI World Congress will be held in June 2012.

The Earth Summit 2012 is also being held in Brazil on 20-22 June.
Exposing ICLEI Agenda 21 (United Nations): Jeannie Soderman & Stan Monteith
Spokane's Move Toward Globalism
Spokane, WA, signed onto the United Nations ICLEI Climate Protection Campaign. Jeannie Soberman mentions in the video above that these ICLEI cities write their own Community Bill of Rights. Essentially, community leaders are now called to implement a new communitarian system of governance which overrides their constitutional rights and freedoms. In the following 2009 video, Amy Goodman from Democracy Now interviews a Spokane attorney about the resolution their attempt to get enough signatures in order to set up their communities Bill of Rights. 

Envision Spokane: Coalition Works to Get "Community Bill of Rights" into City Charter
Another dirty little secret that these communities don't realize is that in 1997, George Soros’s Open Society gave ICLEI a $2,147,415 grant to support its Local Agenda 21 Project. All of these U.N. programs are set up to indoctrinate and infiltrate residents to be globally-minded and preparing states to cede from sovereignty.
Its participatory planning process gives everyone the feeling that they have a voice in the community - but they already had a voice.
No matter where we live, or what our own plans for our future may be, we can be sure that somebody in our neighborhood has their own plans for our future, and they're prepared to make their plans our new law.
 Additional Reading
ICLEI Charter

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Fanatic for
Communitarian ‘Common Ground’ Community Gardens
In this slow transition to communitarianism, 'green space' is being developed into sustainable gardens, housing, and providing employment opportunities. This new trend has caused many cities and towns to change zoning rules to allow for community gardens in some unincorporated areas. Volusia County, in Florida, recently rezoned to allow for community gardens. How do we know that these garden spaces are actually communitarian? Although the naming of the gardens may be a coincidence, their similar name is very telling.

In the news article from Volusia County, the local correspondent pointed to Common Ground Farm in DeLand as an example of a successful community garden. The buzz words common ground are based on the title of Amitai Etzioni's book title, where he presents his case for communitarianism.

Let's take a look at some of the Common Ground Community Gardens across the country. Note the link provided under each of these photos. Each has started sustainability and unity as their purpose for existing.

North Richland Hills, TX, at Davis Memorial United Methodist Church

Additional common threads running through all of these gardens is eating local and growing a greener world. The idea is to transition agriculture from predominantly unsustainable large farms into a system of community-owned sustainable collective gardens...and it's working. We can be assured that Transition Towns had something to do with this new trend.
"...and there shall be famines..."  Matthew 24:7

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The Green Agenda
In the last week of April 2012, via the likes of Professor Paul Ehrlich(1) and The Royal Society(2) in The Guardian newspaper, Malthusian(3) collectivist elites began to more openly show their true anti-free-human ‘common purpose’: the end of national economic freedom and sovereignty, decimation of population numbers to a fraction of present levels, and the strict draconian control of those who remain. In that same week, THE GREEN AGENDA , one of the best websites on the internet that had been helping to expose such disturbing plans for many years (by citing elites’ own words) disappeared from some browsers.
The information on The Green Agenda website is so important that it is therefore reproduced and available for download as a pdf.
UN Department of Social and Economic Affairs
Division for Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development in the 21st century (SD21)
Objectives and Goals
    The overarching objective of the project is to construct a coherent vision of sustainable development in the 21st century, which will contribute to the success of the Rio+20 conference.

The project, funded by the European Commission - Directorate-General for Environment, aims to provide a high quality analytical input to the Rio+20 conference.

The specific objectives of the project are the following:
    Prepare a substantive contribution to the debate in the UNCSD in 2012, which takes stock of the changes having occurred since the Earth Summit in 1992 and provide a clear vision and way forward for the international community, national governments, partnerships and other stakeholders in implementing the sustainable development agenda in an integrated manner.
    Construct a coherent vision on sustainable development in the 21st century and analyse feasible pathways to sustainability.
    Synthesize analytical and applied policy work regarding menus of policy options for a more sustainable, green growth that consider the specific economic, social, environmental and institutional context of countries in different stages of economic development.
The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), which will gather UN member states and other stakeholders in Brazil in 2012, is a key occasion to take stock of 20 years of action at all levels to promote sustainable development, and to provide a clear vision and way forward for the international community, national governments, partnerships and other stakeholders in implementing the sustainable development agenda in an integrated manner.
Knowledge must inform action - knowledge of what has and has not worked for sustainable development in the past 20 years, knowledge as well of important changes and new challenges that have emerged in the past generation. Only on this basis can we develop a clear vision of sustainable development for the 21st century. That vision needs to incorporate and build upon the rich output of various global assessments - including climate change, water, energy, and ecosystems - as well as the policy lessons from experience, respond to the evolving nature of the challenges, and draw upon the latest research on integrating sustainability and development into a common agenda. It also needs to recognize and motivate the contribution of all inhabitants of planet earth.
The SD21 project is built around a series of studies that will inform a synthesis report, "Sustainable development in the 21st century" (SD21). The SD21 body of studies is expected to become an important analytical and political contribution in its own right. Studies under the SD21 project will cover the following topics: assessment of progress since the Earth Summit; emerging issues ; long-term sustainable development scenarios; tools for managing sustainable economies; national and international institutions for sustainable development; and sector assessments.
Bradley County News
agenda 21, Covenant, principles, rio+20, sd 21, sustainability, united nations
SD 21: An ominous updated plan by the United Nations
In Agenda 21 on March 26, 2012 at 12:46 PM

Sustainable Development in the 21st century (SD21)

We again are under attack! The giant has awakened and is making his needs known! The bear is hungry, has eaten his meal and is looking for more!
The United Nations in preparation for the Rio+20 Summit and unlike the other Rio Summits and even the Stockholm Summit which yielded a weak, often disputed set of principles, they intend to get it right this time!
SD21 and the Rio Principles, as you will eventually become aware, is just one of 4 or 5 documents that is being prepared for Rio and portrays their interpretation and plan for the perfect environment for the United States and the rest of the world!
The perfect Environmental utopia is the plan! A world where you and or the business that “inflicts harm” will pay dearly for your carbon footprint by hefty fine, penalties or loss of property or business!
The last Rio Summits, even by the UNs own admission have been slightly off target and lacking focus, often missing stated goals by 5 or 10 years. Goals not met to the UN means failure, goals not met to me means you are relying on false scientific data to make your claims which leads to your poor results!
The United Nations is in many words trying to get their game on! In other secular words, trying to get their spit (misspelled purposefully, not an auto correct problem).
They have seen great success getting the “grassroots” portion and it’s tough to use grassroots with the UN, but at the local level they have done a pretty good job working with the NGOs to bypass the will of the people! As in Bradley County, Tennessee, as in many local counties throughout the Nation they have implemented the proposed plans which has been fairly easy to do! Just promise a planner or a mayor a yum yum in their pocket and they are soon rocking their world like a teenager trying to get to first base!
Presumably, the courtship with these characters are pretty uneventful as they see bringing in federal grant money as the caveman clubbing and dragging home his prize bison carcass for the family of simple undeveloped minds to devour! Needless to say the quest didn’t measure up to the satisfaction of a full tummy and bowel evacuation.
The UN, for lack of a better phrase, is putting on their A-Game! They have and are stating they are learning from their past mistakes and are formulating a concoction of evil they feel will catapult them into the equivalent of an environmental climax.
PPJ Gazette
Carbon Sense Coalition – on the “climate change” fight from Down Under
Key Influences on Changes in the last Millennium
Influences on NSW Council Policies
"The Obedience of Australia" - Peter Jones 1993

and their hidden Fabian Socialist 2006
"Draft Ten Year Plan" to confiscate all freehold properties through rate rises and taxes
By John Christian © John Christian April 2006

This 'paper' is written in the public interest, and may be freely reprinted or republished, in full or in part, for profit or not, by whomsoever wishes to use it.

The Conversation
The European far right: actually right? Or left?
Or something altogether different?

Marine Le Pen’s ideology cannot be defined simply as “right wing”.
Marine Le Pen’s ability to attract nearly a fifth of the vote in the first round of the French presidential election was a resounding victory for her party.

While Le Pen’s Front National (FN) did not secure enough of the vote – 17.9% – to make the final run off, there is no doubt the FN voting bloc will be influential in deciding whether Nicolas Sarkozy retains office or Socialist candidate Francois Hollande becomes the 5th Republic’s first left President since Francois Mitterand.
The message is clear: parties of the “far right” are now an established political force in mainstream European politics.
Inaccurate terminology
The success of the Front National hasn’t gone unnoticed in the popular media. In news coverage the FN and other members of the Nativist Populist (NP) party family are most often referred to as “far-right”. In the economic sense at least, the accuracy of the “far-right” descriptor is doubtful.
In the contemporary Anglosphere, “right” tends to refer to economic liberalism, free markets, corporatism and globalism. Taken to its logical conclusion, far-right economics would be radically libertarian laissez-faire capitalism in which the nation, in ethnic, cultural and structural terms, is rapidly moving towards its expiry date.
In an age when “right” has come to mean, less state and more markets and corporations, the economic policies offered by the NP parties are often further to the “left” than many of those offered by centrist social democrats.
Le Pen’s own public utterances criticising “ultra liberalism” and mondialism (One Worldism) are evidence enough that her natural constituency is not the Davos set. Rather, she is distinctly protectionist in her economic positions, having described globalisation as “getting slaves to make things abroad to sell to unemployed people here".
The NP parties tend to campaign on a cultural and a social axis. The cultural axis is traditionalist; the economic axis tends to be something best described as ethno-communitarianism with distinctly statist and leftist positions. These two axes make strategic sense when considering the FN’s targeted demographic.
French voters who support the Front National feel assailed on two fronts. First by cheap Chinese and other foreign imports local manufacturers cannot compete against, lest they start a “race to the bottom”. Second, they fear mass non-European immigration, mainly from Islamic Africa and Asia. They perceive themselves to be overwhelmed by free markets and open borders. The NP parties portray a situation where globalising elites make all the gains while the average citizen loses job security, identity and quality of life.

NP economics are nativist in the sense they’re designed to protect the national interest against foreign capitalists in the age of globalisation, while simultaneously supporting intra-national homogeneity by restricting welfare.
Welfare for all, as long as they are us
This anti-globalist, and “welfare chauvinist” approach to economics is increasingly evident in the platform of the Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party – DF), which has moved its economic policies approach from one of neo-liberalism, leftwards to a position that could be described as social democratic, in order to broaden its electoral appeal to working class ethnic Danes.
The nativists transcend the traditional right-left dichotomy of party politics by supporting the welfare state (albeit restricted to natives), while developing economic policies designed to protect native business, workers and culture from the perceived excesses of global free trade and Islamism.
The economics of the NPs are defensive. They support welfare and state led solutions to economic problems, and often support renationalisation of key state assets. Kent Ekeroth, spokesperson for the Sweden Democrats described his party as a mixture of traditional Scandinavian social democracy and nationalism. Le Pen’s calls for the renationalisation of energy, transport, health and education put on the left of the French Socialist Party on such issues.
So when you see a party described as “far right” in the media, there’s every chance their economic policies are more statist than the centre Left, though you’re sure to find their immigration and law and order policies way diametrically opposed to the to those same “soft” left parties.
Beyond the left/right dichotomy
Dutch political scientist Cas Mudde has developed the most considered and precise understanding of the NP party family, concluding their defining features are nativism, populism and authoritarianism.
Considering the economic positions of the party family in Europe, the “far right” descriptor is inaccurate. In the current context such parties would be better referred as nationalist, ethno-communitarian, or populist to better express their positions which are a combination of what is a combination of traditionalist patriotic, conservatism and statist, protectionist, mixed economics.
Marine Le Pen’s refusal to back either Sarkozy or Hollande in the election run-off is an indication that the NP parties aims to transcend the extant bipolar political axis – FN supporters chanted at their own May Day Rally “neither left nor right” and “this is our home, our country”.
For the FN it’s not a struggle between left and right, but between nationalism and internationalism in its left, right, corporate and Islamic guises.

Background: This 1935 article from Julius Streicher’s anti-Semitic newspaper Der Stürmer discusses its readers. It explains that the Stürmer’s crude style is intentional, since it is speaking to uneducated people. For more information on the Stürmer and its editor, see my book on Julius Streicher. 
The source: Ernst Hiemer, “Der Stürmer und seine Leser. Freund und Feind im In- und Ausland / Wie der Jude den Stürmer haßt,” Der Stürmer, #17/1935, p. 9.

The Stürmer and its Readers:
Friend and Foe at Home and Abroad
How the Jew Hates the Stürmer
By Ernst Hiemer

[Must read! ~Lark]

Sharkhunters International
German U-Boat history, in depth stories BY U-Boat skippers, history of U-Boats from skippers, U-Boat officers and U-Boat crews, profiles of submarines and U-Boat WWII veterans
 The Official Publication of the History of the U-Bootwaffe!
SHARKHUNTERS information is honest submarine history with major emphasis on German U-Boats and no propaganda.
Reinventing Schools Coalition

Re-Inventing Schools Coalition’s mission is to transform education systems using a comprehensive school reform framework set up as a performance-based system comprised of four components, Leadership, Shared Vision, Personalized Mastery and Continuous Improvement.
Future Fast
Mathias Chang
Conspiracy Theory or Reality?
"Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."
- President Woodrow Wilson, 28th President of the United States

Future Fast Forward
Is America Really Free?
By Vasily Georgevich
Is America a Free Country?
By Justin Raimondo

The “war on terrorism” has inaugurated a new era in the American polity, a sea-change that has not only threatened to overturn traditional limits on government power but also corrupted the political culture – and opened the way to the terminal crisis of the Constitution.
In a revealing series of interviews on Amy Goodman’s “Democracy Now” program, three individuals targeted by the American surveillance state – William Binney, former top NSA official, Jacob Applebaum, an internet security specialist who works with WikiLeaks, and Laura Poitras, an Oscar-nominated documentary film-maker whose work has brought her to the attention of US authorities and led to her harassment by US government agents – give compelling evidence that the answer to the question in the title of this piece is clearly an emphatic no.
Binney resigned his position with the National Security Agency (NSA) after 40 years in protest at the government’s increasingly totalitarian methods of data-collection and retention, without judicial oversight. The government has targeted him: in 2007, his home was invaded by FBI agents after he went to the Senate Intelligence Committee with revelations about illegal NSA spying on American citizens: they pointed guns at him, and warned that he would “not do well” in prison. Applebaum and Poitras have been detained, searched, and interrogated every time they have re-entered the US from abroad – Poitras over 40 times – and had their laptops seized and presumably copied. None of these individuals have been charged with a crime.
Communitarianism as a Substantive Theory
A Loose Discussion on Communitarianism
Communitarianism is a response to the dominant political theory of liberalism. Communitarians seek a political regime and theoretical understanding that emphasizes the role of the community or greater society in giving sense to and developing an individual's freedom and autonomy.
Working with the general definition, I was hoping people could discuss and expand on more specific details of the theory with these questions in mind...

1) Does communitarianism offer a substantive coherent theory that unifies all communitarian theories or do communitarian theorists all have substantively unique views and the only common thread is an emphasis on a more social understanding of the individual?
2) Can communitarians be found on both the left and right of the political spectrum?
Are, for example, both Rick Santorum and environmentalists communitarians? After all, the both seek to establish community based decision making over centralized authority albeit with significantly different results.
3) Relatedly, is communitarianism just a theory about the proper way to make political decisions - more local, town hall community based decisions? Or does it have a strongly normative dimension where principle X is proper principle to abide by at all times and places.
If it's just a theory on decision making one could imagine one town hall advocating the discrimination of group x and a different town hall advocating the protection or respect of group x.
big think
New Books on Polarization: The Need for Compromise and Applying Conservative Principles to Environmental Problems
Matthew C. Nisbet on May 1, 2012
Two recently published books caught my eye today at the World Bank bookstore here in Washington, DC and I've put both at the top of my list to read and discuss here at AoE.
Amy Gutmann & Dennis Thompson, The Spirt of Compromise: Why Governing Demands It and Campaigning Undermines It.
    If politics is the art of the possible, then compromise is the artistry of democracy. Unless one partisan ideology holds sway over all branches of government, compromise is necessary to govern for the benefit of all citizens. A rejection of compromise biases politics in favor of the status quo, even when the rejection risks crisis. Why then is compromise so difficult in American politics today?
    In The Spirit of Compromise, eminent political thinkers Amy Gutmann and Dennis Thompson connect the rejection of compromise to the domination of campaigning over governing--the permanent campaign---in American democracy today. They show that campaigning for political office calls for a mindset that blocks compromise--standing tenaciously on principle to mobilize voters and mistrusting opponents in order to defeat them. Good government calls for an opposite cluster of attitudes and arguments--the compromising mindset--that inclines politicians to adjust their principles and to respect their opponents. It is a mindset that helps politicians appreciate and take advantage of opportunities for desirable compromise.
    Gutmann and Thompson explore the dynamics of these mindsets by comparing the historic compromises on tax reform under President Reagan in 1986 and health care reform under President Obama in 2010. Both compromises were difficult to deliver but only tax reform was bipartisan. Drawing lessons from these and other important compromises--and failures to compromise--in American politics, Gutmann and Thompson propose changes in our political institutions, processes, and mindsets that would encourage a better balance between campaigning and governing.
    Calling for greater cooperation in contemporary politics, The Spirit of Compromise will interest all who care about whether their government leaders can work together.
Robert Scruton, How to Think Seriously About the Planet: The Case for an Environmental Conservatism.
    The environment has long been the undisputed territory of the political Left, which casts international capitalism, consumerism, and the over-exploitation of natural resources as the principle threats to the planet, and sees top-down interventions as the most effective solution. In How to Think Seriously About the Planet, Roger Scruton rejects this view and offers a fresh approach to tackling the most important political problem of our time. The environmental movement, he contends, is philosophically confused and has unrealistic agendas. Its sights are directed at the large-scale events and the confrontation between international politics and multinational business. But Scruton argues that no large-scale environmental project, however well-intentioned, will succeed if it is not rooted in small-scale practical reasoning. Seeing things on a large scale promotes top-down solutions, managed by unaccountable bureaucracies that fail to assess local conditions and are rife with unintended consequences. Scruton argues for the greater efficacy of local initiatives over global schemes, civil association over political activism, and small-scale institutions of friendship over regulatory hyper-vigilance. And he suggests that conservatism is far better suited to solving environmental problems than either liberalism or socialism. Rather than entrusting the environment to unwieldy NGOs and international committees, we must assume personal responsibility and foster local control. People must be empowered to take charge of their environment, to care for it as they would a home, and to involve themselves through the kind of local associations that have been the traditional goal of conservative politics. Our common future is by no means assured, but as Roger Scruton clearly demonstrates in this important book, there is a path that can ensure the future safety of our planet and our species.
Naomi Schaefer Riley, Chronicle Of Higher Education Blogger, Fired For Calling Black Studies 'Claptrap'
The Chronicle of Higher Education dismissed one of its bloggers after outcry over a blog post she wrote questioning the legitimacy of black studies as an academic discipline.
Naomi Schaefer Riley, a lecturer and author who wrote for the Chronicle's blog, Brainstorm, was let go after readers pushed back on an essay she published last week titled "The Most Persuasive Case For Eliminating Black Studies? Just Read the Dissertations." Riley's essay responded to a sidebar of a story in the Chronicle which profiled several up-and-coming black studies scholars in the process of writing dissertations. Riley looked at the titles of the dissertations -- on subjects like the role of race in housing policy and the history of black midwifery in the United States -- and called them "left-wing victimization claptrap."
Nearly 6,500 people signed a petition calling for her dismissal from the blog. Yesterday, Liz McMillen, the site's editor, wrote a note apologizing for Riley's post, and said that the publication had decided to part ways with the author, who is also an affiliate scholar of the Institute of American Values, a conservative think tank based in New York.
Proposed RNC Agenda 21 Resolution

I received an email purporting that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has written a resolution exposing the nature and character of the United Nations’ Agenda 21. This resolution was said to be destined for the national Republican convention with intent to pass as a plank for the GOP’s 2012 platform.
I was immediately interested. But I would have to know that this was true. If this proved to be true, I figured to myself, it would be quite a feather in the hat for the liberty movement.
So I wrote to Carolyn McLarty at the RNC and she graciously sent back the good news -
It is true!
The RNC has drafted a resolution which will be presented for inclusion in the 2012 RNC platform. This resolution seeks empowerment to expose the United Nations’ Agenda 21. That is a remarkable victory for the Liberty Movement in America, and especially for all Constitutionalists and Patriots. In my opinion, it is a promising return step, a steering back toward Barry Goldwater style Republicanism.
It has often been said – “Truth will out.” How sweet it is that so many voices are now dignified after being attacked for years by mainstream media and government-issued propaganda. There has also been a noticeable black-out in the mainstream media on the subject of Agenda 21.
Was media silence on Agenda 21 a ploy to keep Americans from becoming aware of the threat of Agenda 21? I cannot say, and perhaps that is irrelevant now, for the truth of Agenda 21 is about to become household knowledge across America.
I will gloat briefly – It is exactly because of that media black-out that so many un-aware Americans have seen their awake and aware neighbors, (those who have been talking about Agenda 21), as kooks or “conspiracy theorists”.
Yet while the RNC is going to let this one out of the box and send it nationwide, most Americans today still do not know a thing about Agenda 21.
Here in Montana there is a good example of that frustration.
I have an Oath Keeper friend who lives at Big Timber, Montana. Officer Kevin McCauley sits on the City Council for Big Timber. He and his Council have taken a lot of flak from various sectors, including from the Montana Human Rights Network, (Montana’s downsized version of the national org called the Southern Poverty Law Center, “SPLC”). Kevin and the Big Timber City Council shut down an Agenda 21 project at Big Timber and a lot of mindless people have screamed bloody murder at him for spearheading that drive. Knowing how he must feel, I checked out the Sweet Grass Council for Constitutional Integrity website and found that this news is already up at the website -

(Kevin, I salute you for your pioneering work at Big Timber, Montana, and for taking the guff in stride as you shut down that Agenda 21 project in your town. Way to go, Bro!)
This exposure by the RNC will greatly benefit the American voter come November, enabling discerning voters to make more fully informed choices. The United Nations is a threat to American sovereignty, to our Constitution, to our Bill of Rights, and specifically to private property ownership by Americans.
Another man who must be delighted by this move by the RNC is Michael Shaw, who is one of America’s premiere educational sources for the truth about Agenda 21 and other globalist fronts. Michael Shaw has been in the trenches for years, fighting to get the word out about Agenda 21. I was fortunate to get to meet him personally when he spoke in Montana a couple of years ago.
Please enjoy his original website, where you can learn all you want to know about Agenda 21 (and other UN or UN-related or UN-parallel group assaults on our country).
But enough of this reveling. Let’s look at the RNC’s resolution itself. Carolyn McLarty has sent me the final draft of the resolution. Here is that actual finalized wording for the resolution:

Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21

WHEREAS, the United Nations Agenda 21 is a comprehensive plan of extreme environmentalism, social engineering, and global political control that was initiated at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992; and,
WHEREAS, the United Nations Agenda 21 is being covertly pushed into local communities throughout the United States of America through the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) through local “sustainable development” policies such as Smart Growth, Wildlands Project, Resilient Cities, Regional Visioning Projects, and other “Green” or “Alternative” projects; and,
WHEREAS, this United Nations Agenda 21 plan of radical so-called “sustainable development” views the American way of life of private property ownership, single family homes, private car ownership and individual travel choices, and privately owned farms; all as destructive to the environment; and,
WHEREAS, according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy, social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment which would be accomplished by socialist/communist redistribution of wealth; and,
WHEREAS, according to the United Nations Agenda 21 policy National sovereignty is deemed a social injustice; now therefore be
RESOLVED, the Republican National Committee recognizes the destructive and insidious nature of United Nations Agenda 21 and hereby exposes to the public and public policy makers the dangerous intent of the plan; and therefore be it further
RESOLVED , that the U.S. government and no state or local government is legally bound by the United Nations Agenda 21 treaty in that it has never been endorsed by the (U.S.) Senate, and therefore be it further
RESOLVED, that the federal and state and local governments across the country be well informed of the underlying harmful implications of implementation of United Nations Agenda 21 destructive strategies for “sustainable development” and we hereby endorse rejection of its radical policies and rejection of any grant monies attached to it, and therefore be it further
RESOLVED, that upon the approval of this resolution the Republican National Committee shall deliver a copy of this resolution to each of the Republican members of Congress, all Republican candidates for Congress, all Republican candidates for President who qualify for RNC sanctioned debates, and to each Republican state and territorial party office and recommend for adoption into the Republican Party Platform at the 2012 Convention.
-end RNC official resolution to be submitted for inclusion in the 2012 GOP platform-
Additionally, Carolyn sent this listing of other resolutions the committee has produced.
To: RNC National Committee Members
From: Tory Maguire
Re: Resolutions Passed at the 2012 Winter Meeting

Date: January 17, 2012

    Resolution Celebrating the Life and Honoring the Memory of Dave Bitner
    Resolution Exposing United Nations Agenda 21
    Resolution Supporting Taiwan’s Freedom and America’s Moral Leadership
    Resolution to Commend the Nation of Israel for its Relations with the United States of America
    Resolution in Support of Reforming Insider Trading in the US Congress
    Resolution Calling for the Appointment of a Special Prosecutor to Fully Investigate Operation Fast and Furious and the Murder of CBP Agent Brian Terry
-end listing of six resolutions by RNC national committee members-
That kind of language speaks for itself. More truth is coming out. It’s enough to give my old heart a sense of hope after all. I am so pleased to note that the Fanning-Baldwin 2012 campaign has already announced its stand against Agenda 21.
In closing, I must also say that of keen interest to me, among the resolutions above, is the fact that the RNC will have an opportunity to go on the record calling for an independent investigation into Eric Holder’s ATF gun-running fiasco/scandal called “Fast And Furious”. See Oath Keepers’ initial coverage here:
Elias Alias

Another “audience” that does not object:  President George Bush introduces the Joint Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq, October 2, 2002. The resolution was passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law two weeks later. White House photo by Paul Morse. Image obtained from  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Alfred Adask
Will The Real Terrorists, Stand Up Please!
Comment from grannygoodfood…
May 9, 2012 at 4:25 PM

I’m sure you are familiar with a document called, “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.” Here is the very last section, which dovetails so nicely with your statement about seeing our children as Nazi thugs:
Factor I
As in every social system approach, stability is achieved only by understanding and accounting for human nature (action/reaction patterns). A failure to do so can be, and usually is, disastrous.
As in other human social schemes, one form or another of intimidation (or incentive) is essential to the success of the draft. Physical principles of action and reaction must be applied to both internal and external subsystems.
To secure the draft, individual brainwashing/programming and both the family unit and the peer group must be engaged and brought under control.
Factor II – Father
The man of the household must be housebroken to ensure that junior will grow up with the right social training and attitudes. The advertising media, etc., are engaged to see to it that father-to-be is pussy-whipped before or by the time he is married. He is taught that he either conforms to the social notch cut out for him or his sex life will be hobbled and his tender companionship will be zero. He is made to see that women demand security more than logical, principled, or honorable behavior.
By the time his son must go to war, father (with jelly for a backbone) will slam a gun into junior’s hand before father will risk the censure of his peers, or make a hypocrite of himself by crossing the investment he has in his own personal opinion or self-esteem. Junior will go to war or father will be embarrassed. So junior will go to war, the true purpose notwithstanding.
Factor III – Mother
The female element of human society is ruled by emotion first and logic second. In the battle between logic and imagination, imagination always wins, fantasy prevails, maternal instinct dominates so that the child comes first and the future comes second. A woman with a newborn baby is too starry-eyed to see a wealthy man’s cannon fodder or a cheap source of slave labor. A woman must, however, be conditioned to accept the transition to “reality” when it comes, or sooner.
As the transition becomes more difficult to manage, the family unit must be carefully disintegrated, and state-controlled public education and state-operated child-care centers must be become more common and legally enforced so as to begin the detachment of the child from the mother and father at an earlier age. Inoculation of behavioral drugs [Ritalin] can speed the transition for the child (mandatory). Caution: A woman’s impulsive anger can override her fear. An irate woman’s power must never be underestimated, and her power over a pussy-whipped husband must likewise never be underestimated. It got women the vote in 1920.
Factor IV – Junior
The emotional pressure for self-preservation during the time of war and the self-serving attitude of the common herd that have an option to avoid the battlefield – if junior can be persuaded to go – is all of the pressure finally necessary to propel Johnny off to war. Their quiet blackmailings of him are the threats: “No sacrifice, no friends; no glory, no girlfriends.”
Factor V – Sister
And what about junior’s sister? She is given all the good things of life by her father, and taught to expect the same from her future husband regardless of the price.
Factor VI – Cattle
Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains, and so this mindless school of jelly-fish, father, mother, son, and daughter, become useful beasts of burden or trainers of the same.
"What About The Hundreds Of Innocent People WE Are Killing With OUR Drone Strikes In Pakistan!"
Israel National News
US Congressmen Call for Moment of Silence at Olympic Games
Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) and Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) urged Olympic Committee to reconsider its refusal to honor murdered Israeli athletes.
The Ugly Truth
Shlomo Sand: Challenging Notions of a Jewish People
video tutorial
Hitler or Judah?
A Second Nuremberg Tribunal, Chapter 1
Editor’s Note:
Hitler or Judah? A Second Nuremberg Tribunal is a novel by French author and adventurer Marc Augier, better known as Saint-Loup (1908–1990). After completing the novel in 1975 or 1976, Saint-Loup decided that it was too controversial to publish under his own name.
Saint-Loup and a South African friend (who will remain anonymous) hit upon the plan to have the book published in English under the name of Claude Joubert, a French ex-paratrooper who was safely dead. The South African translated the book into English, but it was never published.
The French original was published as Hitler ou Juda? Un second procès de Nuremberg (Prague: Éditions du cercle du chène, 2007). This translation is a revised and corrected version of the original English translation, which Counter-Currents will serialize in eleven parts and then publish in book form.
Saint-Loup was the author of more than 30 books as well as a man of action. He was an accomplished skier and motorcyclist. As a young man, Saint-Loup threw himself into socialist politics and the Centre laïc des auberges, a non-political group promoting the development of French youth hostels.
In 1939, France declared war on Germany. In 1940, after six months of spurned German peace overtures, Hitler crushed France. Saint-Loup welcomed the fall of the Third Republic and was an active collaborationist. When Germany attacked the USSR, Saint-Loup joined the French Volunteer Legion and later the Waffen-SS, serving as a war correspondent on the Eastern Front.
After the war, Saint-Loup and his wife took refuge in South America, settling in Argentina, where he served as a military adviser to Juan Perón and taught Eva Perón how to ski. In 1953, he was amnestied and returned to France, where he was a leading figure on the intellectual far right until his death in 1990.
Saint-Loup rejected Christianity for neo-paganism and the Traditionalism of René Guénon and Julius Evola. He was a long-time friend and correspondent with Savitri Devi.
Saint-Loup’s books on World War II include: Les volontaires (The Volunteers) (on the French Volunteer Legion),  Les hérétiques (The Heretics), Les nostalgiques (The Nostalgics) (post-War stories of the volunteers), Les SS de la toison d’or (The SS of the Golden Fleece) (on Léon Degrelle and the Flemish and Walloon volunteers), La Division Azul (The Blue Division) (on the Spanish Legion), and Götterdämmerung, ou rencontre avec la bête (Témoignage 1944–1945) (Götterdämmerung, or Encounter with the Beast [Experiences 1944–1945]).
His novels include  La nuit commence au Cap Horn (Nightfall on Cape Horn), on the destruction of South American Indians by Christian missionaries. The book would have won the prestigious Prix Goncourt, but Le Figaro Littéraire exposed the notorious collaborationist as the true author. Of the entire jury only Colette refused to retract her vote for Saint-Loup during the ensuing scandal. Saint-Loup also wrote histories, travel and adventure books, and books on automobiles.
If Americans Knew
The History of US-Israel Relations
Part One
How the “special relationship” was created
September 2011
By Allison Weir
If Americans Knew
The Real Story of How Israel Was Created
October 11, 2011
By Allison Weir
The Intel Hub
Venetian Black Nobility, Roots of Today’s Ruling Oligarchy
By John Coleman
May 8, 2012
The Intel Hub
Daniel Estulin on the Bilderberg Group and the Venetian Black Nobility
Eight Signs the Illuminati Orchestrated WW2
Henry Ford: Can a Freemason be an "Anti Semite"?
Freemasonry is an arm of Illuminati Jewry. Yet Henry Ford's "The International Jew" (1920) is perhaps the most informed and scathing condemnation of Illuminati Jewry ever.
The contradiction is explained if we see Ford in the context of Freemasonry's build-up of Hitler. Freemasonry & Ford also built up Illuminati Jewish Russia for the dialectical clash called World War II.
This is from "Masonic Movers & Shakers of World II"
Henry Ford Unmasked at Last!!
Book Reveals True Occult Nature of Judaism
By Michael Hoffman

The soothsayers and augurs of the Talmud and Midrash are fully on display in this revealing study, which celebrates the power and influence of astrology within Rabbinic Judaism (leavened with a few escape clauses in the author's Introduction).
In these pages you'll find Aquarius as the mazal of Yisrael, and Judah as Cancer the Crab!
The vast majority of the revered rabbinic "sages" from the Taanaim through the Rishonim periods practiced and advocated astrology and reincarnation, both of which are part of the magical arts of the earliest pagan cultures, from Egypt to Babylon (Daniel 21:2). This belt of transmission infected the heirs of Pharisaic Judaism, today known as Orthodox Judaism.
The exception to this occultism is the "Rambam," Moses Maimonides, who famously wrote (publicly) against astrology. In this regard he was vastly outnumbered by his brother rabbis -- both his contemporaries and antecedents.
Moreover, for Christians and Black people at least, Maimonides is not exactly a hero since he advocated the murder of Christ and his followers (in "Avodat Kochavim"), and cursed Blacks as subhuman creatures mid-way between the simian and the human (cf. The Guide of the Perplexed, Vol. 2 [chapter 51]) by Rabbi Maimonides in the uncensored Shlomo Pines translation).
The author of "The Secrets of the Stars," Rabbi Ari Storch, offers a handy and accurate reference to the passages in rabbinic texts highly favorable to astrology and for this reason alone, this book is worth its purchase price.
One caveat: it might be prudent to purchase the first edition, published in 2011. It may be that subsequent editions will be bowdlerized for purposes of hasbara, once it is realized that this book bears witness to all but the most obtuse Christians and goyim that the dogmas of Orthodox Judaism are abhorrent to the Biblical faith (Isaiah 47: 11-15). Any Bible-literate person knows that astrology is an abomination in the eyes of God. Orthodox Judaism with its passion for astrology is convicted of being "full of things from the East" (Isaiah 2:6)
Hoffman is the author of Judaism's Strange Gods
Fresh Air Remembers Maurice Sendak
Maurice Sendak, 'Really Rosie' and The Intelligence Of Children
This Pig Wants To Party: Maurice Sendak's Latest
Maurice Sendak’s ‘Where The Wild Things Are,’ as read by Christopher Walken
In the wake of Maurice Sendak's death on Tuesday, quotes, clips and interviews featuring the renowned children's author and his celebrated books are flying around the Internet.
Like President Obama's 2009 reading of "Where The Wild Things Are" on the White House's South Lawn, this video of actor Christopher Walken (or a very good impersonator) tackling Sendak's most famous work in 2011 is getting a second look online. And while it's not quite on par with Walken's dramatic reading of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face," his signature improvisation of the mostly illustrated book is still wildly entertaining.
"There's a bear ... strung up," Walken says. "I assume murdered. Maybe a suicide. I dunno."
John Kaminski on Resistance Radio
John Kaminski and Clay Douglas on the Free American Hour
This page is a connection to the works of John Kaminski.

A story about today written three thousand years ago
The slander-and-evade technique

How they pull the wool over everyone's eyes

The Christianization of Europe
California Homeowner in Foreclosure Wins Quiet Title – It’s a Free House!
In The Matter of Jerome Daily
    Portions of the First National Bank of Montgomery Minnesota v. Jerome Daly court file have been available on the internet for some time. The portions I saw lead me to believe that the decision of the Justice of the Peace was not and could not be appealed because the Justice of the Peace had ruled that the two one dollar federal reserve notes he was paid by the appellant bank for an appellate fee were not legal tender.
    It turns out that the Justice of the Peace's decision was appealed to the next higher court, that a new trial was scheduled in that next higher court, and that the parties mutually agreed to dismiss the case. Although the terms of the agreement leading to the dismissal are not in the court file, my suspicion is the debtor - who had won at the Justice of the Peace level - threw in the towel because he knew he could not win the second trial.
    Defendant, Jerome Daly paid a high price for his work on this case and other, similar cases. He was disbarred by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The Minnesota Supreme Court's two decisions concerning his conduct are linked to this web site."
Daily Mail
How unpopular can Obama get? Texas INMATE gets 40 per cent of votes against President in West Virginia primary

    Prisoner Keith Judd got 40% of vote in West Virginia to Obama's 60%
    Inmate 11593-051 got on ballot by paying $2,500 fee and filing forms
    Attracting 15% of vote normally qualifies candidate for a delegate to the Democratic National Convention

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram
U.S. House seeks to stop Air Force from moving C-130s out of Fort Worth

Houston Chronicle
Price rises on those who killed white buffalo calf
Dr. Ben Kim
Acrylamide: What Is It, and Which Foods Contain It?
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on Acrylamide
According to a report written by a joint committee between the World Health Organization and the United Nations in February 2005, the following foods contain significant amounts of acrylamide, ranked from highest to lowest:

    Coffee extracts
    Coffee substitutes
    Potato chips
    Decaffeinated coffee
    Breads and rolls
    Pastries and cookies
    French fries
    Green tea made from roasted leaves
    Ground, instant, or roasted coffee
    Baby food (biscuits)
    Baked potato
    Breakfast cereals

Human Hormones Are Being Eclipsed By Synthetic Chemicals
By Sayer Ji

A new study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology has raised some disturbing possibilities regarding the dangers of common hormone-mimicking preservatives found in thousands of consumer products on the market today.[1]
Titled "Parabens detection in different zones of the human breast: consideration of source and implications of findings," researchers discussed the role that parabens -- a class of estrogen-mimicking chemicals widely used in drugs, foods and cosmetics -- may have in breast cancer and childhood disease.
The report focused on the findings of The Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention Centre at the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Foundation Trust published last month (March, 2012), which discovered five paraben esters in human breast tissue samples collected from 40 mastectomies from women with primary breast cancer.[2] The report revealed three things:
1) The ester form of parabens found within the breast tissue samples indicated a dermal route of exposure, as would occur through skin care products and underarm deodorants.
2) The paraben residues were found at concentrations up to 1 million times higher than the estrogen (estradiol) levels naturally found in human breast tissue.
3) Propylparaben was found in the highest concentration in the underarm area (axilla), where underarm deodorants are most used and breast cancer prevalence is at its highest.  
While the World Health Organization considers the estrogenic properties of parabens to be a low toxicological risk due to it being 10,000-100,000 less potent than estradiol (E2), the 1 million-fold higher levels found within breast tissue sampled clearly indicate the magnitude of exposure more than compensates for the reduction in potency.
Also noted in the new study was a highly disturbing possibility: "For exposures in children, concern has already been raised that 'the estrogenic burden of parabens and their metabolites in blood may exceed the action of endogenous estradiol in childhood and the safety margin for propylparaben is very low when comparing worst-case exposure’ (Boberg et al., 2010)."
In other words, synthetic hormones from chemicals like parabens may actually be eclipsing the activity of endogenously produced (natural) hormones in our children.  Given that 99.1% of the US population's urine samples (ages 6 or older) contain methylparaben, this issue has broad-ranging implications.
Presently, European regulations allow for the use of parabens in cosmetics at up to 0.4% by volume.  The limits in the US are much less restricted. According to the FDA’s website: "The Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) reviewed the safety of methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben in 1984 and concluded they were safe for use in cosmetic products at levels up to 25%. Typically parabens are used at levels ranging from 0.01 to 0.3%." Parabens are also FDA-approved for use as food preservatives.
Given the fact that modern-day toxicological risk assessments do not account for the adverse effects of chronic, low-dose exposures, nor the reality of synergistic toxicities, i.e. the reality that a chemical's adverse effects may be amplified when present alongside other chemicals, this new research points to a disturbing possibility: commonly used preservatives may be contributing greatly to the burden of disease in exposed populations -- especially infants and children, whose body burden is higher (lower body weight vs. chemical dose), susceptibility to chemically-induced genotoxicity higher (because their cells replicate more rapidly), and detoxification systems are less developed than adults.
It is becoming increasingly clear that in order to protect ourselves and especially our offspring from avoidable chemical exposures this country needs to implement the precautionary principle in its toxicological risk assessments: if there is indication that a chemical could do harm (based on cell and animal studies), it should be treated as if it does do harm, and be regulated accordingly. Until then, we are effectively a living and breathing nation of guinea pigs.
For additional research on paraben toxicity visit our research page on the topic. Also, view four studies on ginger's ability to reduce paraben toxicity.
[1] Measurement of paraben concentrations in human breast tissue at serial locations across the breast from axilla to sternum. J Appl Toxicol. 2012 Mar ;32(3):219-32. Epub 2012 Jan 12. PMID: 22237600
[2] Parabens detection in different zones of the human breast: consideration of source and implications of findings. J Appl Toxicol. 2012 May ;32(5):305-9. Epub 2012 Mar 7. PMID: 22408000
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Soup for Longevity
Dr. Ben Kim
How to Make Kim Chi
Non GMO Shopping Guide
Friendly Aquaponics
Commercial Aquaponics Newsletter #6

Our Executive Director, Ann Blake Tracy, PhD, has been researching, writing, and lecturing about serotoneric medications since 1990. And since 1992 has been testifying in court cases involving antidepressants & the newer atypical antipsychotics in both the US & Canada. If you are in need of expert witness services or consulting
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Vladimir Vernadsky
His Life and Work
Vernadsky was born in Saint Petersburg, Russian Empire, on March 12, 1863, of mixed Russian and Ukrainian parents. His father, a descendent of Ukrainian Cossacks, had been a professor of political economy in Kiev before moving to Saint Petersburg, and his mother was a noble woman of Russian ethnicity. He himself considered himself both Russian and Ukrainian, and had some knowledge of the Ukrainian language, but was loyal to the Russian state and was opposed to Ukrainian independence.
Vernadsky graduated from Saint Petersburg University in 1885. As the last mineralogist had died in 1887 in Russia, and Dokuchaev, a soil scientist, and A.P. Pavlov, a geologist, had been teaching mineralogy for a while, Vernadsky chose to enter Mineralogy. He wrote to his wife Natasha Vernadsky on 20 June 1888 from Switzerland: 
    " collect facts for their own sake, as many now gather facts, without a program, without a question to answer or a purpose is not interesting. However, there is a task which someday those chemical reactions which took place at various points on earth; these reactions take place according to laws which are known to us, but which, we are allowed to think, are closely tied to general changes which the earth has undergone by the earth with the general laws of celestial mechanics. I believe there is hidden here still more to discover when one considers the complexity of chemical elements and the regularity of their occurrence in groups..."
While trying to find a topic for his doctorate, he first went to Naples to study with the crystallographer Scacchi, who was senile at that time. The senility of Scacchi lead Vernadsky to go to Germany to study under Paul Groth. There, Vernadsky learned how to use the modern equipment of Groth who had developed a machine to study the optical, thermal, elastic, magnetic and electrical properties of crystals, as well as using the physics lab of Prof. Zonke, who was also working on crystallisation.
Vernadsky first popularized the concept of the noosphere and deepened the idea of the biosphere to the meaning largely recognized by today's scientific community. The word biosphere was invented by Austrian geologist Eduard Suess, whom Vernadsky had met in 1911.
In Vernadsky's theory of how the Earth develops, the noosphere is the third stage in a succession of phases of development of the earth, after the geosphere (inanimate matter) and the biosphere (biological life). Just as the emergence of life fundamentally transformed the geosphere, the emergence of human cognition fundamentally transformed the biosphere. In this theory, the principles of both life and cognition are the essential features of the earth's evolution, and must have been implicit in the earth all along. This systemic and geological analysis of living systems complements Darwin's theory of natural selection, which looks at each individual species, rather than at its relationship to a subsuming principle.
Vernadsky's visionary pronouncements were not widely accepted in the West. However, he was one of the first scientists to recognize that the oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere result from biological processes. In the 1920s, he published works arguing that living organisms could reshape the planets as surely as any physical force. Vernadsky was an important pioneer of the scientific bases for the environmental sciences.
Vernadsky was the founder and the first president of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kiev, Ukraine (1918), was the founder of the National Library of Ukrainian State and worked closely with the Tavrida University in Crimea. During the Russian Civil War, he hosted the gatherings of the young intellectuals who later founded the émigré Eurasianist movement. One of the main avenues in both Moscow and Tavrida National University, Crimea are named after him.
In the late 1930s and early 1940s, Vernadsky played an early advisory role in the Soviet atomic bomb project, as one of the most forceful voices arguing for the exploitation of atomic energy, the surveying of Soviet uranium sources, and having nuclear fission research conducted at his Radium Institute. He died, however, before a full project was pursued.
Vernadsky's son George Vernadsky (1887-1973) emigrated to the United States where he published numerous books on medieval Russian history as well as medieval Ukrainian history and modern Russian history.
Vladimir Vernadsky. In Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.
documentary film
JB Campbell: Extremism Online
Preventing Jewish Rule

What happens when only Jews have guns?   Raw Judaism happens.  Sadism and dictatorship happen.  Suffering and degradation happen.  Torture and murder happen.  We’ve got several examples to go by.  We’ve got the Soviet Union.  We’ve got Germany.  We’ve got Ukraine.  We’ve got Hungary and we’ve got Israel.  Different places, different victims, identical results.
Jews really can’t help themselves.  They are only doing what comes naturally to them.  The Jewish nature is constant and can never change.  This is a fact of life that we must recognize and master.
Jews are the most sadistic people on Earth.  They are totally without mercy when they have the upper hand.  When they don’t have the power, they whine and cry and complain that they are not being treated fairly, that they are being defamed.  They do this to weaken us, to deceive us into giving them the power over us that they crave.   
What is the situation in the United States?  Virtually every aspect of our lives is controlled by Jews.  The military is attacking and killing people whom the Jews want attacked and killed.  The police are trained by Israelis and mind-controlled by the Anti-Defamation League (same thing).  The law is dominated by Jewish lawyers and Jewish judges.  New York news and Hollywood entertainment, which are now indistinguishable, are controlled by Jews.  Banking and finance and the American housing market have collapsed under the Jewish corruption of Goldman-Sachs, most notoriously with their “mortgage-backed securities.”  A “mortgage-backed security” is truly something only a Jew could dream up.  That any sophisticated investor could buy from a Jew a “sliced and diced portion of a bundle” of mortgages with no chain of ownership and consider it “a security” is mind-boggling.
Jews pretend that they are special, that the law doesn’t apply to them.  The law about nuclear weapons, for example.  The law about murdering humanitarians.  The law about defamation (lying).  Israel is licensed to kill enemies on US soil.  The US government is controlled by AIPAC – no elected person in government will refuse an order from AIPAC, which is licensed to destroy politicians.
We are under attack in a Jewish war of annihilation and don’t even know who is attacking us.  I could go on and on and have been known to do so but this website is about solutions, not analysis.
How do we avoid Jewish Rule, or the complete takeover of America by Jews to the extent that guns are illegal for non-Jews?  Jewish Rule means disarmed dissidents such as we and our loved ones and friends being arrested and taken by force to the Jewish gulag to be tortured and killed.  Who has a proven history of such atrocities?  Well, the Jews have this history.  This is what they did to non-Jews in Russia and the satellite countries when they took over in 1917.
Alexandr Solzhenitsyn took the trouble to identify all the gulag commanders in his second book on his experience as a political prisoner for telling a joke about Stalin, Gulag Archipelago II, and show their pictures.  Every one of them was a Jew.  Torturing prisoners is a Jewish specialty.
It’s what they did in parts of Germany a couple of years later during the Jewish revolution after WWI.  It’s what they did in Eastern Europe after WWII.  It’s what they did in Palestine after they took over in 1948, following their slaughter of thousands of Palestinians to terrorize the rest into fleeing to Jordan and elsewhere.  They’re still doing it, most notably in the giant concentration camp called Gaza.  The Jews periodically invade the unarmed camp with American jets, helicopters, tanks and rockets and use outlawed munitions such as white phosphorus.  Any idea what white phosphorus does to you?
Who else has this proven history, besides Red China?  Well, the United States has this history, going way back.  In fact, the United States originated this sort of thing.  The first and longest-enduring mass extermination, ethnic cleansing program was run by the US Army against American Indians and is still being run against them by US government agencies such as the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service.  American Indians are still isolated in concentration camps called “reservations.”  How can an American criticize Israel?
I want to examine briefly the American way of treating people, in case someone is reading this who hasn’t seen the earlier material.  Wedged in among the atrocities against the Indians was the War of Northern Aggression, waged by a hideously ugly lawyer named Lincoln.  This monster arrested anyone in the Northern States who objected to his warmongering, including hundreds of editors and publishers!  No habeas corpus, no trials – just disappeared into dungeons for the duration!  New revised death figures for Lincoln’s War:  over 800,000.
[Read more at above link…]
Dr. Rebecca Carley Interview of JB Campbell

True Democracy
The Journal of History
La verdad sobre la democracia
Spring 2011 - Volume 11, Issue 1
True Democracy
ANC is a Jewish Front
By Michael Hoffman II
The African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa was guided by two Communist Jews, Albie Sachs, "one of its foremost intellectuals" (London Sunday Times, August 29, 1993) and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo).
Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. He joined the ANC's terrorist wing, the Umkhonto we Sizwe, in 1961 and eventually became its commander. He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986. ("Joe Slovo," Jewish Chronicle, January 13, 1995).
Slovo had been the “planner of many of the ANC terrorist attacks, including the 1983 car bomb that killed 19 people and injured many others... Slovo, who had traveled to the Soviet Union many times, was awarded a Soviet medal on his 60th birthday...Slovo is a dedicated Communist, a Marxist Leninist without morality of any kind, for whom only victory counts, whatever the human cost, whatever the bloodshed...Slovo disputes little of his image as 'the Communist mastermind' behind the ANC's armed struggle. For him the fears of South Africa's whites are both a measure of the ANC's growing strength and a crucial factor in hastening what he believes will be its ultimate victory. 'Revolutionary violence has created the inspirational impact that we had intended, and it has won for the ANC its leading position,' Slovo said." ("Rebel Strategist Seeks to End Apartheid," L.A. Times, Aug. 16, 1987, p. 14). When Nelson Mandela's ANC took over South Africa, Slovo was named Minister of Housing.
Nelson Mandela and Joe Slovo give the clenched fist salute in front of the blood-drenched Hammer and Sickle flag of Jewish Bolshevism.
Slovo, a Yiddish-speaking Lithuanian Jew, was Secretary General of the South African Communist Party and director of the military wing of the ANC, which perpetrated numerous terror bombings against white civilians.
Mandela was hailed as a great statesman by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II in her 1996 Christmas message to the realm.
When we look at these gruesome personalities, who are only the tip of the Jewish iceberg that was Soviet Communism and who were responsible for the deaths of upwards of thirty million people; when we realize how little is written or filmed about their crimes, we begin to realize that the exclusive focus on the crimes of the Germans, real and imagined, is a function of propaganda.
If the facts about the Jewish Communist holocaust against the peasants and Christians of Russia and Eastern Europe were given massive publicity, the supposed "special evil" of the Germans would stand exposed as a racist fraud.
German actions during World War Two must be viewed in a vacuum in order for the New World Order to advance its covert objective of Jewish supremacy.
When Nazi actions are placed within the context of Jewish Communism's abominable crimes against the Christian people of Russia and Eastern Europe, the public will begin to understand that Hitler and the Nazis were a reaction, however unbalanced and excessive, to the Jewish Communist genocide against millions of Christians and peasants in the East.
This is why the crucial facts about Jewish Communism must never be documented in Hollywood films, discussed in university courses or pictured in contemporary news magazines. This is why Malcolm Muggeridge's book, an eyewitness account of the Jewish Communist holocaust against Christians, Winter in Moscow, has been tightly suppressed.
In the Sunday Telegraph (London, England: November 18, 1990) the question is asked, "Why then has it (Winter in Moscow) never been republished? The answer may lie in Muggeridge's handling of what was then called the 'Jewish question.'...Winter in Moscow is acutely concerned with Jews...It was, of course, the case that a very disproportionate number of the early Bolsheviks were Jews and thus of commissars and apparatchiki..."
The Campaign for Radical Truth in History's documentation of these forbidden facts constitutes the chief motivation for the suppression attempts of such Stalinist censorship groups as the A.D.L. and Simon Wiesenthal Center. Both of these organizations would, if they could, have this writer jailed for publishing the documentation herein in Germany, France, or Austria. They regularly supply "intelligence files" to those governments on pro-Christian and pro-German writers. In 1995 the ADL sought to assist the prosecution of 69-year-old American writer Hans Schmidt who was imprisoned in Germany for publishing a newsletter in Florida. These Jewish censors would like to have similar laws passed worldwide, resulting in the jailing of more writers and researchers who will not toe the party line or worship the Golden Calf.
To give the other side of history, the revisionist side-to give voice to the voiceless millions of dead victims of Jewish Communism-is regarded as "hateful" by the vain Zionists who demand for themselves the right to vomit forth a daily barrage of sewage upon the sacred memory of our grandparents and ancestors.
Black SOUTH Africans much worse off under ANC-rule now than under apartheid
    Sept 22 2007 - BOOK REVIEW -- After over a decade of ANC-rule under Thabo Mbeki, conditions for black people in SA are today much worse than under apartheid.
    This is the claim by far-left Canadian journalist Naomi Klein in her latest book "The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism".
    Klein provides the following list of how living conditions for SA blacks now are so much worse than they ever were during Apartheid:
    since 1994 under ANC-governance.  Notes by myself are in italics.
    ---the number of people living on less than $1 a day has doubled from two to four million;
    But the numbers of very wealthy Blacks driving around in expensive motor cars and living in up market homes has risen.  But are they adding value to the economy with their mainly political appointments at all levels with high salaries and jobs through affirmative action laws in private industry?  We think not especially as there are in many cases three people or more doing the same job than under Apartheid.
    ---the unemployment rate has more than doubled to 48% from 1991 - 2002;
    And the value of the SA currency has plummeted since the ANC took power.  In the last 18 months the Rand has devalued against the Euro by nearly 40%.  So not only has the number of jobs fallen, but the earnings do not buy anywhere as much as under Apartheid.  But the ANC do not seem to mind as they increase their salaries and bonuses to compensate.
---only 5,000 of the more than 35-million black South Africans earn over $60,000 a year;
    Mainly affirmative action appointments and promotion to all levels of government with salaries several times higher than the far fewer people that did the work under Apartheid.  
---the ANC government has built 1.8 million (very ramshackle, tiny) new homes while two-million South Africans have lost theirs;
Just about all the homes built under Apartheid are still standing solidly.  They were built by black labourers under mainly white supervision.   There is a scandal in SA now where thousands of occupants of the new homes built under ANC supervision are literally falling down and the mortgagees are refusing to pay their monthly installments until they are properly repaired.  An impossible task.
---nearly one million South Africans were evicted from farms in the first decade of 'democracy': evicted by black, newly empowered farmers who were given 'redistributed' farmland;
Many of the farms are producing about 30% of what they did under the white owners, many of whom had been there for generations.  And it is not an education problem, it is due to attitude and will power to work and succeed.  One, the Zebedelia citrus farm is now being managed by a white manager from Zimbabwe after production fell to zero in about a year when the new owners were virtually given the farm by the government.    It was the largest citrus fruit farm in the southern hemisphere before.
---the shack dweller population grew by 50% due to untrammeled migration from the rest of Africa; 
Previously under Apartheid, squatting was not allowed so many Africans lived on their own lands with adequate food and cheap African style housing.  As their birth-rate is and was unsustainable for western style growth and they were restricted by the white government from the regular wars they had which kept the populations down, plus having a normal life expectancy under a white government due to health standards, they are quickly returning to the old days  due to diseases returning and their inability to cope with regular droughts, all overcome when the white man ruled.  Only AIDS and seriously violent crime could be said to be keeping the population in check.
---in 2006, one-quarter of the entire SA population lives in shacks without running water or electricity.
When the ANC came to power, the black masses were allowed to move to the cities where they thought the homes and jobs they had been promised by the ANC would quickly appear, but they were in the main used by the ANC to populate areas where their votes could ensure the whites were unable to represent their old constituencies.   Now the cities are crowded with unhealthy shacks, many criminals who are bitter that there is no work.   The ANC made impossible promises as is usual by a terror organisation seeking power.
Cosmic Convergence 2012
Who really runs the world?
… at the end of Kali Yuga?
Cosmic Convergence
Global Control Matrix Revealed
Who really runs the world? Part II
Virtual Synapses
The Axial Age and the Levels of Reality
What if someone told you that the absolute truth (true reality) is actually just the same as the illusion (false reality)? What if you're told that the truth you are searching for is actually right in front of you?
Quite a bummer, isn’t it? But let me answer that for you with this story.
Once upon a time, a German psychiatrist and philosopher named Karl Theodor Jaspers proposed the idea that during a certain period in human history, the major belief systems (religions) that exist today emerged and began to develop simultaneously and independently in China, India, Persia, Judea, and Greece. This was the period from 800 to 200 BC.
He also identified a number of key thinkers who had a profound influence in the development of these belief systems. People like Socrates, Confucius, and Buddha were just some of his examples. Jaspers called this period the Axial Age.

In the Axial Age, people began to have a different kind of awareness. They started to focus more on their notions of reality and tried to examine the nature of the self. They realized that the more you actually know about yourself, the more you will be able to understand the true nature of reality.
There are many religious and spiritual traditions all over the world. The major ones that have survived for centuries since the Axial Age are the ones included in the images you see above and below. Each one has its own model of reality, but most people are unaware of the fact that these belief systems have many peculiar similarities.

Diagram by Brad Reynolds, from Ken Wilber, A Brief History of Everything, (Shambhala: Boston), 1996.

The greatest common factor among these belief systems, perhaps, is the idea that reality is divided into several levels or realms. The reality we experience is actually just one of the many realms that compose an even larger reality. The myriad of realms and sub-realms in each religion makes it impossible for me to describe in just one article, but you can see that they generally have a relative physical reality, a subtle reality, a causal reality, and an absolute reality.
Another idea that these belief systems assert is that the “Self” is divided into several aspects that correspond to each level of reality. Meaning, the physical aspect of the self exists in the physical reality, the subtle aspect exists in the subtle reality, the causal aspect exists in the causal reality, and the true Self exists in the absolute reality.
There is, however, one thing that is probably not obvious to the many followers of various belief systems. That is the proposition that all these levels of reality and aspects of the Self are but different degrees of manifestation of the same thing.
For example, some schools of Buddhism stress that there is actually no difference between samsara (the world of illusion) and nirvana (absolute truth) as implied by the saying "Form is emptiness; emptiness is form." For Hindus, they believe that Brahman is the origin of the phenomenal universe and that a liberated human being is one who has realized Brahman as his or her own true self. Christians, in their own special way, believe in the oneness of God and all of creation. (Sorry if I have left out your category)
The principle that you need to be able to reconcile truth and illusion is actually quite simple. The principle is called non-duality, which means that all phenomena are inseparable. As usual, there are many views regarding non-duality, but you need not confuse yourself. Just think of it this way:
A cause depends on its effect to be a cause as effect depends on its cause to be an effect. Without the cause, there can be no effect, and without the effect, there cannot be any cause. Additionally, no matter how you look at it, you won't be able to find any line that separates the two. There is no exact point when and where a cause becomes an effect. From this principle, we could argue that without the absolute, there can be no relative; without the relative, there can be no absolute. Without the truth, there can be no illusion; without the illusion, there cannot be truth.
If you reflect upon this for some time, it becomes quite clear that all things do not exist separately. You are, in essence, part of these “other” realities as they are a part of you. It is only because of the mind’s need to create a distinction that the illusion of reality arises in oneself.

Virtual Synapses
26 Transpersonal Experiences in Higher States of Consciousness
Transpersonal experiences are more commonly known and often referred to as spiritual, mystical, religious, occult, magical, or paranormal experiences. The word transpersonal refers to transcendence of the ordinary boundaries of personality (Grof, 1989). Transpersonal experiences may be induced by various methods and techniques such as meditation, sensory deprivation, yoga, kundalini practices, mindfulness of breathing, pranayama, psychedelic therapy, ritual ingestion of entheogens, brainwave entrainment, visualization, mantras, hypnosis, and many others. 
The scientific field that studies these experiences is called transpersonal psychology. Stanislav Grof is one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a pioneering researcher into the use of altered states of consciousness for purposes of healing, growth, and insight.
In his book called Realms Of The Human Unconscious: Observations From LSD Research, Grof classified twenty six types of transpersonal experiences based on his observations while conducting research on LSD and its effects on human patients.
Here’s a short description of those experiences:
1. Embryonal and Fetal Experiences – these involve the reliving of memories of specific events in the maternal womb, typically in stunning and dramatic detail. Experiences may vary from traumatizing events to being in a continuous state of bliss or joy.
2. Ancestral Experiences – the subjects report gaining access to information about their biological ancestors reaching back many generations and centuries or in more recent times. The experiences generally correspond to a person’s racial and cultural background.
3. Collective and Racial Experiences – involve visions and insights into the various aspects of cultural groups such as history, social structure, religious cosmology, forms of worship, moral code, art, and technology.
4. Phylogenetic (Evolutionary) Experiences – involve regression into the past and insights into the evolutionary development of animals such as insects, mammals, birds, reptiles, and various species of sea creatures. Subjects reported gaining an intuitive understanding of Darwinian or Lamarckian concepts of evolution.
5. Past-Incarnation Experiences – are fragmented visions of scenes and individual events or a full reliving of experiences in one’s previous lives. Although one may experience being in another form, place, and time, individual identity is not lost.
6. Precognition, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and “Time Travels” – the subjects reported being able to perceive events far into the future or into the past, see objects and hear sounds from vast distances, and travel through time at will.
7. Ego Transcendence in Interpersonal Relations and the Experience of Dual Unity – the subjects reported experiences of merging with another person like the therapist, a family member, and so on while still maintaining their individual identity. These experiences may evoke deep feelings of love and sacredness.
8. Identification with Other Persons – an individual experiences herself as another person and may completely lose her own identity. The person experiencing this may identify with relatives or other people (often well-known) both in the past and in the present.
9. Group Identification and Group Consciousness – an individual identifies with an entire group of people. Some examples given were groups like the victims of the Spanish Inquisition, prisoners of Nazi concentration camps, tortured Jews and Christians, people joining the Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, Hindus worshipping at the Ganges River, and many others.
10. Animal Identification – an individual experiences what it is like to be an animal, but unlike phylogenetic (evolutionary) experiences, the person does not regress into the past and there are no Darwinian-like or Lamarckian-like processes witnessed.
11. Plant Identification – an individual identifies with different species of plants and experiences what it is like to be in the here and now, have direct contact with the four elements (earth, water, fire, wind), bring beauty to the surroundings, transform cosmic energy into useful resource for food, and nourish other forms of life unselfishly. (Sounds nice to be a plant. Hmm.)
12. Oneness with Life and with All Creation – identification with all forms of life on the planet and insight into the fundamental laws of nature.
13. Consciousness of Inorganic Matter – an individual gains insight into macroscopic and microscopic phenomena of non-living things such as the ocean, fire, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, windstorms, computers, jets, diamond, gold, steel, atoms, electromagnetic forces, and so on.
14. Planetary Consciousness – an individual gains insight into the nature of the entire planet including the different aspects of its geological, biological, cultural, and technological development.
15. Extraplanetary Consciousness – are experiences involving phenomena outside the planet Earth. These may include observations of other planets, satellites, solar systems, supernovas, quasars, black holes, etc. Subjects who have studied mathematics and physics have reported gaining intuitive understanding of complex theories and principles of time and space.
16. Out-of-Body Experiences, Traveling Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, “Space Travels,” and Telepathy – the individual feels that he can read other people’s minds, go beyond the usual limitations of time and space, and go out of the body to travel at will to any location that one chooses.
17. Organ, Tissue, and Cellular Consciousness – one experiences tuning in to the consciousness of the different parts of the body (muscles, organs, tissues, etc.) which can extend all the way to cellular and subcellular levels.
18. Spiritistic and Mediumistic Experiences – one may experience phenomena similar to those found in occult writings such as glossolalia (speaking in tongues), automatic writing, encounters with astral bodies or spirits of deceased persons, spirit possession, mediumistic trance states, etc.
19. Experiences of Encounters with Suprahuman Spiritual Entities – an individual may encounter and interact with spirit guides, religious teachers, and enlightened beings like buddhas and saints.
20. Experiences of Other Universes and Encounters with Their Inhabitants – an individual finds herself in strange extradimensional realities with entities that appear in strange physical forms and operate in unintelligible ways.
21. Archetypal Experiences and Complex Mythological Sequences – an individual experiences visions of archetypal and mythological figures like those found in the writings of analytical psychologist, Carl Jung, and comparative mythologist, Joseph Campbell.
22. Experiences of Encounters with Various Deities – an individual experiences visions of benevolent and malevolent deities (gods and goddesses) like the ones described in various cultures and religions (Hindu, Buddhist, Greek, Egyptian, Mesoamerican, and so on).
23. Intuitive Understanding of Universal Symbols – an individual experiences visions of universal symbols and insight into the various levels of their meaning. Some examples are the cross, star of David, swastika, Nile cross, lotus flower, yin-yang, Shiva lingam, and so on.
24. Activation of the Chakras and Arousal of the Serpent Power (Kundalini) – these experiences involve the release of energy from the individual chakras of the body. According to Grof:
    “Kundalini yoga bears the closest resemblance to LSD psychotherapy. Both techniques mediate an instant and enormous release of energy, produce profound and dramatic experiences, and can bring impressive results in a relatively short time. On the other hand, they involve the greatest risk and can be quite dangerous if they are not practiced under careful supervision and responsible guidance.”
25. Consciousness of the Universal Mind – an individual experiences the boundless, supreme, unfathomable, ineffable, transcendental, non-rational, infinitely blissful, formless, dimensionless, and ultimate principle of being, i.e., the consciousness of the Universal Mind.
26. The Supracosmic and Metacosmic Void – Grof described this as “the primordial emptiness, nothingness, and silence, which is the ultimate source and cradle of all existence.”

Please be reminded that many psychoactive substances such as LSD are illegal in most countries. If ever they are legal, only licensed professionals are permitted to administer them for research and treatment use. I have written tons of articles that could help you reach higher consciousness states using techniques that don’t rely on the use of any kind of substance. I’m not an advocate of unsupervised and uncontrolled use of psychedelics as you will understand when you read my next post regarding spiritual crisis. If the experiences listed above inspire you to explore the realms of the unconscious, try practicing meditation (not only is it legal, but it’s also free).
    Grof, Stanislav (1975). Realms Of The Human Unconscious: Observations From LSD Research. New York: Viking.
    Grof, Stanislav & Grof, Christina (1989). Spiritual Emergency: When Personal Transformation Becomes A Crisis. Tarcher

film shorts / documentaries
Forbidden Knowledge TV
'The Island of Lost Souls' (1932) - Full Film
Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi 
Classic Film Based on HG Wells Novel
Starring Charles Laughton and Bela Lugosi, this 1932 film is about an obsessed scientist who conducts profane experiments in evolution, eventually establishing himself as the self-styled demigod to a race of mutated, half-human abominations.

The False Left Right Paradigm
Man Predicts Future in 1906. Time Travel? Inventor/Visionary invents cellphone over 100 years ago.
This is an article that appeared in the New York World, April 29, 1906. I found it while researching my book on James E. Kelly (Tell Me of Lincoln).
Kelly was friends with Inventor Charles E. Alden who invented the "Vest Pocket Telephone." He envisioned the modern Cell Phone in 1906--104 years ago!!!
Sorry for the all the movement--it was shot on my cellphone...
New UFO, ET Disclosure film –
SIRIUS: People of Earth it's time to Unite
Forbidden Knowledge TV
Phone Phreaks
The Secret History of Hacking
Featuring the Legendary Captain Crunch
In October 1971, Esquire Magazine published Ron Rosenbaum's story, "Secret History of the Little Blue Box: A Story So Crazy, It May Even Make You Feel Sorry for the Phone Company."
This documentary underscores the extent and the speed with which communications technologies have developed since the 1970s.
I was somewhat surprised that hacking was as advanced as it was, as far back as the 1970s!
The Secret History of Hacking is a public domain documentary about the pioneers of the hacking craze.

Real Jew News
CISPA…Internet Spy Bill Exposed

Next World TV
Fair Trade
Pay The Farmers What They Deserve

Fair Trade is an effective and efficient response to poverty. It is one easy thing we can do to redirect some of our food dollars to the farmers in developing nations that grow products that we can't grow locally, like coffee and chocolate.
Fair Trade contributes to a fair and sustainable economy locally and globally, by making sure the farmers get what their crops are worth.
On May 14th 2011 millions of small producers, artisans, farmers, Fair Trade producers, traders and consumers will celebrate World Fair Trade Day.
In this video, author Anna Lappe (daughter of Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet for a Small Planet) and chef Bryant Terry discuss how choosing Fair Trade products contributes to a sustainable food system.
Wouldn't it be great to know that the coffee you buy may be helping a farmer and his village out of poverty -- instead of keeping a system in place that assures he will never be paid anything close to the fair price? It only costs us pennies more to make this choice.
Let's start asking for Fair Trade products in stores that don't carry them... yet.
Spread this video and spread the word far and wide!
-Bibi Farber
For more information see:   
This video was produced by, a national educational initiative designed to open a meaningful conversation about food and sustainability. 
Gulag Bound
Russia Today Interviews US Communist Leader –
Working in “Occupy” Movement, Supporting Obama

A revealing interview by Moscow funded propaganda station Russia Today, with Communist Party USA Chair Sam Webb (sporting some cool new facial hair).
Webb candidly admits that his troops are working in the Occupy Wall Street movement and are actively supporting long time party “friend” President Barack Obama.
This video supports my theory that Russia is effectively still controlled by Marxists, who in turn are happy to support Western revolutionary movements.
The Dukes of Moral Hazard
The Real Food Channel
How toxic is sugar?
Sugar is addictive and fuels disease

Sugar and fructose feed the pleasure center of the brain. We feel good when we eat some sugar. Is a little bit okay? Sure. But how many people stop at just a little bit?
A huge proportion of processed foods contain sugar and its substitutes such as high fructose corn syrup. We consume far more sugar now than we ever have, and it's taking a toll on our health.
This report from 60 Minutes talks about the consequences of our society's addiction to sugar, and how the researchers are responding to their own findings.
Next World TV
Family Lives Mortgage Free in Tiny Shack
The New "What People Do"
"We didn't want to struggle anymore so we decided to downsize" says Debra. She, her husband and teenage son moved into a custom built 320 square foot "shotgun shack" that cost less than $20,000.
They jumped off the hamster wheel of American life and were almost ashamed to tell anybody at first because "this just isn't what people do".
Now they live mortgage free, with more time for each other and less stuff.
This should be the new and improved "What People Do."
Downsizing can give you your life back. They say living in this tiny home is not a sacrifice. Scaling back your "stuff" and a big old house also scales back your stress, upkeep of the house, expenses and in some cases like this one - your mortgage is history!
-Bibi Farber
WACO- A New Revelation - 2011. MOVIE
LaRouche: On the Edge of World War III
A serious charge against the banksters and their "evil Empire"
RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version
The following presentation of RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story was made possible by Rick Simpson and video producer Christian Laurette... made for free to teach YOU how to heal yourself of disease and illness using cannabinoids.
Next World TV
Grow Medicinal Herbs
Plants That Heal
Learning about the healing properties of herbs that you grow yourself is a profound step toward a more self - reliant lifestyle.
Do you drink chamomile tea? Are you taking any herbal supplements? You might be interested in growing and harvesting herbs to make your own blends and tinctures.
This video points out some wonderful standards that grow easily in the Pacific Northwest: Lemon Balm, Echinacea, Arnica, Yerba Buena, Gingko Biloba and Valerian.
All of our medicine used to come straight out of the ground. Humans have learned over millennium about the healing qualities of indigenous plants. We can reclaim that connection.
--Bibi Farber
This video was produced by Garden Time TV 
Check with your doctor or herbalist to make sure to avoid any unintended side effects or cross reaction with any medications.
Biology of Aggression
By Randy J. Nelson
Book Description
Unchecked aggression and violence take a significant toll on society. Even if we manage to avoid being the direct victim of a violent act, the effects of aggression and violence reach us all: We hear about the mauling of a woman by an aggressive dog, our children are bullied at school, or we deal with impulsive violence while commuting to work or attending a sporting event. Reflecting psychology in general, the dominant roles of learning and environmental influences - both social and nonsocial - have traditionally been prominent in discussions of the etiology of human aggression. Biological factors have not been considered sufficiently important to investigate in the search for ways of dealing with human aggression or violence. With recent advances in pharmacology and genetic manipulation techniques, however, new interest has developed in the biological mechanisms of both non-human and human aggression. Although aggression is certainly a complex social behavior with multiple causes, molecular biological factors should not be overlooked, as they may well lead to interventions that prevent excess aggressive behaviors. The primary goal of this book is to summarize and synthesize recent advances in the biological study of aggression. As most aggressive encounters among human and non-human animals represent a male proclivity, the research in this book describes and discusses studies using the most appropriate murine model: testosterone-dependent offensive inter-male aggression, which is typically measured in resident-intruder or isolation-induced aggression tests. The research also emphasizes various molecules that have been linked to aggression tests. The research also emphasizes various molecules that have been linked to aggression by the latest gene-targeting and pharmacological techniques. Although the evidence continues to point to androgens and serotonin (5-HT) as major hormonal and neurotransmitter factors in aggressive behavior, recent work with GABA, dopamine, vasopressin, and other factors, such as nitric oxide, has revealed significant interactions with the neural circuitry underlying aggression. This book is organized according to levels of analysis. The first section examines the genetic contributions to aggression in species ranging from crustaceans to humans. The section summarizes the involvement of various neurotransmitters and neuromodulators in aggressive behavior. The third section summarizes the influence of hormones on aggression, primarily in humans. All chapters emphasize future directions for research on aggression and reveal important domains that have received comparatively less attention in this literature. Considered together, these chapters provide up-to-date coverage of the biology of aggression by some of the leading authorities currently working in this field. Biology of Aggression will direct future research to continue the recent advances in the pharmacological and genetic approaches to understanding aggression and violence. It promises to be a valuable resource for professional and student researchers in neuroscience, psychiatry, cognitive and developmental psychology, behavioral biology, and veterinary medicine.
Editorial Reviews
"This is an extremely comprehensive overview of the biological aspects of aggression."

"This timely volume covers genetics, neurotransmitters, hormones, development, pharmacology and psychophysiology. Almost all the chapters are up to date, point out weaknesses in previous investigations and suggest future directions - a real help to the novice in this area. Of course, one principal reason that neuroscientists study aggression is to learn how to modulate it in humans and perhaps how to cope with it in other species. This book provides a good yardstick to measure where we stand in attaining those goals, while making clear that we are not yet able to predict with any useful degree of precision who will be aggressive and when they will be aggressive . . . Studying the key variables identified in this book may help reduce aggression and recidivism in the adolescent and adult violent population, as well as persistent bullying at school."

--Jordan Grafman, Maren Strezniak, and Frank Krueger in Nature Neuroscience
Introduction to Mary's Mosaic by Peter Janney
Mary's Mosaic
The CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their
Vision for World Peace
Peter Janney
About the Author
Peter Janney grew up in Washington, D.C. during the Cold War era of the 1950s and 1960s. His father Wistar Janney was a senior career CIA official. The Janney family was intimately involved with many of Washington’s social and political elite that included the family of Mary and Cord Meyer, as well as other high-ranking CIA officials such as Richard Helms, Jim Angleton, Tracy Barnes, Desmond FitzGerald, and William Colby.
A graduate of Princeton, Janney earned a doctoral degree in psychology at Boston University in 1981. He has been a practicing psychologist and consultant for over 30 years. In 2002, he completed an MBA degree at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.
Mary's Mosaic is his first book. He currently resides by the sea in Beverly, Massachusetts.
Mary Pinchot Meyer
Mary Pinchot was born on 14th October, 1920. Her father Amos Pinchot, was a wealthy lawyer who helped fund the radical journal, The Masses. He was also a key figure in the Progressive Party. Her mother, Ruth Pinchot, was a journalist who worked for worked for magazines such as The Nation and The New Republic.
As a child Mary was brought into contact with left-wing intellectuals. People like Mabel Dodge, Crystal Eastman, Max Eastman, Louis Brandeis, Robert La Follette and Harold Ickes were regular visitors at their Grey Towers home in Milford, Pennsylvania.
Mary attended Brearley School and Vassar College. In 1938 she began going out with William Attwood. It was while with Attwood at a dance held at Choate that she met John F. Kennedy for the first time.
While at Vassar Mary became interested in left-wing politics. This did not seem to upset her father, Amos Pinchot, who wrote to his brother Gifford: "Vassar seems to be very interested in communism. And a great deal of warm debating is going on among the students of Mary's class, which I think is an excellent thing. People of that age ought to be radical anyhow."
After leaving Vassar she obtained work as a journalist at United Press. This included writing for magazines such as Mademoiselle. Mary also became a member of the American Labor Party. This insured that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) started a file on Meyer's political activities. Mary, like her parents, was also a committed pacifist.
In 1944 Mary met Cord Meyer, a lieutenant in the US Marines who was recovering from serious shrapnel injuries that had resulted in him losing an eye. The couple married on 19th April, 1945. Soon afterwards the couple went to San Francisco to attend the conference that established the United Nations. Cord went as an aide to Harold Stassen, whereas Mary, who was working for the North American Newspaper Alliance at the time, was one of the reporters sent to cover this important event.
Mary Pinchot during the Second World War
Cord Meyer had been shocked by the dropping of the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. After the war Meyer commissioned a film by Pare Lorentz called The Beginning or the End. Meyer wanted this film to be the definitive statement about the dangers of the atomic age. Cord wrote at the time: "Talked with Mary of how steadily depressing is our full realization of how little hope there is of avoiding the approaching catastrophe of atomic warfare."
The following year Meyer published a book about his war experiences, Waves of Darkness. Meyer expressed pacifist views in the book: "The only certain fruit of this insanity will be the rotting bodies upon which the sun will impartially shine tomorrow. Let us throw down these guns that we hate."
For a while Mary worked as an editor for the Atlantic Monthly. Her first child Quentin was born in 1945. After the birth of Michael in 1947 she became a housewife but still managed to attend classes at the Art Students League in New York City.
Like her husband, Mary became an advocate of world government. In May, 1947, Cord Meyer was elected president of the United World Federalists. Under his leadership, membership of the organization doubled in size. Albert Einstein was one of his most important supporters and personally solicited funds for the organization. Mary wrote for its journal, The United World Federalists.
The Mass Graves of Ireland
© 1995 Fogarty
At least 950,000 copies of this are now in circulation. This website, in pamphlet form, has been adopted as history course material in scores of universities, colleges and high schools. Right to photocopy this work is hereby granted but only in its entirety, with no change(s), and only for gratis distribution for educational purposes.
Irishmen and Irishwomen!
Read this site and weep.  Weep for the agonies and deaths of your people at the hands of genocidists.  The authorities who imposed the curriculum, the teachers and professors who funneled it into you, have carefully kept you uninformed as to which British regiment, or that any regiment, murdered your people.  Until now, that information was kept from you. You had no access to it.  You do now - you read it on your computer screen!  Commit the regiment's name to memory.
Never, ever, forget it!
Learn its British HQ town.  As no Jewish person would ever refer to the "Jewish Oxygen Famine of 1939 - 1945", so no Irish person ought ever refer to the Irish Holocaust as a famine.
Terror By Quota
State Security from Lenin to Stalin
(An Archival Study)
By Paul R. Gregory
Enemies Foreign and Domestic
By William Bracken
“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every Kingdom of Europe. The supreme power cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.”
--Noah Webster, 1787
“An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution”

A New World Order
By Anne-Marie Slaughter