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“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.”

Ben Franklin – April 17, 1787
Freedom Advocates
Michael Shaw inspired the founding and is President of Freedom Advocates, (originally Freedom 21 Santa Cruz). He has worked as a licensed certified public accountant, tax attorney, self-employed businessman and abundance ecologist.
In the mid-90’s Michael participated in the Santa Cruz County, California “Local Agenda 21” program. Now he warns of its dangers and the tyranny of Sustainable Development to audiences around the country. He leads Freedom Advocates, speaks, writes, and both hosts and appears as a regular guest on talk radio.
As an innovative abundance ecologist, Michael took 75 acres of overgrown, ignored land and created Liberty Garden, a native plant coastal oasis. It gained recognition when featured on the cover of an international environmental science journal. His breakthrough creation of a native plant wonderland that shows, by example, how private property provides better stewardship of the earth than does government control.

See Liberty Garden
As President of Freedom Advocates, Michael leads our efforts to inform on:
 The ideals of Liberty,
 The nature of personal and family independence,
 Private property,
 Legitimate government,
 How the worldwide “Agenda 21 Sustainable Development” program is being implemented on the local level in order to establish collectivist world government. Under Agenda 21 Sustainable Development programs, the political recognition of unalienable rights is denied.
Michael works to provide information, political theory, and a basis for hope via action through

news / opinion / words


n.Supplies or funds advanced to a mining prospector or a person starting a business in return for a promised share of the profits.

tr.v., -staked, -stak·ing, -stakes.
To supply with funds in return for a promised share of profits.

grubstaker grub'stak'er n.

    Money or property used to produce more wealth: backing, capital, capitalization, financing, funding, stake, subsidization. See help/harm/harmless, money.

    To supply capital to or for: back, capitalize, finance, fund, stake, subsidize. Informal bankroll. Idioms: put up money for. See help/harm/harmless, money.

Lunatic Outpost
Scratching the Surface of Sovereignty
By Margo Lane
These days, there is more and more talk about Sovereign Citizens. As an attorney, the concept intrigued me. What does it mean to be Sovereign? 
Academic training is difficult to forget. I did what most other lawyers do when a legal word perplexes: I flip through Black’s Law Dictionary.
According to Black’s, a “sovereign” is “1. a person, body, or state vested with independent and supreme authority.” Interesting. So a person can be sovereign, i.e., independent possessed of self-authority.
But that begs the question: How?
That one, seemingly simple question led me into a maze of rabbit holes in the law. I did a lot of research on sovereigns, and I discovered that it is tremendously dangerous to pursue the path to sovereignty. I hunted down a couple Sovereign Citizens and actually flew across the country to meet with one in Los Angeles; we’ll call him Mr. M.

Mr. M has been sovereign for over 30 years and is an expert on the constitutional freedom to travel. Mr. M’s personal library on the subject of the freedom to travel is extensive, and it should come as no surprise that Mr. M was far more educated on the constitutional parameters of travel than this formally educated attorney. Mr. M explained to me that when a person obtains a driver’s license, that person enters into a contract to abide by all the laws of the licensure, and therefore, the driver subjects him or herself to the department of revenue to tag and title any vehicle they wish to travel in, in addition to obeying all traffic laws. The driver’s license process is therefore a contract, but most people do not even realize they are entering into a contract that will ultimately have the effect of restricting their freedom to travel.
Mr. M’s argument is that if a person refuses to obtain a driver’s license, that person still has all the freedoms to travel conferred by the constitution without the limitations imposed by licensure. The Constitution imposes no such rules like speed limits and tagging vehicles.
This is a fascinating subject to consider, and completely outside the realm of normal, socialized thinking. Most people do not stop to consider their options and merely assume that they must be licensed in order to “legally” drive a vehicle. While there may be a choice, the court systems hate Sovereign Citizens and treat them as “crazies.” I was researching this in depth and writing articles on it and a judge in Kansas told me that if I published any of the articles, this judge would have me investigated and possibly have my license to practice stripped. Some of the lawyers I tried to talk to, including a federal clerk, all told me that the sovereigns are considered domestic terrorists and they have been targeted by the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center.
One needs only to look at the MIAC report to confirm the reality of such tyrrany. However, both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center and progressive think tanks and focus their criticisms of Sovereign Citizens on neo-Nazis. There are a lot of “skin heads” in the sovereignty movement, but to focus on that minority is to ruin the reputation of a vast majority of otherwise peaceful protesters exercising civil disobedience to a government they no longer feel serves their interests.
For more information on the topic, John Paul Mitchell wrote a book called The Federal Zone, which goes through and explains Supreme Court case law history and legislative genesis. The book is available online in PDF format for anyone to read. There’s also a book called Invisible Contracts by Mercier which explains all the seemingly invisible agreements we make with society that we can choose to break at any time, if only we are first aware of the agreements. The premise of both books is that we must first be aware of the contracts we have unwittingly entered into. Then we must acknowledge the fact that a contract is invalid where there is not a “meeting of the minds.”
If a person does not understand that they have entered into a contract, and they are unaware of all the terms of the contract, then how can a contract be valid and enforceable? Invisible Contracts talks about why it is so dangerous to be a “sovereign” – and that’s namely because sovereigns do not pay taxes and are not subject to any government rule.

The IRS is forever fighting these folks. There are a few judges who have been ridiculed when they stand up for the correctness of some of these “sovereign” legal arguments. Federal Judge Fox was one of them. However, the powers that be have made it nearly impossible for people who are new to the “movement” to succeed. For instance, when I went to LA to visit Mr. M, I saw actual documentation in M’s library that the 16th amendment on federal income tax was never properly ratified. However, that documentation is inadmissible in federal courts. Most recently, the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals specifically denied to consider such evidence in a case where a gentleman was being prosecuted by the Government for attempting to publish and distribute for profit materials on how to avoid paying taxes due to the illegality of the tax system.
So federal courts have essentially taken away a person’s right to prove that the 16th amendment should not have the force and effect of law, and therefore, they should not be forced to pay taxes. The courts also ignore early Supreme Court cases that have never been overturned that say that the 16th amendment does not impose a direct tax and that a direct tax would be unconstitutional. If you dig through the case law enough, there are horrible inconsistencies that are somehow now treated as ignorable, unsubstantiated, antiquated, and whatever other excuse the government can come up with to ignore individual and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. In a country where free thought is supposedly encouraged and protected, anyone who breaches the topic of individual sovereignty is somehow arbitrarily branded as a potential terror suspect.
The only successful tax protesters have been the ones who followed the advice in Invisible Contracts and have done away with using their bank accounts – because a signature card on an account is a contract whereby the signor waives their 4th and 5th amendment rights where tax “crimes” are concerned, and whereby the signor agrees to the propriety of Title 26 of the US Code, which is the income tax provision that was never positively enacted into law. Like I said, fascinating…but one pretty much has to be willing to give up a “normal” life in order to gain individual sovereignty. The system itself is a prison beneath a web of choice and an illusion of freedom.
Sovereigns renounce their social security numbers, so they can’t get normal employment. They get paid in cash because they do not bank, and most employers refuse to pay in cash unless they engage in black market activities…there’s a deduction for payroll and compensation to employees and contractors, after all. Actually – and what I am about to say is probably most heretical of all - the closest thing we have to a sovereign citizen movement in this country are illegal aliens.

Undocumented workers by definition don’t have social security numbers, they get paid in cash, and they fly under the radar. They actually have it better than documented citizens do because they get all the benefits of the system without being subjected to it. At its heart, I think this is REALLY what all the animosity towards illegal aliens is all about, if only folks would stop and think about what injustice they perceive.
I have been threatened numerous times to stop talking about sovereignty because as an attorney, I’m supposed to play on the team that buys into the supremacy of the system - I am supposed to be on the system’s side with regard to these arguments, and for those who choose otherwise, they will lose all their clients and credibility – not to mention their license to practice law - if they start to talk about the propriety of such topics with any earnestness as an “officer of the court.” Plus, a lawyer can’t run a practice without a bank account. As an attorney, I’m forced to play the game and I didn’t even realize what the game was until it was too late to turn back. This is something most all of us have in common in one way or another.
Despite this, I do have an unwavering faith that “karma” will get the system…whether in my lifetime or beyond. For example, the system cannot keep putting people in jail for theft when they themselves are guilty of worse. For instance, I have clients who lost their jobs, unemployment ran out, and they broke into a car and stole a stereo to pawn for food for groceries to feed their family. The stereo was just over $1,000. That’s a felony offense, punishable by up to 3 years in prison in most states. But somehow it is not stealing when the government passes a bill to spend $10 billion of taxpayer money to feed kids in public schools organic food – better food than most of us can afford to feed ourselves. When the powers that be pass legislation to print more money and give it interest free to banks that steal people’s property – I say steal because there was a case out of Indiana where a man won a claim against a mortgage company trying to foreclose. In a rare judicial moment, the court determined that the man had given something of value in the contract – a right to his property – but the bank had given nothing in return because money is not money.
Money is a promissory note, meaning it is a promise to pay a debt. But what’s the debt we are owed? And what currency will we be able to redeem the notes for? Gold? Silver? Land? When Nixon made the currency fiat in 1971, the currency was suddenly backed by NOTHING. Therefore, when the bank gave money in exchange for property, it gave NOTHING of value, and thus the contract was invalid and the foreclosure void. So how is it we owe the government taxes in the form of this paper when the paper itself is supposed to have an underlying value owed to us, The People, and we can’t even redeem this government paper for anything if we try to exchange it at a the Federal Reserve?
The entire system is a lie. At the end of the day, the government would have us believe that the man that steals a car stereo has committed an evil act and society deserves protection from such a man, justifying a sufficiently long prison sentence to accomplish said goal. But who is really stealing? Is the man being sentenced for theft merely a red herring to keep everyone’s eye off the ball? The ball being the fact that the money is worthless funny money and it’s the government that owes US a debt, and not the other way around? What’s really going on here? For those who dare to question, the unavoidable realization is that the hypocrisy that has entrenched itself in our government is unsustainable. I have faith that someday people will stop and think about this long enough to realize we’ve all been had.
Ultimately, this cannot last. It’s not a matter of if, but when. It’s impossible to tell when. But eventually, the system will suck every last drop it can from individual freedom and the People will be so depleted that they will not be able to ignore the inconsistencies and hypocrisy any longer. My hope is that it results in mass civil disobedience rather than violence. But the fact of the matter remains that while there are a brave few who have taken this path into their own hands, the vast majority of us will be relegated to playing the game until the majority of us give up that game at the same time. Only then will the true meaning of sovereignty be discovered, much like it was back in the days of our Founders.”
The Rise of Socialism
By Ray Peach
Mr. Peach is a retired engineer who spent a great deal of his life traveling the world to solve problems for fortune 500 companies and the U.S. Government. After serving 8 years in U.S. Naval Air he went to work for Litton Guidance Systems as a field engineer, working in the Middle East and Asia. For the next 12 years he worked as a systems engineer for Hughes Aircraft where he was involved with the F-14D, F-15E, and the F/A-18 tactical aircraft.
[Highly recommended read! ~Lark]
Icon “Big Tex” Gets Chemtrailed
By Zen Gardner

They’re at it everywhere, trying to incorporate chemtrails into every day images. This large tile mural is from a popular market in Dallas. Big Tex is the famous mascot of the State Fair of Texas, a giant statue and icon in the center of the fairgrounds.

When Texas used to be known for its wide open big skies, it’s now famous as one of the most heavily chemtrailed states.
After all, keep them wild horse Texans sedated or they might just kick back. Fluoride in the water, sedatives in the air, adulterated food.
Nice country.
And here in the Lone Pentagram state of all places, and dear Tex replete with masonic red and blue imagery. Hmmm. But I digress.
Hey, with all the aluminum oxide and barium everyone’s ingesting we won’t remember anything anyway, aluminum being one of the causes of Alzheimer’s. That and the brain damaging anti-cholesterol statin drugs that they’re now suggesting everyone over the age of 50 take routinely that also trigger Alzheimer’s.
The ol’ one-two.

Social Engineering – Embed and Repeat
If you’re a Truth “enthusiast” no doubt you’ve run into the knee jerk reaction when pointing out the chemtrails to someone, “Oh, those are just contrails!” That, or as several cops and authorities I’ve pointed them out to, “I haven’t heard anything about that.” Is that how we operate? If we hear about something from some “reliable” source it’s real?

Every day that goes by is in their favor as the “accumulation effect” kicks in and people just accept what their told or not told about the manipulated world around them.
After all, to think otherwise would cost big time. Consciousness of the real Truth of our world is admittedly overwhelming. And if you don’t respond to what you learn, karma starts to kick in a whole lifetime early.
But that’s how they do it, with a massively controlled complicit media and a population hooked on its every trend. Consciously or subconsciously.

Orwell Had It Right
    “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” – George Orwell
That’s about as profound as it gets, especially in an age when time travel has become a very real technology. If you want something to really “bake your noodle”, think about time travel capabilities in the hands of these controlling psychopaths.
Wow. Good thing Universe will swallow them up.
Proof Chemtrails are being edited into old moves, commercials, cartoons.

Anyway, here’s another great example of the conditioning and how thorough they try to be. They’re even doctoring old movies now with chemtrails to make it look like they’ve always been there. There are many examples of this but this one’s nice and concise.
Watch for It
This is the kind of thing to keep an eye out for. If you know their tactics you can avoid pitfalls and alert others more readily. It’s all around us. Stay really conscious and you’ll see things you can hardly believe at deeper and deeper levels, much of which you will learn to avoid it’s so dark.
But other beautiful views arise at the same time…beautiful people, resilient nature, kind gestures, community.
We’re not dead yet, much to their chagrin. I mean spiritually as well. They think this barrage of toxins and lies would put our lights out. Sorry. Far from it. As real as the beautiful earth’s landscape recovers from seemingly devastating catastrophe after seeming extinction event, it comes back.
And so do we. For we are eternal spirit, temporarily inhabiting an incredibly resilient majestic human form in a fabulously resilient environment.
Glory in it!
Much love, Zen
The next false flag disaster
Will it be the one that gets YOU?!
Let's cancel the elections.
Neither candidate is an American working for the people.
Both are puppets of the Jewish international bankers.
Both are experienced in fleecing and reducing populations.

By John Kaminski

The vilification campaign by Israel against Iran is the same kind of bogus bombast that British Jews used against the Russian czar to fool the world, start World War I and eventually kill 66 million non-Jewish Russians, according to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.
It should be noted that this philosophy — recently demonstrated in Syria, Libya and Yemen as well as on the campuses of U.S. universities for the past century — is the one that now runs both the world and our lives. It is best illustrated through Obama's totalitarian executive orders and the deployment of airborne drones and police checkpoints throughout the United States.
All built on a false paradigm of manufactured terror that emanates from the very people who profess to be fighting terror. Yes, the people who did 9/11.
The endless handwringing about the future possibility that Iran will build a nuclear bomb is the same kind of paranoid foolishness that American Jews used to assassinate Germany's character for more than a century, before murdering the best of the German gentiles and creating a Zionist robot zombie state like France — or like Iraq.
The simple fact that the U.S. government has engineered a string of false flag attacks on its own citizens — Waco, Oklahoma City, 9/11, not to mention all the covert attacks on other nations whose leaders we wanted to 'improve' — with no public opposition whatsoever (!) indicates the degree of lack of both honest conscience and objective judgment on the part of all Americans, who ardently defend their right to remain ignorant of these matters.
As a result, their choices in the watershed year numbered 2012 are stark.
Mostly ignored are the fatal conditions that have already been implanted in the bodies of most Americans through chemical warfare from the skies, about which the mainstream remains malevolently silent.
The embarrassment of supermarkets full of demonstrably carcinogenic food and a medical profession that dispenses poisons to further inflate their bloated incomes presents no hurdle for the spin doctors, who relish addicting Americans to destructive behavior and toxic foods because of the payback they get from drug sales and doctor fees.
Whatever integrity remained in the craftsmanship of production or the sincerity of public service has long ago been blotted out by the narcosis of profit, a legacy of the god Hermes from the time before the comet.
We steal from others to insulate ourselves from the vicissitudes of the world, without realizing that in insulating ourselves, we deprive the real world of the fuel it needs to survive.
Excessive worry about tomorrow, no matter how bad the forecast is, slows down what gets done today. And Lord knows we have no time to waste.
So, will they nuke the London Olympics? Shut down the currency, make everybody go to plastic money, and corral every last rebel with a brain into FEMA camps for dispatch to another dimension?
Or maybe they'll just come around the scoop up the bodies after releasing that long awaited co-factor through the chemtrails? What will it be? Dengue fever? The plague? Or something brand new from Fort Detrick?
Think about the string of false flag disasters — USS Liberty, Yemen, Mombasa, 9/11, London, Madrid, Bali . . . — all blamed on Islamic terrorists, all conducted by CIA Mossad. Overwhelming evidence. All blanked out on mainstream news.
As we learned in the 9/11 skeptics movement, no matter how many facts we put together, if nobody's going to listen to them, they don't really matter, do they?
So we identified the main blockage to popular acceptance of the 9/11 inside job truth as not because of the lack of available evidence of both the crime and the coverup, but because of the unwillingness of people to abandon the false logic of their apparent affluence and security, and admit that the American government — its highest leaders — were complicit in the destruction that day. That is still the big problem.
People still believe in America. And America no longer exists. It died on September 11, 2001.
So . . . how to make yourself useful when you know you're going to be wiped out? What are the ones who make it through all these designed disasters and culling going to need to survive?
I think the most useful thing any of us can do in these unpredictable days is work to get rid of the federal government of the United States of America, because it is hopelessly infected by a Jewish virus that is so ugly and so embarrassing that no honest American would ever want to admit to its deeds.
But there is the little matter of the evidence.
Let's cancel the elections. Neither candidate is an American working for the people. Both are puppets of the Jewish international bankers. Both are experienced in fleecing and reducing populations.
Nobody I know is voting at all. How can you vote for killers, especially when their stories are all lies? Besides, rigged computers still count most of the votes in America. And besides that, all candidates are vetted by Jewish powerbrokers for their devotion to Israel's homicidal mania.
An emergency provisional government needs to be set up to supervise the prosecution and execution of these Jew-sucking traitors, which includes virtually all the presidential candidates, for their complicity in treason, mass murder and obstruction of justice.
Who is it you're fighting for, soldier boy?
If it were for us, or even for yourself, I would root for you. But your track record definitely does not hold up.
The American military record is one of needless rape and murder, needless atomic obliteration of Japan and needless firebombing of Dresden. And then, dancing on the strings of the Jewish puppeteers, the morbid Holocaust music plays again in all these countries who, by now, know what's coming.
The American Jewish monster. Jews push the buttons and Christians do the killing.
But killing only begets more killing. And now the boys are coming home.
I bet the Jews on Wall Street have placed some major bets on chaos.
No progress at all is ever made toward freedom and liberty without the prominent use of the word Jew in whatever it is you're explaining.
If it's not already too late, this is the fact that everyone in the world needs to know.
John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 250 N. McCall Rd. #2, Englewood FL 34223 USA.
Alexander Higgins Blog
How To Communicate If The US Govt Shuts Down The Internet
No Place For Corruption
[Highly recommended! ~Lark]
European Jewish Union
First ever European Jewish Parliament inaugurated in Brussels
The inaugural meeting of the 120 elected members of the first ever European Jewish Parliament (EJP), described as a new and innovative forum to voice the thoughts, beliefs and ideas as well as concerns of European Jews, took place on Thursday at the European Parliament building in Brussels.
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Boiling Frog Post
The Real Lords of Afghan Poppy Fields & Heroin Distribution Hubs
Facts, Myths, Smugglers, and the International Dudes
Second Amendment Committee | Liberty Gun Rights
    It Is Up To You To Save Your Liberty
To Whom It May Concern:
You are receiving a copy of a letter which hopefully has been adequately constructed for the purpose of putting an end to the subversion which seized hold of American government by communist global government planners. They are intending to overthrow our Constitutional government and our Bill of Rights. The subversion they present has to be stopped and exposed. Disarming the people will leave them totally helpless against a communist takeover.
This letter is designed to be taken and hand delivered to a representative in whom you have some trust. It should be used not only to stop the Small Arms Treaty, but to get to the source of the political cancer which has invaded the political body of the United States system of Constitutional government. That political cancer is caused by U.S. membership in the United Nations.
If you do not get a chance to explain it at the first meeting, make an appointment to come back at a later time to discuss it and record the recipient’s reaction. What assistance is given? It can be presented to state elected representatives as well as any person concerned about the welfare of our nation. Make a list of those representatives who refuse to participate plus their comments. The letter is designed to accommodate a name and address and with a name for the sender; however, you may sign it by using the word “an American Citizen”; “Concerned Taxpayer”; “A Voter”; “A Constituent”; or even initialed or anonymous. Even if left blank is acceptable, if you decide not to sign your own name.
[More at the above link…]

Lew Rockwell
The Slave Card Stampede
By Jeff Berwick
The Dollar Vigilante

Roger Sayles writes:
Berwick was the guy that put the first review of my book, by Gary Kinghorn, on the Dollar Vigilante website late last year.  I sent him a copy of the book but he evidently did not read it or the info did not sink in very well.  Anyway, here is an interesting article he has just written on the 'state of the forum.'
Deep conditioning is difficult to break...
Real Jew News

By Brother Nathanael Kapner
What your local government is not telling you can kill you - AZ
 EXAMPLE: Prescott, AZ - Yavapai County, Arizona
 By Walter Burien
Activist Post
MSM: How the Top News Story Never Happened and the Real Top Story Was Never Reported
'I see a red door and I want it painted black'
By Jacques Rousseau
NPR Boston | North Country Public Radio
I Vs. We: The 'Heart' Of Our Political Differences
News With Views
By Kathleen Marquardt
May 23, 2012
Joan Kennedy Taylor, 1926–2005
By Jeff Riggenbach
We Are All Zionists Now
The Magnes Zionist
Self-Criticism from an Israeli, American, and Orthodox Jewish Perspective

Jeremiah (Jerry) Haber is the nom de plume of a Jewish Studies professor in Israel. The picture is not of him, but of his kind of Zionist, Judah Magnes. You are more than welcome to guess at his identity. (Hint: He is an orthodox Jew.)
Zionism — Jewish nationalism — was a noble cause until the Political Zionists, in great haste, and with the best of intentions, founded a state in 1948 that was neither substantively Jewish nor democratic. The declaration of the state provided the casus belli between the Arab countries and the Jews, but the war between the Jews and Palestinians was inevitable, given the statist nationalism of both peoples. Within a few years of victory, the nascent state proceeded to wipe Arab Palestine off the map.
1. Israel is not democratic in any serious sense of the term because it is the only putative liberal democracy that distinguishes nationality from citizenship. You can be a citizen of Israel for generations and yet not be a part of the nation it represents. This is the small crack in the windshield of Israeli democracy that has caused more of it to shatter over time. I simply don’t see how any American who believes in democracy can accept Israel as essentially democratic. Even Latvia is better in this regard.
2. Israel is not Jewish in any serious sense of the term because the three forms of Judaism that have developed there — secular Judaism, haredi Judaism, and religious zionism — are either devoid of Jewish content (secular Judaism), bigoted parochial, and isolationist (haredi Judaism), racist and ultranationist (religious zionism), or a combination of the above.
Of course, I am painting in broad strokes. Some of my family and best friends belong to one of these groups. And there are good aspects of all these ideologies. But on the whole, they have failed.
Political Zionism brought us the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their land by the young Israeli government, when it prevented the return of the refugees to their homes, and destroyed around five hundred Arab villages. In effect, the Political Zionists declared war against the Arab inhabitants of Palestine when they declared their intention of founding a Jewish state, and when they worked to make it a reality.
Some will call this another Israel-bashing blog. But the truth is that I am Israeli; and I love the state of Israel. I love its people and its culture. I want Israel to be Jewish and democratic. That is why I am bothered that it is neither. For it to be democratic the nation it represents has to be constituted by its citizens, and only its citizens. For it to be Jewish, it needs to preserve and foster its foundational cultures, both of its majorities and its minorities.
And finally, it has a historic responsibility to help the Palestinian people create a homeland of their own in Palestine with the same strength and security as Israel.  “Neither to rule over, nor to be ruled over, ” to use the slogan of the Zionists. Ending the Occupation is the necessary first step, but to avoid neocolonialism and one-way dependency, Israel must go further. In fact, Israel’s responsibility will end only when the Palestinians feel as safe in their own state, and as secure in their own pursuit of happiness, as Israelis do in their own.  Federationalism, binationalism, or whatever – there must be parity between the peoples.
It is time to set aside the political Zionist, Ben Gurion, and return to the cultural Zionist, and proponent of binationalism and federationism, Judah Magnes. Not that Magnes wasn’t a creature of his age — at the same time that he was negotiating with the Palestinian Arabs he called them “half-savage” — but at least he realized that the founding of a Jewish state in the way it was founded would be a terrible injustice and would involve the loss of life of tens of thousands of people.

Jerry Haber
Two Breiviks; Two Oswalds; Two Attas


"Nazis were Against Freemasonry" -- Masonic Ruse

Freemasonry provides ideological and financial
 support to both sides of the phony Illuminati dialectic.

 Our wars are house-league contests designed
 to destroy the innocents.

Hitler put on a show of opposing Freemasonry; but, he may have been a member.
Fanatic for Jesus
Agenda 21: Coming to a Library Near You
Arkansas Online
Inquiry hears of wider Secret Service misbehavior

Texas Monthly
An Excerpt from Just Food by James McWilliams
September 2009

Chapter 1

Food Miles or Friendly Miles?
 Beyond the “Farm to Fork” Paradigm of Production

Who gets to define “the local”?—Melanie Depuis

No single concept unites the locavore movement more powerfully than food miles—the distance our food travels before we eat it. It’s an elegantly simple measure of environmental consciousness, has the benefit of being easy to understand, and requires one and only one basic change in behavior: reduce food miles. Doing so is considered critical to the related tasks of relocalizing the food supply, shrinking the supply chain, minimizing the fossil fuels used to deliver our food, and supporting local farms. At first glance, the argument that minimizing the distance food travels is better for the environment appears to be unassailable. How could anyone possibly object to the intuitively sensible argument that it’s always a good idea to buy local food?

As it turns out, there are ample grounds for objection. The concept of food miles, appealing as it may be, is flawed on many levels. To begin to see why, consider an analogy. Suppose you have a friend with a weight problem. This person consumes fries, burgers, lots of processed food, chili dogs, pizza, bacon, sausage, loads of ice cream, and enough beer to float a battleship on. Exercise basically consists of walking from the sofa to the fridge and back. The only redeeming aspect of this person’s dismal diet is that he drinks only a single cup of coffee a day, with no sugar and only a splash of half-and-half. Then suppose that one afternoon, after a dreadful visit to the doctor, this person declares that it’s high time to get in shape! In a fit of enthusiasm, he announces that he will start his new regime by . . . leaving the half-and-half out of his coffee.

The locavore emphasis on food miles is a lot like this person’s emphasis on half-and-half. We’re currently captives of an industrialized food system burdened with a catalogue of debilitating problems. Nevertheless, we’ve collectively chosen to isolate and develop an entire localist ideology around a bit player in the larger drama—the distance our food travels from “farm to fork.” Locavores—who, it must be noted, have never really defined “local”—envision their work not only as supporting local culinary and agricultural initiatives, but also as an overt challenge to corporate consolidation, globalization, and in some cases capitalism in general. For whatever reason, the gurus of high cuisine have started to think less about feeding the world a sustainable diet and (to talk the talk here) more about restoring the local “foodshed,” rediscovering the “taste of place,” “relocalizing” the food system, “reembedding food into local ecologies,” and, once and for all, “coming home to eat.”

Heady stuff. However, the groundswell of support for what seems to be a perfectly logical approach to reforming our broken food system actually counteracts the sustainable goals responsible consumers want to achieve. Food miles are the half-and-half in our coffee; in reducing them, we make little progress toward the ultimate goal of sustainable production.
[Read more at the above link…]
Texas Monthly
Pioneer Up

More than any other presidential candidate of the past half century, Rick Perry exemplifies the frontier style. Will it play in Peoria?

By Jake Silverstein

October 2011

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Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

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War is always by deception
A Film By Ryan Dawson
War By Deception
911 Anthrax and Iraq, lies from the same cabal
"War by Deception, the definitive 9/11 documentary

'In all affairs, it's a healthy thing, now and then, to hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted'

Anyone looking at the events of 9/11 with an open mind understands full well that the government conspiracy cannot be true. This is documented in almost all the 9/11 films, which invariably focus only on the problems with the official story. Until seeing War by Deception, it was obvious I had been missing the forest for the trees. This three hour epic brings matters full circle; capturing in three concise hours what likely took years of research by Mr. Dawson. If a three hour movie is a turn off for you, it is very likely that you don't have the desire to understand the full spectrum of this issue to begin with. Not only does it demolish the official conspiracy, it ties together the fraud of the Iraq war, as well as the key Anthrax link that most miss, linking it to the same group of (mostly) dual citizen criminals whose success in hijacking the American government and using it as an engine for their own ends is unlike anything ever witnessed in history. This film should be mandatory viewing for every American, and frankly, anyone who is deeply troubled by what has transpired in the years since 9/11. Ryan Dawson is a true patriot and hero of the highest order, and War By Deception is the definitive documentary on the 9/11 fraud."
-- Eric M.
Orion Magazine
Audio Slide Show: Lexicon of Sustainability
Summary: Photographer Douglas Gayeton explains the genesis of his giant-sized, mural-like photos designed to protect from corporate marketing the meaning behind the words we use to describe sustainability. The project began as a language experiment in Tuscany, Italy. Watch the audio slide show to find out how and why.

Next World TV
Bellingham, Washington - A Local Living Economy
Bellingham, Washington - A Local Living Economy
Spending Locally Creates Jobs
Journey of Action traveled to Bellingham, Washington to highlight the non-profit Sustainable Connections and the local living economy they have helped create.
According to this video, Bellingham, WA is one of the most sustainable communities in the US. This is because local business owners make up the majority of the local economy.
The non- profit organization Sustainable Connections is dedicated to raising awareness about the personal, community and economic benefits of choosing local first. They started by connecting 700 local businesses, supporting them in their efforts to be "stewards of the region". They engaged the community in a Think Local / Buy Local program.
Meet the enthusiastic residents who support local businesses every chance they get!
A gentle reminder that choosing local retailers whenever possible creates jobs and community. More dollars will continue to reverberate within the community if you spend them on local businesses.

--Bibi Farber

This video was produced by Generation Journey of Action

Monsters of Anarchy
 Post Collapse Security Considerations

Experimental Vaccines
Bill Gates Oral Polio Vaccine Cripples 47,500 Children

Hidden Towers Radio Frequency & Radar Mind Control
Mountain Hours Organic Money…
"There is NOTHING more local than local money"

book reviews

The Doomsday Machine
The High Price of Nuclear Energy, the World's Most Dangerous Fuel
By Martin Cohen and Andrew McKillop
Book Description
Today, there are over one hundred nuclear reactors operating in our backyards, from Indian Point in New York to Diablo Canyon in California. Proponents claim that nuclear power is the only viable alternative to fossil fuels, and due to rising energy consumption and the looming threat of global warming, they are pushing for an even greater investment. Here, energy economist Andrew McKillop and social scientist Martin Cohen argue that the nuclear power dream being sold to us is pure fantasy. Debunking the multilayered myth that nuclear energy is cheap, clean, and safe, they demonstrate how landscapes are ravaged in search of the elusive yellowcake to fuel the reactors, and how energy companies and politicians rarely discuss the true costs of nuclear power plants—from the subsidies that build the infrastructure to the unspoken guarantee that the public will pick up the cleanup cost in the event of a meltdown, which can easily top $100 billion dollars.
Editorial Reviews
"A polemic on the evils of splitting the atom."
--Matthew L. Wald, New York Times Green Blog

“Intensively researched…The authors deliver a convincing account of the partnership between industry and government to build wildly expensive generators whose electricity remains uncompetitive without more subsidies. A persuasive if discouraging argument that nuclear power offers different but no less nasty environmental problems than burning hydrocarbons.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“How refreshing to read such a well-reasoned and thoughtful perspective on the real costs of nuclear power. The only way to become informed is to be read books like The Doomsday Machine. Martin Cohen and Andrew McKillop’s newest book contains so much important information that it completely rips the curtain aside for us all to see, at last, the real cost of nuclear power. Truly a must read.”
--Graham Nash, of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

"Nuclear power is humankind's most expensive technological failure, with the price tag skyrocketing after each new mega-disaster. Its prime accomplishment has been to irradiate large swaths of the planet while delaying the essential transition to a green-powered future based on renewables and efficiency.  With uncommon wit and brilliance, the Dooms Day Machine makes it clear why this horrific technology has left us a financial, ecological and health disaster only a Strangelove could love."
--Harvey Wasserman, author of Solartopia

About the Authors
Martin Cohen is a philosopher of social science and the author of several books, translated into over twenty languages, including Mind Games and Philosophy for Dummies. A respected environmentalist, he wrote an influential series of articles in the Times Higher (London) about the politics of the climate change debate. He has written discussion papers on environmental concerns for the European Parliament and been invited by the Chinese government to discuss ecological rights and indigenous communities.
Andrew McKillop has worked for thirty years as an energy economist and consultant. He is involved in plans to redraw the energy map of Europe and is the former chief policy analyst for the European Commission's Energy Directorate. McKillop has been published in The Ecologist, New Scientist, and International Journal of Energy Research, among others. He has spoken at conferences across the country, including Petrocollapse in New York and EcoCity in San Francisco, and he is a founding member of the International Association for Energy Economics, which holds an annual conference in the United States. McKillop currently runs an energy consultancy and lives in Vannes, France.
Critical Mass
 How Nazi Germany Surrendered Enriched Uranium for the United States' Atomic Bomb
By Carter Plympton Hydrick
Lunatic Outpost
Forum Discussion of “NAZI A-Bomb”

Private Prisons, Big Business, and the Incarceration Binge
By Donna Selman and Paul Leighton
Laws, Mind, and Free Will
By Steven Horst
(1960, 2011)
Critical Thinking
By Richard L. Epstein with Carolyn Kernberger
The Challenge of Originalism
Theories of Constitutional Interpretation
Edited by Grant Huscroft and Bradley W. Miller
A review of the political conflict in America, from the commencement of the anti-slavery agitation to the close of the southern reconstruction; comprising also a résumé of the career of Thaddeus Stevens: being a survey of the struggle of parties which destroyed the republic and virtually monarchized its government…

Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1870, by


In the Office of Librarian of Congress at Washington

Alternate Forces of WWII
On a night in October 1944, a German pilot and rocket expert by the same of Hans Zinsser was flying his Heinkel 111 twin engine bomber in twilight over northern Germany, close to the Baltic coast in the province of Mecklenburg. He was flying at twilight to avoid the Allied fighter aircraft that at that time had all but undisputed mastery of the skies over Germany. Little did he know that what he saw that night would be locked in the vaults of the highest classification of the United States government for several decades after the war. And he certainly could not have been aware of the fact when his testimony finally was declassified near the end of the millennium, that what he saw would require the history of the Second World War to be rewritten, or at the very minimum, severely scrutinized. His observations on that one night on that one flight resolve at a stroke some of the most pressing questions and mysteries concerning the end of the war. By the same token, what he saw raises many more mysteries and questions, affording a brief and frightening glimpse into the labyrinthine world of Nazi secret weapons development. His observations open a veritable Pandora's Box of horrifying research the Third Reich was conducting, research far more horrendous in its scope and terrible promise than mere atomic bombs.
[More at the above link…]
Treason's peace
 German dyes & American dupes
By Howard Watson Ambruster, 1878-1961

Reich of the Black Sun
By Joseph P. Farrell
Sympathetic Vibratory Physics
… A Musical Universe

nutrition / healing arts

Friendly Aquaponics Commercial Newsletter
Commercial Aquaponics Newsletter Number 9
May 22nd, 2012
Natural News
Glutamine: The ultimate healing supplement
Natural News
Red alert for humanity
 Chemical damage can be inherited by offspring through unlimited generations


Bug Sweeps
Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is our specialty. We eliminate telephone line bugs and wiretaps (using wiretap detection sweeps), computer data line taps and bugs (telecommunications security line sweeps), and bug sweep your conference rooms (using electronic room bug sweeping and electronic detection). Our superior equipment can detect electronic espionage and our unparalleled experience and knowledge can identify and locate those bugging devices. Get more information on bugs, wiretaps, and phone taps.
Revised History
Southern History Resources For Homeschoolers
(and others)
By Al Benson, Jr.
Inception: A Labyrinth of Inner Voyage
A Collection of Essays by Arseniy A. Kozlov, an independent researcher, writer and lecturer.
Speaker at Southern Illinois University Innovative Systems